Telecare Strategy: How to Scale Using Inbound Methods

Scaling a Telecare business is no simple task. You need the ideal ‘individuals’ to develop your solution, market it, and sell it. After that, you need the right ‘process’ promote sustainable growth. After B2B firms play out the typical strategies of obtaining brand-new consumers through references, collaborations, buying lists, going to trade shows, blasting self-promotional emails, etc., they need new long-term growth strategies. Selling products to people in private practices, hospitals, or health systems are no exception.

That’s where a brand-new process of drawing in ideal clients called ‘Inbound‘ marketing and sales (or ‘smarketing’) comes in.

Increasingly, more businesses of all sorts of industries are starting to integrate the Inbound method into their general marketing and sales strategies. HubSpot wrote in its recent State of Inbound Report that firms are three times more likely to observe greater ROI on executing Inbound campaigns over utilizing conventional, intrusive marketing and sales techniques. The Inbound Methodology has many benefits including:

Helping increase brand awareness

Costing much less than standard methods like advertisements, cold-calling, exhibition, etc

Allowing you to construct long-lasting partnerships with consumers by engaging them on a regular basis with suggestions and understandings on pertinent subjects

The generation of quality web traffic and leads

Construction of credibility and trust with prospects

Here are 4 B2B businesses that scaled their development through the Inbound Telecare strategy:


Flex-A-Seal is a business that develops and produces mechanical seals for commercial pumps.

When the employees at Flex-A-Seal realized that they weren’t getting adequate web traffic, they partnered with an Inbound company to explore another way of marketing. The firm redesigned the business’s website and enhanced it for search engines by making use of appropriate search phrases. Because of this, the site ranked first on search engine results for targeted key phrases and organic web traffic improved by more than 95%. The Inbound company also developed free tip sheets that site visitors to Flex-A-Seal’s website can download and install in return for their contact information. This strategy generated more than 50 qualified leads in 4 months!

Flex-A-Seal also has a factory in Brazil and wanted to boost their sales in the South American market. The Inbound company developed, a microsite targeted at Spanish speakers. This produced several leads throughout various Latin American nations and increased Flex-A-Seal’s sales by an impressive 400%!

Besides concentrating on their website, Flex-A-Seal intended to generate even more leads through social media. The Inbound firm developed a LinkedIn account and trained executives and sales reps on customer engagement. As a result, Flex-A-Seal increased their LinkedIn following by 800% and placed themselves as an authority in the liquid securing sector!

Bell Performance

Bell Performance is a leading manufacturer of oil and gas additives.

At first, the business did not have a website that they could make use of to generate leads online. Because Bell Performance was trying to improve brand recognition, and the first step was to construct a professional website. To start this venture, Bell Performance looked for the guidance of an Inbound firm. The firm began with helping Bell Performance recognize their buyer personas and build a customized website with content that targeted their ideal buyers. With just this first step, Bell performance improved their organic website traffic by 700% in one year.

The Inbound firm also produced landing web pages with the purpose of recording website site visitors’ contact info. Various deals were advertised through social media and email marketing to guide possible consumers to the landing web pages. This led to a boost in the firm’s lead generation by 1400% within merely two years!!!

By using Inbound strategies, Bell Performance was able to close 600 brand-new internet sales in the initial year. In the 2nd year, the number of online sales increased by 80%!

HUI Manufacturing

HUI Manufacturing is a firm that focuses on sheet steel manufacture of clinical carts and industrial products.

This company had formerly utilized a pay-per-click (PPC) marketing method to generate leads and discover brand-new strategies for bringing in natural website traffic. HUI Manufacturing sought the help of an Inbound agency. This company helped HUI Manufacturing to create the Medical Carts blog and established a 6-month content routine with articles that related to the needs prospects. They also created long-form content such as cheat sheets, e-books and extensive guides that called for the visitors to submit their contact information before downloading. This content was advertised mostly through targeted LinkedIn groups.

The outcome was a 68% rise in natural website traffic as well as a 115% rise in website traffic from LinkedIn alone. Website lead conversions increased by approximately 150%. In the first eleven months, the sales generated through Inbound methods led to more than a couple of million dollars of new revenue!

Corrugated Metals

Corrugated Metals is a firm that uses steel corrugating product and services for the protection, transport, equipment and construction industries.

This company struggled for a long time to bring in qualified leads and increase their revenue. To conquer this issue, they chose to work with an Inbound firm. The very first step was to revamp the whole firm’s website and create a responsive layout that displayed well on smartphones and computer systems. After that, they developed blog content on topics like ‘energy efficient building materials’ to bring in natural website traffic with key phrases optimized for search engines. This content was advertised using various social media networks to have even more individuals visit the Corrugated Metals’ website.

With this marketing project, Corrugated Metals experienced a 198% boost in website traffic and a 285% increase in leads generated!

Bottom Line

The landscape is changing, and it’s crucial that every element of a company is updated to match the requirements of its clients. Modern buyers will not disregard contemporary content totally, but they will undoubtedly value instructional, appropriate content generated through the use of ‘Inbound’ strategies. It’s time to put your leads first and the needs of your firm last so you can get attention to your potential customers and boost revenue.

As Inbound experts, Responsify has helped many marketing and sales teams to integrate Inbound into their lead generation and nurturing processes. Do not hesitate to schedule your free strategy session now! We can help you evaluate your standing and get free understandings and ideas on how you can scale your Telecare business!

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