6 Ways to Reduce Long Sales Cycles in Tele Medecine Sales

One of the hardest things that Tele medicine salesmen face is reducing lengthy tele medecine sales cycles. Unlike B2C, the B2B sales process includes educating executive decision makers before you can present a solution that they’ll want. It generally takes a substantial amount of time to persuade them of your product’s value and convince them your solution is the right choice for them. Because of this and so many other factors, the sales cycle can drag out. In addition, a study by Demand Gen shows the sales cycle is getting even longer for B2B buyers, making this lengthy process even worse.

Here are a number of tele medecine sales strategies you can use to help shorten the sales cycle in your Tele medicine sales:

Develop Buyer Personas

Don’t make the mistake of trying to engage with leads that aren’t interested. You may find out on your own, after a lengthy process, your lead will never result in any sales. Before starting the process with any leads, make sure they’re qualified. One way to do this is to develop a Buyer’s Persona, which is an artificial personality that shares attributes with your ideal buyer. Your Buyer Persona could be “Physician Fanny” or “Medical Director Dan”. Once you’ve figured out your Personas, give them attributes by asking the following questions:

  • What are their responsibilities?
  • Objectives?
  • Biggest challenges?
  • Goals that keep them motivated?
  • Factors that drive their purchases?
  • Obstacles that prevent purchases?
  • How do they like to research?

Their answers to these questions will help you decide how to best move forward.

Send an Intro video

Leads often met with their sales people before the advent of technology. It was useful in making a personal connection. You can use this method now by sending an introductory video of yourself explaining why you’re interested in them (use flattery), address something important to them, and include a CTA (call to action). It’s easier to ignore an email than it is a personalized message. If they open the video, you’ve already established some familiarity before making contact. A good app to use for these videos is Soapbox by Wistia.

Provide content pre-sales

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is going on a sales call without providing proper content to the client beforehand. If you do that, you risk them having no knowledge whatsoever and with the limited time, you can’t inform them properly. Rather, you can send out Lead Nurturing Emails consisting of engaging content that they can look through before you meet with them. For example, if you’re selling an X-ray machine to Hospital Administrator Adam, send him a blog post outlining the benefits of upgrading to this modern equipment. You can also send comparative data that tells your prospect why your choice is better than the next competitor’s. Continue sending content on a strategic schedule so your prospect views you as a helpful candidate.

Provide content post-sales

After your initial sales visit, the prospect is more likely to have questions or objections. Your job as a sales person for the Tele medicine company is to answer those questions and eliminate their objections. You can send a follow up email with case studies, videos, reports, or other informative data to assuage their concerns. Such content can be used with other leads too. Using content to address their concerns dramatically reduces the tele medecine sales cycles.

Offer direct pricing

One of the biggest concerns with leads is the price of your products or services. Often, sales people skirt around the topic until late into the tele medecine sales cycle. If the price is out of the question, you may have wasted valuable time and nobody wants that. Keeping the price a secret for too long can also damage the trust you’ve built with prospects. Being clear with prices early in the process can save you time with potential problems later.

So exactly how do you offer this information without overwhelming your prospects? First, make sure to focus heavily on the benefits and value of your offer, so your rate is clearly seen in context. You can also use terms like “Starting at $….” or “From $…”

Use Social proof

Social evidence can help win your prospect’s trust much quicker and close the deal faster. Consider sending them case studies showing ROI from past customers or other statistical data about the effects of your product or service. Make sure the business statistics are in the same industry as your prospect’s company. According to the B2B News Network, 84% of decision-making executives start the buying process with a referral. You can try looking for a mutual contact between you and the prospect on LinkedIn that might refer you. Or you can invite the prospect to a live event where past customers will attend. These strategies are more effective than sending out cold messages.

The Bottom Line

It may seem difficult to focus on anything outside of closing sales or meeting your goals, but taking time to learn about your prospects is essential to the tele medecine sales process. Your tele medecine sales cycle, combined with the lead nurturing process, can help position you as a valuable resource in the industry, helping you build trust, and increasing the chances prospects will purchase from you.

It can be challenging to carry out all these tasks on your own though. That’s why at Responsify, we partner with Tele medicine sales teams and offer strategy, support, and help in carrying out these Inbound Marketing tasks. By working together, we help marketing professionals and their sales team draw in new visitors, convert them to qualified leads, and help you get more happy customers.

We’ve helped numerous companies just like yours already with our Inbound sales techniques. Don’t hesitate to request your free strategy consultation so we can go over your assets with you and offer guidance to help you shorten your tele medecine sales cycle!

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