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Top Trends of Sales of EMR to Close 2x More Deals

Closing new deals for your Electronic Health Records (EHR) company is a never-ending struggle. You know this. And so does everyone in sales. In fact, HubSpot found that 36% of salespeople say that closing sales is the most difficult part of the sales process. Fortunately, this battle needn’t be without hope. There are proven strategies you can implement to propel your EHR sales by as much as 50%.

Inbound Sales is the new methodology that places the individual prospect front and center. By using targeted content specific to your ideal buyer’s needs, you draw them into your sales funnel. As you provide them with additional informative content, you effortlessly begin to establish yourself as a trusted resource in the industry – someone your prospect can turn to for reliable information in helping them to identify and solve their organization’s challenges – guiding them through the ‘Buyer’s Journey.’

Sounds great, right? Well, it is. And it’s working.

Here are a few of the trends of sales of emr you can begin implementing now to accelerate your own Inbound sales process and close more deals:

Provide educational content

Quality content is the driving force behind Inbound Sales. And for very good reasons. After all, HubSpot found that 29% of people will consult a salesperson when looking for product information while 62% will jump right to searching online. That is quite a difference, and it just goes to show how powerful content is.

But we aren’t talking about the salesy blog posts you will find many of your competitors publishing. That kind of content can trigger a response quite different than the one you desire. Instead, your content should provide valuable information, advice, and solutions to your ideal customers’ problems.

And don’t limit your content to blog posts. While these are certainly a valuable medium to incorporate, diversifying your content widens your net, so to speak. Use case studies, social media posts, eBooks, white papers, and special reports, too.

Be available

To get the best return on your content efforts, you need to be available to your prospects. For example, respond to their emails immediately. If they call you, answer right away. And if they would like to arrange a meeting, make it happen.

Obviously, things will not always go as planned. If you simply cannot make a face-to-face meeting happen, set up a conference call. Rearrange your schedule, if necessary, to accommodate their availability. If they are only free on the weekend, a holiday, or after hours, then so be it.

Flexibility provides more opportunities for closing more sales.

Listen carefully

Listen twice as much as you talk. That is the million-dollar secret to sales success.

Resist the urge to bombard your prospect with the entire gamut of features and benefits. That’s overwhelming, and your prospect will not likely be interested in most of them – only the ones that matter to their specific challenges. And you uncover those challenges by asking the right questions and then listening for the details.

You might want to use a discovery call.

Remain aware and engaged when the prospect answers your questions. Look for the challenges you can solve. And respond professionally and with the right information. This will show your prospects that you understand their industry and the challenges they face. And that means a better chance of closing the sale.

Ask the right questions

When it comes to closing the deal, how you ask for the sale will determine whether or not you win the customer. The right words with the right attitude can make all the difference. Here are few winning examples:

  • “Great! Glad to prepare your contract. What would stop us from working together?”
  • “Great! I’ll prepare your contract. When would be a good time to review the contract together on another call? I like to make sure we address all your needs.”
  • “If I’m able to get you [special pricing, special feature, special service], would you be able to sign by [date]?”

Conduct regular training

Staying on top of the EHR industry is crucial. You know this. A report by Salesforce found that quality training improves sales performance by as much as 20%. That is huge!

To keep your salesforce sharp and ready for action, conduct regular training sessions, weekly or bi-weekly. Listen to what your salespeople have to say. What obstacles are they facing? Provide them with an actionable process for overcoming those obstacles.

And take the time to listen to the wisdom of your sales force. What insights have they gained on the job? What tools and tactics are working for them?

With a little effort and a little time, regular training will improve your company’s conversions.

Include at least three options in your proposals

Presenting your prospect with one and one option only is never a good idea. This may appear as though your product is a one-size-fits-all patch that does not meet their specific needs well enough. Chances are, they will choose to continue shopping around.

You can avoid this pitfall, however, by offering your prospects three options in your proposal. By including basic, standard, and premium options with progressive levels of features and benefits, you give your prospects the flexibility to find the solution that meets both their needs and their budgets.

Ask for referrals

This is too often overlooked. But one of the surest and easiest means of adding clients to your roster is through referrals. The moment a prospect becomes a paying customer, that is the moment you should ask for a referral. They will be feeling good about their purchase, and they will be more willing to add more ideal customers to your sales funnel for you.

And don’t worry if they can’t refer a potential customer right away. By having asked, you have just improved the chances they mention you to their colleagues.

Nurture, nurture, nurture

According to research from HubSpot, 63% of prospects who request information about your EHR company and its solutions will not make a buying decision for at least 90 days. And 20% may wait more than a year.

This is why lead nurturing emails are vitally important guiding your prospects through the Buyer’s Journey. These emails should be sent regularly, and they should include educational content that helps your prospects solve their problems. And don’t forget to occasionally ask questions. Ask them what, specifically, they would like to learn more about. This approach ensures that your content is relevant and timely.

The final takeaway!

This customer-centered sales process we’ve been discussing is a part of the paradigm-shifting methodology known as Inbound Sales. Inbound Sales Methodology helps your prospects overcome their challenges, following their Buyer’s Journey throughout your entire EHR solutions sales process.

Now, putting this all to work can be a difficult thing to do alone. But we here at Responsify have built a reputation for partnering with EHR sales and business development professionals to build strategy, offer support, and give the help necessary to integrate Inbound with existing sales processes. We help your marketing and salespeople target and attract ideal customers to your website, convert them to qualified leads, and eventually make satisfied customers of them.

Reserve your free strategy session now and we’ll get started in helping you evaluate your assets and gain free insights and suggestions to close more sales more quickly!

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