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Telehealth Strategy: 6 Simple Growth Hacks to Scale Your Company

Has your Telehealth organization been stuck in a rut? If so, it might be time to find a way to scale your business to the next level.

If you have not heard the term ‘growth hacking’ yet, it’s a brand-new collection of techniques that help businesses scale and get a competitive edge. While things like viral videos of cats are considered a growth hack, we’re talking about hacks that are going to be more relevant to your B2B Telehealth business. A powerful collection of development hacks consisting of the identification of ideal prospects and content production that will lead prospects through their buyer’s journey to becoming happy customers. Seem like a dream? It isn’t. It’s Inbound Marketing and Sales.

Inbound marketing and sales strategies have been verified to be extremely reliable in scaling companies. According to a recent study by Hubspot, 59% of marketing experts reported that Inbound marketing generated more quality leads compared to traditional marketing, and at a 61% cheaper price point compared to outgoing networks! This means that traditional marketing and sales approaches such as paid marketing, cold calls, website promotion, trade shows and seminars, and purchased email lists are becoming unreliable for scaling sales.

Below are some terrific development hacks for scaling your Telehealth firm utilizing the Inbound Telehealth strategy:

Identify your ideal clients

One of the most critical steps for scaling your company is to recognize the ideal customer that you want to reach. Identifying precisely who you are targeting will help you to create content for them. When laying out the qualities of this ideal customer, typically described as ‘buyer persona,’ consider their duties, objectives, obstacles, and decision making process. You could get this information by going to relevant online forums, surveying your target market, and even jumping on a call with existing customers that fit your personas. As soon as you collect this info, you can also give your personas a name like ‘Medical Director David’ or ‘Clinician Chris.’

Develop targeted content

Take the time to regularly release content that deals with the typical problems and concerns raised by your buyer personas. Text-based content such as blogs, case studies, white papers, and ebooks can be a reliable source for supplying details. Engaging titles with the appropriate keyword phrases that optimizes your content for search engines will get the attention of your target market. Ensure your content production group prevents overusing Telehealth lingo, alienating your audience with technical language. According to Hubspot, ‘Visual content is 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content.’ As a result, your content strategy needs to have aesthetic content, such as infographics and video clips, along with text-based content.

Nurture your leads

Generating leads is not enough to scale your Telehealth organization successfully. You have to nurture your leads according to the 4 phases of the buyer’s trip: Attract, Convert, Close and Delight. As soon as a prospect provides their contact information in exchange for a premium offer, they become a lead. Devise a lead nurturing campaign with your marketing and sales teams that will offer practical info regularly through email. When a lead makes a purchasing decision, and a sale is closed, keep delighting your brand-new customer with more great content. Creating stable relationships with your consumers is likely to convert them into supporters of your brand name. They will share your content with their fans, bringing in even more leads to your site.

Automate your processes

As your company expands, it will be significantly challenging to engage each of your customers on an individual basis. To conserve time, you should strongly consider switching to an automated system. You could make use of marketing automation software to gather contact info and send out tailored e-mails to your leads. Such e-mails will trigger as soon as a lead provides their contact information on your site. This email collection will help nurture leads up until they convert to consumers.

Leverage online reviews

According to research conducted by Search Engine Land, 72% of customers trust online reviews as much as referrals from associates. Swamping the web with favorable reviews could, for that reason, be a reliable Telehealth strategy for scaling your organization. Such evaluations could be through case studies demonstrating how your Telehealth business helped customers overcome obstacles. Reference particular numbers that give a measure to the things your company has accomplished. As an example, you could state that your customer reduced their customer acquisition price by 50% in 3 months. You might also consider creating a devoted testimonial page on your site with quick testimonials from various customers. Make sure to include their name and their firm along with a picture to assure your target market that the evaluations are from a trustworthy source.

Use LinkedIn

Social Media Examiner conducted a study and found that 89% of B2B marketing experts make use of LinkedIn. You could make use of LinkedIn to produce brand name understanding, generate leads, and develop tactical collaborations. The initial step is to establish a professional page for your company that has information regarding your company and what solutions it offers. Optimize your page using keywords to make it easy for consumers to find you online. Remember to use links to your firm’s website. Take the time to release excellent content on your timeline to keep your followers engaged. Your content needs to show product thought leadership, organizational thought leadership, and sector thought leadership. This will build trust between you and your followers and will increase the chances of turning them into your leads and customers. You can also take into consideration using paid advertising and marketing to guarantee that your content shows up on the information feed of the potential customers that you are targeting. LinkedIn Company Page Analytics can help you gauge whether or not your content is being productive.

The Bottom Line

Scaling your Telehealth firm will not happen overnight, yet with the right strategies, your company can steadily increase its ROI and customer base. The Inbound Methodology is a fantastic collection of long-lasting strategies that will help you reach your company objectives of scaling and growing.

It could be daunting for even the best marketing and sales teams to do all of this alone. We here at Responsify have teamed with plenty of Management Directors and CEOs to help them grow their companies through the use of the Inbound Methodology. Do not hesitate to book a free strategy session now to help you examine your assets and receive advice on how you can better scale your B2B Telehealth business. We’re happy to help!

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