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5 Tips to a Successful Blog Content Strategy for Clean Energy

You’re all set to begin your blog, however, there’s one issue: What are you going to write about? Blog Posts ought to never be haphazard. You need to have a plan based on what’s trending in green innovation, and more importantly, the solutions to your clients’ concerns.

With these five ideas in your arsenal, you’ll be on your way to creating an effective blog content strategy.

blog content strategy

1. Get to Know Your Customers

We cannot make helpful and relevant content without knowing who we’re writing for. To figure out who to set our sights on, we need to determine precisely what the audience wants.

Building buyer personas and mapping out the buyer’s journey are necessary actions in forming a content strategy. These measures tell us what a particular client wishes, when they wish to purchase it, and why they wish to purchase it.

The concerns asked by each personality during the various stages (awareness, factor to consider, choice) can also supply content for future blog posts, eBooks, and a lot more.

If you wish to begin detailing your buyer personas and buyer journeys, feel free to download our free Inbound Marketing WorkSheet!


blog content strategy

2. Keep It Simple

You handle clean energy every day, so you’re comfortable with terms like photovoltaic and terminators (the non-Schwarzenegger variety). Unfortunately, not all your consumers will have the very same level of familiarity.

As a basic guideline, you ought to compose your posts as if the reader has little to no understanding of green innovation. It’s better to be safe than sorry. When your audience has a problem comprehending something, they tend not to ask concerns. They just leave.

That being said, a scattering of expert commentary for those thinking more about the technical side can also be beneficial.

blog content strategy

3. Get Your Readers Involved

Unsure if your readers are getting it? Why not evaluate their understanding with some enjoyable, quiz-like activities? The key word here is “quiz-like.” Consider these as a sort of trivia night, rather than more educational.

As your readers are busy enjoying themselves with your content, keep in mind which questions are tripping them up. You can then adjust your content accordingly and perhaps identify some new ideas for upcoming features.

Do not hesitate in asking your readers to comment. They will need a pointed, discussion-based question to get them rolling, however. Avoid anything that comes across as an obvious survey.

blog content strategy

4. Be Visual

According to a study, individuals keep in mind remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of exactly what they read, and a tremendous 80% of exactly what they see. Moral of the story: Use lots of pictures.

Outside of a thought-provoking headlines, absolutely nothing offers an article more than a striking image. Make sure to utilize high-quality photos that will hold up on any device. If you choose to use an image that you do not own, check to see if it’s royalty complimentary, or request consent.


blog content strategy

5. Plan Your Content

How can anyone have a blog content strategy without an actual strategy? Quite a lot of folks, actually. You may have fantastic ideas, but if you don’t see how they all piece together, you’ll fail to get the most from that excellent content.

Utilizing a content calendar will allow you to see the big picture. In merely a look, you can determine whether you need more range and if your content is flowing consistently. It’s likewise easy to spot if your content is recent or outdated. The last thing you want is to provide your readers with false information.

Finally, a calendar keeps you on schedule. It’s tough to make an excuse for not updating your blog when your posting date is set in stone (digitally speaking).

The Bottom Line

With a reliable content strategy that’s concentrated on your customer’s concerns and requirements, you’ll have the framework to begin crafting a quality product with self-confidence.


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If you have any concerns about how to get begin with an Inbound Strategy for your company, do not be shy, reserve a time to speak with us here. We’re delighted to help!

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