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4 Tips to Consumer Centered Marketing for Health Technology

Having options is never a bad thing…unless you have too many. With so many distractions bashing people over the head, consumer centered marketing is more important than it has ever been.

What goes into being customer-centered? Only a complete shift in methodology, no sweat. In all seriousness, don’t be discouraged. We’ve got 4 easy-to-follow steps that will get you off and running.

consumer centered marketing

1. Determine Who Your Customers Are
This is a point that has been beaten to death (and for good reason), but we can’t state enough how crucial it is to have an extensive knowledge of your Buyer Personas.

To get the best grasp of who your consumers are, some real-life facetime (the non-digital kind) can be a huge asset. This isn’t to say that metrics and blog articles can’t be helpful. However, there are certain questions that can only be answered by going directly to the source.

At first, many of your interviewees will only have a vague idea of what they want. In order to help them along the way, you’ll have to know what questions they’ll ask before they ask them. This may sound like telepathy, or at worst guesswork, but if you utilize the data from your previous findings, their pain points during each stage of the buyer’s journey will become apparent.

consumer centered marketing

2. Look Into Customer Buying Habits
Consumers make and break habits all the time. Knowing the “What”, “When”, and “Why” behind their pattern of behavior is another cornerstone of customer-centric marketing.

  • “What” services or products are satisfying your clients? Outside of medical technology, what else are they interested in? Any product your customers value has a story to tell, and you can use that story to better relate to the market.
  • “When” are your clients ready to buy? Is there a time when they seem more willing than others? Having this awareness will allow you to strike while the iron’s hot, and predict future trends.
  • “Why” do your consumers want this, but not that? Why do they want it now, but not later?” There’s nothing more customer centered than “Why”. You can’t fulfill anyone’s needs if you don’t have this figured out. Solving this mystery is certain to take your marketing strategy to new heights.


consumer centered marketing

3. Churn Out Awesome Content!
Informational, relevant, and helpful. These are all hallmarks of quality content. Even so, it still has to be a little fun.

Don’t be shy about sprinkling in some humor or a witty metaphor when suitable. Those administrators are people too, and people love to laugh. Aside from just being entertaining, humor and clever comparisons help to explain technical jargon in terms that are easily relatable.

consumer centered marketing

4. Keep Nurturing Your Leads
You have the leads in the palm of your hands, but they won’t become customers without the proper amount of nurturing.

There’s no single tool or application that can do this for you. You have to continue the conversation that you started, and direct your leads further and further down the funnel.

All the work you put into sketching buyer personas will pay off. Use those questions and answers to write personalized email subjects that will grab the attention of the recipient. Once you have their attention, don’t let go. Follow-up in a timely fashion so they don’t slip through the cracks.


The Bottom Line
Technological advancements provide us with excellent resources, but consumer centered marketing will always be about people. Connecting with customers takes research, trial and error, and strategy.


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