Tips to Keep in Contact with Your Telecare Sales Prospects

Getting telecare sales leads to convert is a frustrating process every B2B sales representative understands.

A hard truth is that most telecare sales leads won’t make a purchasing decision after the first contact. In order to close a sale, sales people need to make multiple contacts in the right way before prospects will reach a purchasing decision. This process is similar to dating. After all, nobody gets married on the first date right? So the important question becomes, what can you do to get in touch with potential customers to move them farther along in the buyer’s journey? We’ve come up with some useful tips for you to do just that.

Here are some telecare sales tips for staying in contact with your Telecare leads:

Find out details about your prospects

It’s hard to sell your Telecare product and services if you don’t have a clear understanding of your potential customers. That’s why you should take time to create a Buyer Persona, which is an artificial personality with similar qualities to your ideal buyer. Figure out their responsibilities, obstacles, and goals. Learn about the company they work for and see what challenges they face. How many years have they been in business? Where are they located? You can find out a lot of this information simply by visiting their company page or LinkedIn profile.

Create and share useful content

Developing and sharing practical content is one of the best methods to engage your prospects. Collaborating with your marketing team to create content on a regular basis that targets your Buyer Persona helps ideal buyers find you and become qualified telecare sales leads. On top of that, it positions your Telecare company as an authority and adds credibility to your reputation in the industry. Useful content can include webinars, blog posts, industry reports, case studies, ebooks, or white papers.

Call or email at strategic times

As a sales representative, it’s your job to determine when the best time to contact your prospects is and which method to use. Phone or email both offer benefits and have drawbacks.

According to E Consultancy, 66% of marketing experts say email generates impressive ROI. Because an email is visual and not interactive, it gives your telecare sales leads time to think over the offer. They can also bookmark it for later. An email can also be easily forwarded to other individuals in their company, making information sharing easy. However, a drawback of using emails is that prospects may get numerous emails in a day so yours may get pushed down to the bottom and forgotten.

On the other hand, a phone call allows you to get to the prospect quicker and make personalized contact. But your call can easily get forwarded to a voicemail or your telecare sales lead is too busy to listen to you.

There are no rules to how you should make the first contact. Pick one you’re comfortable and rotate between the two options.

Learn about your leads’ hobbies and passions

Among the best means to get in touch with your telecare sales leads is to talk about what they’re interested in. That can include their leisure activities, role, passions, or interests. Learn more about them from social media profiles on LinkedIn or Facebook. Often times, these things are listed for the public to see. You can inject a comment about one of their interests when you contact them, helping to stimulate conversation and build goodwill. Aside from hobbies and interests, you can look into their work history. Ask relevant questions like, “How has it been transitioning from Finance to Admin?” Asking your leads personal questions make it easier to build a connection and they’re more likely to make a sale with you.

Engage casually

As you learn more about your potential customers, you can let your hair down a little and drop some of the formality. This makes it easier to establish a genuine connection with your prospects. But don’t do it too early or take it too far. Remember, it’s still a professional relationship and you should always use correct capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. For example:

Too formal: Hello Priya. I’ve noticed your interest in Telecare CRM software and I thought you might find this report helpful.

Too casual: Hi P, check out this awesome Telecare CRM software report.

Balanced: Hey Priya, hope you’re well. Have a look at this report on Telecare CRM software.

A book that covers this topic is called Getting Naked by Pat Lencioni where the author presents a strategy for people who work with clients to promote uncommon levels of trust and loyalty. Pat teaches service professionals how to overcome the top 3 anxieties that disrupt customer loyalty. Developed for internal/external professional, consultants, or anyone who deals with clients long-term, Getting Naked gives effective advice and actionable methods to gain a competitive advantage.

Don’t be afraid of voicemail

A study by Bizness Apps shows that 80% of phone calls go to voicemail. If you call your prospects and they don’t answer, don’t hang up just because the call goes to voicemail. Voicemails can be an effective part of your sales process so make sure to leave one instead of moving onto the next call. Let the prospect know briefly about your offer and that you’ll follow up with them through email. A prospect is more likely to open your email if they’ve heard your name before.

Nurture your leads with email

If your telecare sales leads don’t make a buying decision right away, regularly send them a lead nurturing email every one or two weeks to keep the engaged. Make sure the content refers to their challenges or addresses the obstacles they face instead of being heavily sales focused. You can include white papers, ebooks, reports, blog articles, or case studies. Let your leads know they can contact you any time they want.

The Bottom Line

Each of the tips we’ve covered in this article are part of a broader marketing methodology called Inbound Marketing. Your Telecare company can incorporate these methods into your existing marketing strategy to generate more leads and get more customers.

Doing all this on your own can seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be. At Responsify, we collaborate with Telecare experts to offer strategy, support, and help carrying out these tasks. By working together, we help attract website visitors, convert them to leads, and turn them into satisfied customers.

If you want to learn more about how to accelerate your sales cycle, contact us for a free strategy session. We’d be happy to go over your assets with you and help you figure out how to get started in the right direction.

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