Top CleanTech Networks to Socially Promote Your Brand

If you’re a straight A student who learned all the benefits of Inbound Marketing, you’re probably shopping around for networks to release your content in. (Like CleanTech Open) Even if you haven’t mastered Inbound Marketing yet, this is still a great resource for you!

After polishing your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages, here are a few specialized networks to keep your customers updated with the fast changing CleanTech Industry.


Global Networks

On this website, you’ll find news, research, and analysis on wide ranging fields of CleanTech. (Solar, grid edge, efficiency, biofuels, transportation.) You can also keep track of upcoming events and subscribe to their newsletter. Their research center also allows you to download insightful white papers, webinars and videos to learn about new CleanTech industry trends.

This website has similar features to GTM but it tackles more general topics like cities, energy or buildings from the angle of green business. You can also advertise one of your upcoming events in their “Events” section.

Here are three useful features on this website for CleanTech companies:

      1. You can subscribe to their CleanTech channel.
      2. Get listed for free in their solutions providers directory.
      3. For an $8,000 investment, you can become a corporate member to upload unlimited communications support to the Member news room among other things.



Local Networks

While scaling your business, you want to start connecting with nearby companies. Here are a few examples of local networks across the United States:

        • This is the local network for CleanTech businesses around New York.


        • This is the local network for CleanTech businesses around Washington.


        • This is the local network for CleanTech businesses around Orange County and California.


        • This is the local network for CleanTech businesses around North Carolina.


      • This is the local network for CleanTech businesses around Texas.


LinkedIn Groups

It’s a real hassle connecting with hundreds of LinkedIn professionals one by one. Save yourself time and effort and connect with LinkedIn groups in your field. Here are a few of the larger groups in the US:

    • This group defines itself as a virtual incubator for clean tech, green business, energy and sustainability. A resource to scientists, entrepreneurs and investors. It is attached to the portal.

CleanTech Open runs the world’s largest Cleantech accelerator through local programs in the US. You can take part in group discussions and also post advertisements for your company.

PCleanTech Group aims to network professionals in the field of sustainability. This is an excellent group to build up your CleanTech network!

This group helps members connect with professionals who are experts in alternative energy, pollution, non-toxic materials, water purification, and solar energy.


Now that you know where to go, choose the online sources that best suit you. Remember, sharing great content is one of the best ways to attract new customers and stay competitive!

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