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Uncovering the Number of Your Website Monthly Visitors

Here at Responsify we care about people above all else. As you know, people spend a lot of time online these days. Knowing how many people come to visit your website (in addition to the number of pages they visit) is important to building the right strategy to converting them into leads and customers, and keeping them engaged to come back for more.

How do I uncover the number of my company’s website monthly visitors?

There are many analytics tools these days that track website activity. Here we’ll cover the most common tool called Google Analytics.

If you have not yet installed the required script on your website, we recommended contacting your IT department to do so. Here’s a good article on how to get started. It’s free and can provide a lot of useful insights on your visitor’s behaviors.

If you have been gathering data using Google Analytics you may be familiar with the tool already. Here are the steps to uncovering your website’s monthly visitors:

  1. Log into your Google Analytics account. We recommend doing so on a computer, as there are better controls to gather information. Usually the website admin (head of IT Department) has access to this, or someone involved in editing the website (Head of Marketing).
  2. After logging in, you will be brought to the “Dashboard” screen. In the left menu, click “Audience”, then click “Overview” below.
  3. When you’ve reached the “Overview” screen, there are some controls to help you filter the data displayed. In the section showing a date range, we recommend setting the range starting 12 months earlier and ending with today’s date. You can most easily do this by typing the date of year prior in the field there. Then click “Apply” button.
  4. Then there is a toggle button in the top right of charts that shows “Hourly, Day, Week, Month”. Select “Month”.
  5. Below the bar graph you’ll then see a handful of statistics including “Sessions, Users, Pageviews, Etc.”. Copy the number in the “Users” area.
  6. Paste the number of “Users” from last 12 months into your computer’s Calculator app, and divide that number by 12.
  7. Voilà! You now have an accurate Website Monthly Visitors Metric.

Why is it important to calculate website visitor metrics?

By keeping an eye on the number of Monthly Website Visitors metric, you can see the impact of your Inbound Marketing efforts and continually make improvements!

If you’d like to improve your monthly visitor rate, feel free to set a time to speak with us. We’re happy to give you pointers to increase your website traffic and help you growth hack with Inbound Marketing!

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