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Writer for Health Tech: What to Consider Before Hiring

By now, you’ve noticed that consumers are screaming, “We want content!” But before we can give the people what they want, someone has to write it. Who should I hire? How much is it going to cost? Let’s put an end to these nagging questions once and for all.

Here’s all you need to know about hiring writer for health tech:

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What’s This Going to Cost Me?

Let’s tackle the groaning elephant in the room from the start. Content writing isn’t brand new, but it still has a ways to go in terms of standardized pricing.

In general, this is what you should expect to pay:

  • Many writers prefer to be paid based on word count. This usually ranges from 5 cents to 30 cents per word.
  • If your average article is around 600 words, a well researched/written post will cost anywhere from $100 to $180 per post. Assuming you post 10 articles a month, your expenses will be between $1000 and $1,800.

Keep in mind that these are estimates for the creation of written content alone. You’ll need a strategist, designer, developer, search engine optimizer, and a content strategist to round out your team.

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Who’s the Right Content Writer for Me?

This isn’t as confusing as choosing a date, but that isn’t saying much now, is it?

  • A writing sample is where most people begin their assessment. But be careful: These can be deceiving for a number of reasons that we’re about to get into:
  • Whenever possible, ask their references about the shape of the writer’s first drafts. Some writers may have a killer finished product, but in some cases, the credit should really be given to their editor. You want to make sure that your writer can work quickly enough to meet your needs. If they frequently churn out first drafts that have to be heavily revised, it’s best to stay clear.
  • Have they written on a wide variety of subjects? In an ideal world, the writer would be highly specialized in health technology, but that won’t always be the reality. Look for a writer that is a proven and competent researcher.

What’s their level of interest? A writer who is actively engaged with your company’s mission will produce more effective content. They’re also more likely to become a long-term collaborator.

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How Do I Keep Them On Board?

We all need some positive reinforcement every now and again. Although, showing appreciation is more about what you do than what you say.

  • Challenge your writers with strong content ideas that promote them to grow.
  • Finalize a unified style and tone. A writer can’t give you their best if they don’t know what you want. Without consistency, your content will seem disjointed and the mounting frustration might send your writers packing.

The Bottom Line

Now, you have a firm understanding on what qualities to look for when hiring writer for health tech. You can breathe a sigh of relief, even if it’s just for a moment.

Being a wordsmith isn’t enough to create content that attracts visitors and converts them to qualified leads. Design, search engine awareness, technical savvy, and strategy are crucial ingredients. To put it another way, content creation is a team effort.

Working with a content provider (like ourselves) can be a good alternative. Providers can supply a professional grade content strategy, optimization, and design that will connect with your prospects.

To learn about what’s needed to develop an effective Content and Inbound Strategy, grab our free eBook here!

If you have any questions about how to get started with an Inbound Strategy for your health technology company, don’t be shy, reserve a time to speak with us here. We’re happy to help!

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