3 LMS Companies That Build Successful Organic Traffic with Inbound Marketing

Wouldn’t it be great if a ton of qualified leads would just fall into your lap? Well, not to be negative, but that’s probably not going to happen. As you know, generating leads takes planning, nurturing, and perseverance (all the fun stuff). However, while leads won’t appear out of thin air, there is a way to get prospects to come to you. Any guesses?

We won’t hold out on you: It’s Inbound Marketing! By delivering engaging, relevant content, visitors will come to associate your brand with quality. Quality means that you’re trustworthy and reliable, so you can bet that they’ll be interested in hearing about what your LMS solution has to offer.

There’s more to Inbound than content creation, and it takes time and dedication to reap its full benefits. But good things definitely come to those who wait.

Let’s take a look at how 3 of your fellow LMS companies have used the Inbound Marketing methodology to build successful organic traffic and pull in new leads.

build successful organic traffic

Desire2Learn (D2L)


Driven by the mission to “use technology to dramatically transform learning”, D2L has grown into a worldwide brand that reaches more than 15 million learners. Of course, all of these learners didn’t know about D2L’s winning technology from the very beginning. They had to be informed and educated.

One of Desire2Learn’s greatest strengths is its customer-centered blog. For one, it’s easy to find (customers love that), and it has a variety of posts that provide users with instant value. Let’s say you’re a teacher who’s still hitting some stumbling blocks. Your school might not need a new LMS right away, but you could definitely use a helping hand. Articles like “5 tips for New Teachers” can offer some much needed support that technology alone wouldn’t be able to offer.

Best of all, by helping learners educate themselves, they become champions of your brand and spread awareness. With approximately 2,300*web visitors per month, D2L’s reputation continues to grow and connect with learners all over the world.


build successful organic traffic



Priding itself on a“customer-centric approach” and “continual innovation…”, Litmos is the world’s fastest growing learning technology business. How are they achieving this rapid rate of growth? We don’t have their company secrets, but we’d wager that it’s related to their ability to foster a strong sense of community (oh, and innovative technology).

There’s nothing more communal than sharing, and Litmos is an expert at it. Social share icons are present pretty much everywhere on their blog. While everyone likes having a slew of “likes”, shares tend to be stronger indicators of reader engagement. When you see attention-grabbing titles like “What the NBA Finals Can Teach you About Your Training Department”, it’s easy to see why an article like this has over 200 shares.

Litmos recognizes that content has to be relatable and fun. 2,500* monthly visitors wouldn’t come back if they weren’t delighted by the content that they were consuming.


build successful organic traffic



Schoology’s motto is: “There’s no success without collaboration.” Being that improved collaborative learning features are on the wish lists of many LMS buyers, it’s clear that Schoology understands its customers very well.

This customer-centered philosophy also extends to their blog. The materials are broken down into categories, so users can find their subject of interest in a flash. Additionally, the articles avoid slipping into the “product-focused” pitfall. If you want customers to feel empowered by your solutions, there’s no better title than, “The Art of Student-Centered Learning for Self Empowerment”.

More than anything, the gem of Scoology’s content strategy is its user-generated pieces. At the end of articles, visitors are prompted with CTAs (call-to-actions) like “Tell us your story,” and “Join the conversation.” When customers become contributors, it signifies that they truly believe in the service or product that they’ve come to love. Judging from the 1 million* monthly visitors, it’s safe to say that Schoology has more than a few passionate fans.

*All statistics gathered from SEMrush.com.


The Bottom Line

Inbound Marketing isn’t an overnight cure-all, but it has assisted 3 of your LMS peers in generating some serious web traffic. None of this was by luck, mind you. The only way to implement a successful Inbound campaign is to have a thoroughly planned strategy.

If you have any questions about how to get started with a strategy for your LMS company, don’t be shy. Reserve a time to speak with us here. We’re happy to help.


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