6 Factors That Affect Telemedicine Revenue Growth

What kind of Telemedicine CEO, President, or Management Director would not want to see an increase in telemedicine revenue? In a competitive industry with long sales cycles, the best way to drive revenue is by using a unique marketing and sales methodology known as ‘Inbound.’

According to Hubspot, 49.7% of businesses making use of Inbound marketing and sales have improved their sales within seven months! Typical marketing and sales techniques such as print advertisements, website pop-ups, self-promotional email e-newsletters and blasts, trade shows, cold-calling, and basic demos involve trying to present your brand to people that may not even be interested in your Telemedicine solution. Conversely, Inbound pulls in qualified individuals by providing useful content that helps solve the problems of consumers. The Inbound strategy helps bring in more qualified website traffic, improve brand name recognition, jump start the sales process, and increase telemedicine revenue.

Here are six variables that affect your telemedicine revenue growth in the Telemedicine sector:

Clearly identify who your ideal customers are

The Ideal customer varies from company to company. A buyer persona is an imaginary personality that can be used to represent your Telemedicine firm’s ideal customer. Understanding the right buyer personas will help your marketing and sales team develop content that relates to your characters’ requirements, in return, it will help generate more leads and boost customer closure rate. It’s crucial to think about the following when developing Buyer Personas:

Success factors— What tangible or abstract incentives does your prospect connect success with?

Perceived obstacles— What reasons or barriers would make your prospect choose a competitor over you?

Deal Makers— What events trigger a change in a prospect’s habits, and need for change?

Buyer’s journey — What questions do prospects have throughout the buying process?

Priority initiatives — How does the prospect allot their budget and time?

Decision criteria — What is the prospect’s process of decision making?

Establishing a content strategy

After producing Buyer Personas, your marketing and sales teams can drum up a content strategy that will help to draw in leads to your site, convert them into leads, and ultimately transform them into customers. See to it that your content addresses the most commonly asked questions by your potential customers and includes search phrases that your ideal buyers are looking for. Posting optimized content on your site routinely will improve your search engine position and will help drive organic traffic to your site. Furthermore, it will develop your Telemedicine business as an authority in the sector and will help you win the trust of your leads. You can develop content such as articles, ebooks, white papers, infographics, reports and case studies that will inform your potential customers and keep them coming back for more. Sharing your content on social media can also help give your business more visibility and enhance the chances of telemedicine revenue growth.

Crafting efficient landing web pages

What’s the point of improving traffic to your website if they all leave as soon as they get to your site? You have to convert these site visitors into leads by getting their contact information. To do so, develop a landing page where newcomers can provide their information for freemium content such as an eBook, white paper, or study. See to it your call-to-action is punchy enough to create a feeling of urgency and entice the prospect to take action. ‘Download your cost-free overview currently!’ and ‘Get your free eBook today!’ are instances of well-crafted CTAs. Research conducted by HubSpot found that firms with 40 or more landing pages obtained 12 times the amount of leads that sites with five or less landing pages.

Nurturing your leads carefully

After accumulating contact information, your sales group must take the time to nurture your leads through the use of email until they convert into clients. You could make use of devices such as Marketo, Eloqua, Customer.io, Constant Contact, and Hubspot to automate your lead nurturing campaigns. To make the best use of click-through rates, make sure that e-mails are individualized with ‘From’ fields that have your salesperson’s name and email address. The subject lines need to produce a feeling of enjoyment and urgency. Remember to include an explicit call-to-action (CTA) in all of the e-mails. The CTA needs to show up plainly in the lead nurturing e-mail to improve the chances of getting a click. To reach a broader target market, your e-mails should include a button to share the content on social media. The majority of email marketing software has templates that integrate social media sharing buttons. One of the most vital points to keep in mind is to offer value. Sending out intros to blog articles and free premium content that aligns with the buyer persona getting the email is an effective way to engage with leads on a regular basis.

Creating mobile accessibility

According to ComScore, individuals invest approximately 69% of their media time on their phones. Consequently, it is crucial to optimize your website for all types of platforms including desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Your internet dev team needs to ensure that the CTAs are big enough to click and placed above the fold to make them noticeable on smartphone web browsers. The content should be brief and should not be littered with pictures. Text on smartphones should be large enough for customers to read without straining their eyes. Pop-ups and flash should be avoided because they distract from your content, and navigation should be as straightforward as possible.

Gauging the effect

To optimize your return on investment (ROI), make sure to keep an eye on marketing metrics such as total site visits, channel-specific traffic, bounce rate, total conversions, lead-to-close ratio, customer retention rate and customer acquisition rate. Keeping track of these metrics will give you a suggestion of just what should be improved or changed to drive revenue. Devices such as Mixpanel, Heap Analytics, Kissmetrics and Kapost’s Content Scoring are excellent for gauging metrics and initiatives.

The Bottom line

As crucial as it is to any company, telemedicine revenue growth does not happen overnight. Unless you focus your marketing and sales initiatives on the right market, it will be hard to close any sales and have a sizable revenue. Nonetheless, with Inbound Marketing and Sales you will have the ability to bring in qualified leads, nurture them into clients, and transform them into supporters of your Telemedicine solution.

We’ve helped numerous business leaders to improve their marketing and sales strategies by implementing the Inbound methodology. Don’t hesitate to book your totally free strategy session now to help you review your assets and get cost-free understandings and ideas on how you can increase your profits!

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