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7 Simple Ways to Expand Your Telemedicine Business

The primary objective of every Telemedicine CEO or Director is to increase the amount of business they are bringing in. Efficient marketing and sales strategies are among the best means of scaling any type of business to success. Conventional marketing relies upon funneling money into print ads and publication advertisements, and other forms of visual advertising. Conventional techniques also involve cold-calling and making sales pitches to people that may have no interest in your product whatsoever. Key influencers and decision makers in private practices, hospitals, or health systems, are no exception to this.

Recently, a brand-new approach called the ‘Inbound Methodology‘ has become increasingly popular. This marketing and sales strategy concentrates on bringing in potential customers online (when they are researching products), and transforming them into real customers of your solution by using pertinent content and reliable nurturing strategies. A new research study carried out by Hubspot found that around 93% of firms that utilize the Inbound Methodology reported a greater return on investment (ROI).

Here are 7 ways to drive even more business to your Telemedicine business using the Inbound Methodology:

Understand and identify your ideal customer

Scaling your Telemedicine business will require that you completely understand your ideal consumers. The type of customer that best fits your Telemedicine business changes as your company evolves and iterates on its solutions. Remember that it takes time to develop competent Buyer Personas of your ideal clients. This must be done thoroughly, but to get a general idea of who your Buyer Personas are, ask yourself these questions:

· What are their tasks and responsibilities?

· What are their unique objectives?

· What are their largest difficulties?

· How do they make decisions?

· Where do they get their information?

Once it ends up being clear what kind of Buyer Persona your Telemedicine firm is targeting, your marketing and sales teams can collaborate to plan content revolving around informing and nurturing leads.

Establish clear goals for business development

If you don’t have a goal, it’s difficult to score! Establish clear objectives that you want to accomplish within a set time period. For instance, you could establish a goal of bringing in 300 leads in the next six months. This means 50 leads a month, and about 12 leads a week. You should also establish goals focusing on the number of consumers you would like to bring in, and your desired revenue. Continuously monitor your development and make changes as necessary.

Develop a targeted content strategy to engage

A competent content strategy will drive visitors to your website and will help increase the amount of leads that you generate. You should make sure that the content that your marketing and sales teams develop are aligned to the phases of the Buyer’s Journey: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision.

Leads at the Awareness phase are just beginning to understand that they have a need or issue. The content at this phase must offer as much information as possible to fully realize and identify your prospective consumers’ issues without having to give a sales pitch. Blog articles, instructional video clips, and infographics are ideal pieces of content for this phase. A recent State of Marketing study conducted by Hubspot found that 92% of firms that blog frequently obtain clients via their blog sites.

Leads at the Consideration phase have a much better understanding of their needs and are currently seeking a solution to their problems. To assist them, offer premium content such as ebooks, templates, guides, slideshows, and checklists, which are all ideal pieces of content for this phase. You could ask leads to provide their contact info in exchange for premium content. After your leads willingly give you their information, regularly email them helpful information as you nurture those leads into clients.

At the Decision phase, leads have narrowed down their options, and are preparing to make a purchase. This is where you should discuss your own services or products and show them why they should pick your product over others in the Telemedicine sector. You can use case studies, white papers, and reports to further demonstrate how your product is the best one.

Find the keywords ideal customers are looking for

Following research conducted by GE Capital Retail Bank, 81% of buyers research online before purchasing a product. Optimizing your content for search engines will increase your website’s ranking and will give you much more visibility online. Your marketing group conduct a research to figure out which keywords your leads are using when searching online for similar products. These keyword phrases can be included in your page header, page text, meta description, page URL and image alt texts. Here’s a tip: long-tail key phrases that have much fewer competitors will undoubtedly improve your chances of success. However, try to refrain from stuffing search phrases into every part of your web pages because it may lead to being punished by search engines.

Promote your content through the right channels

Having relevant, optimized content does not mean the visitors will instantly swarm your website. You have to advertise your content thoroughly to generate organic website traffic. Share and link your articles on your social media platforms. Quality content such as ebooks and white papers can also be advertised through your email checklist. Targeted social media advertising and marketing can also be an extremely reliable means of advertising your content.

Use marketing automation responsibly

According to Hubspot, marketing automation is using software to automate marketing procedures such as campaign management, customer data integration, and customer segmentation. Making use of marketing automation allows processes that usually require manual work to be completed much quicker. You can choose between a broad range of marketing automation systems like Marketo, MailChimp, GetResponse, Hubspot and Eloqua. A lot of these systems feature terrific attributes for Lead Nurturing, website visitor tracking, CRM, social media, reporting, and analytics. Making use of automation will allow you to simplify your marketing tasks and will free up more time, and increase your revenue.

Coordinate your marketing and sales groups

It’s essential to create relevant, quality content. It’s also essential to plan a reliable lead nurturing strategy. However, if you have a marketing team and a sales team whose objectives and initiatives are not aligned, you’ll run into problems very quickly. This is where the idea of ‘smarketing’ comes in. As a supervisor that oversees all activities, it’s suggested that you hold a weekly or monthly conference for your marketing and sales team and help them to coordinate by exchanging information, reviewing objectives, and getting both teams on the same page. Constantly check in on the teams to make sure that they are collaborating with each other by providing incentives for the two teams working together.

Final Thoughts

There you have it: 7 amazing means that you could use to grow your Telemedicine firm. Inbound Marketing and Sales is a rather new method, and if you make the most of it, you will not only have the ability to scale your company, but you will also have satisfied employees that work well together.

We’ve helped many founders and CEOs to include the Inbound Methodology into their marketing and sales process. Do not hesitate to ask for a free strategy session now to help you review your possessions and gain insight and guidance to help you and your company scale your Telemedicine business!

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