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(B2B) Business to Business Marketing Methods for EdTech

When deciding to make a purchase, one’s method of purchasing have evolved over the years, and Education Technology buyers are no exception. A prime example of purchasing power by the consumer are search engines and websites like Google or Amazon, having conditioned consumers with an expectation: instant gratification with the information they want. When we say “they”, I mean the consumer, expect details as quick as they request it with the convenience to make the decision. B2B marketers are no exception, either. No matter who you are, you will always do your research before making a purchase. It’s just common sense.

In the ever-changing world, today’s consumers are empowered like never before and the same goes with businesses. They are the key-holders to the marketing and sales process (so to speak). Why are they empowered? In current reports, approximately 80% of B2B consumers’ research procedure is completed online before a consumer is comfy reaching out to a sales agent. The internet and website for your business have helped businesses and consumers to exchange services at lightning speed, and because of this technology, people need to be informed on what they are purchasing. It’s not like someone is there to tell you about the product you are looking at online.

This is a large behavioral shift from the traditional take on being informed from word of mouth. With information readily available online, people are hopping on to get informed about their wants and needs. Within a “new-school” company environment, companies that are proactively informing and helping have the upper hand. With this information, the goal the goal in B2B marketing for EdTech is to create useful material that assists in the school’s research process. Do that, and you’re on the road to success!

Building and promoting practical material for your EdTech clients links you with prospects who are searching for an answer to their problems. Instead of speaking to a candidate that has already finished the majority of their research, you will be able to get the consumer much earlier in the purchasing stage and construct your strategy along the way. A key factor that many forget is that it’s not about the number of leads you attain, it’s the number of quality leads. Quality leads have a higher close rate than having a generally large number of leads. All this can be achieved through one main form of marketing. Inbound Marketing!

This approach enables you to shift the focus from “exactly what you offer,” to “exactly what your clients need.” If it’s the ideal fit, the positioning between the two will develop organically and effectively.


Selecting the best marketing strategy for B2B Education Tech companies

Now that we understand precisely what potential customers desire, the most reliable modern technique to utilize is Inbound Marketing.

According to Hubspot:

“Inbound marketing is about creating valuable experiences that have a positive impact on people and your business. How do you do that? You attract prospects and customers to your website and blog through relevant and helpful content. Once they arrive, you engage with them using conversational tools like email and chat and by promising continued value. And finally, you delight them by continuing to act as an empathetic advisor and expert.”

Now that you may have heard this piece of knowledge once or none at all, what do you do?

We at Responsify have put together something called a Growth Marketing strategy, an “Inbound Game Plan.” It assists online marketing professionals & like-minded CEOs to understand where their business stands in today’s marketplace with the consumer and develop a strategy to work towards their goals.

An Inbound Game Plan recognizes a company’s ideal targeted buyer personas and investigates the concerns asked by prospective clients. As an outcome, you’ll have an effective and efficient technique that is developed to attract, convert, close, and delight your targeted buyer personas.

The core phases of an effective “Inbound Game Plan.”

Each one of these stages are crucial toward attaining your goal within the Educational Technology marketplace. If you are able to stick to the process, you will see the results. Skip a step? You could run into a little bit of misdirected trouble in acquiring the quality leads you want for your business. Remember, each stage will need a good amount of time to develop and put focus toward, thinking outside the “comfort-zone.” Let’s dive in!

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1. Self-assessment

Stage objective: This is the first step to success. The goal of this first stage is to give your business a thorough assessment. When I say thorough, I mean it! Be brutally honestly with yourself, it’s ok. You’ll need to see what your strengths, weaknesses and overall goals are as a business and service. It may sounds like a lot of work, but it will only help you and your business in the long run. All your colleagues will be on the same page to your surprise. You took the first step, so let’s continue the next.

In this stage, you honestly evaluate where you reside in order to set a brand-new target for your marketing efforts.


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2. Buyer Persona Development

Stage objective: In this next stage, you will need to discover your ideal target Buyer Personas. From their wants and needs, to the way they consume information, the goal in this stage is to make sure you have the correct information for your ideal targeted personas. In this stage, you detail and define a total image of who your buyers are. This stage requires you to work with your colleagues to agree on who your personas are, and ideally get feedback from existing or possible customers.

Learn more about Buyer Personas with our totally free worksheet.


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3. Buyer Journey Mapping

Stage objective: For the third stage, you will now outline your ideal Buyer’s Journey from attracting, converting, closing and delighting. You want to map out what your ideal customer will go through as a consumer, from start to finish. This will be your marketing funnel for your EdTech service. This will be very important for your business now and down the line. Mapping this out will help your marketing team, sales team and other departments to keep in sync in our busy work life.

In this stage, offers such as eBooks and email subject lines are laid out to convert, certify, and support your leads throughout your buyer persona journeys.



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4. Inbound Campaign Setup

Stage objective: Now that you have reached this stage, you are aware of your company’s presence, you are knowledgeable about your ideal customers because you mapped out the Buyer Personas for your service. You know the journey your consumer will go as they are becoming aware of their problems, finding out the solution, becoming a quality lead, converting through relevant content that is informative. Setting up your campaigns will be the major task at hand that will take some time. So be patient, and effective in creating quality campaigns that will help your consumer achieve their wants and needs.

In this stage, all content concepts come together in your Inbound Campaign Strategy.


Key Takeaways

Now that you’ve taken your own journey in understanding what it takes to satisfy your ideal customers, you are better equipped to tackle your goals within your Education Technology market. You want to attract quality leads through Inbound Marketing techniques and relative content that is quality in the reader’s eyes. Businesses that help inform and raise awareness, stand out the most and capitalize on what’s to come. Want to be one of those businesses? Here are two options for you. Either, take the time to hire a team of marketers, editors, writers, web producers, and have your cost expect skyrocket, or you could find an all-in-one solution for Inbound Marketing and your Game Plan.

Responsify is an all-in-one Inbound “Growth” Marketing platform that helps businesses in many different marketplaces in acquiring quality leads that convert through quality content. Remember, it’s not about the number of leads you have, it’s about the quality of leads.

To learn more about Inbound Marketing and the effects your business could achieve if you had incorporated this technique, schedule a 1-on-1 strategy session with Responsify today!


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