Proven Ways to Shorten Your Tele Health Sales Cycles

The Tele health sales cycle could last anywhere in between a couple of weeks to a few months or perhaps even years. Based on the sales experts we spoke to in the industry, eight months is the standard length of the sales cycle. In a study by Demand Gen, buying cycles have actually increased in length because of the growing variety of decision makers involved B2B purchasing process. On top of that, buyers are investing significant amounts of time researching before deciding to buy, which suggests that salespeople have less work to do, yet the length of the cycles remains the same.

Below are some excellent strategies for reducing the Tele health sales cycle:

Align your information and content with the Buyer’s Journey

Your potential customers often go through the various phases of the Buyer’s Journey. For that reason, you have to make sure that your sales content is lined up with their particular phases in the journey. This will allow you to deliver relevant content directly, help you relocate them to the next phase, and ultimately convert them into satisfied buyers.

Awareness phase – At the start of the sales cycle, your potential customers don’t know precisely what they need. This is commonly known as the ‘Awareness phase’ of the Buyer’s Journey where potential customers are trying to recognize any troubles they need to resolve and what objectives they intend to pursue. For that reason, before establishing a sales visit, make sure to offer them academic content that addresses their concerns thoroughly. This could be anything from content conveniently provided on your website, such as blogs or infographics to premium content, such as ebooks or white papers. As you help your leads recognize their troubles, you can determine which of them are qualified leads by figuring out whether your Tele health services or products could be of assistance to them. Doing so will help you establish your priorities directly; you could concentrate on assisting leads that are qualified as opposed to catering to leads that may be uninterested or passive.

Consideration phase – At this phase, the leads have recognized their issue or obstacle and have decided to resolve it. They are considering various alternatives for addressing their troubles or conquering their difficulties. You need to, as a result, provide content that props you up as an authority in your market and lays out various options to your prospect’s issues. White papers, webinars, case studies, and expert guides are ideal for encouraging leads to purchase from you and not your competitors. But wait! Your content for the Consideration Stage should not point out anything regarding your Tele health firm’s options right now. Your content ought to concentrate on informing your leads and helping them resolve their troubles. An excellent example of Consideration Stage content is Buzz Sumo’s professional webinar collection where potential customers can get guidance, techniques, and suggestions from various content marketing experts.

Choice phase – At this stage, your potential customers have made a decision on which approach they’ll require to fulfill their demands. They are contrasting the benefits and downsides of various deals from different Tele health businesses and are trying to decide which solution would be best. Content such as demo videos, comparison charts, trial offers, and product descriptions are all suitable forms of content for this phase. Other excellent methods of leveraging content in this phase include industry-specific case studies, blog articles that contrast and display your Tele health services’ advantages, and online calculators that help your Tele health prospects compute the ROI of your services.

Utilize email automation systems to enlighten potential customers

According to a study by Salesforce State of Marketing (2017), 67% of marketing and sales leaders make use of automation software. It also found that within the next 24 months, an extra 21% are going to start using automation systems. You could reduce your sales cycle considerably by automating your initiatives. For example, as opposed to releasing social media articles and sending out Lead Nurturing Email manually, you can use a software to do it all instantly. The content connected from your automated emails and social media blog posts will nurture your potential customers gradually and will make it easier to convert them into clients. Automating your sales initiatives will not only reduce your sales cycle, but it will also lower the price of generating leads. On top of that, automation will maximize your time and permit you to concentrate on other parts of your task as a busy sales rep.

Offer ways to see rates, then demonstrate specific value

One of the first things a prospect needs to know about is the costs associated with your product and services. If your Tele health solution is popular or competitively valued, then you can implement a ‘Request for Quote’ button on your website. This can help you begin a discussion to find out as much as possible about their needs (before providing a ‘cost’), to then position the value of your offering appropriately. This discussion could further help you be more receptive to the active leads in the Decision phase of their Buyer’s Journey and help decrease the length of your sales cycle.

Follow your content with consistent telephone calls to help leads

Blog posts, social media posts, white papers, case studies, and reports are all great ways to get in touch with your prospects during the sales cycle. However, as a hectic salesman that wants to reduce those cycles, calling your prospects and talking to them can help achieve just that. Calls allow you to create a personal connection with your prospects. A call also enables you to address any inquiries that the prospect has in real-time. A study by The Marketing Donut found that 80% of sales need five subsequent telephone calls after the initial meeting with the prospect. The objective of your call should not merely be to earn a tough sell. Instead, the all-powerful phone call should be used to inform your prospects about the value of your offer. This suggests that a call can be useful at any phase of the Buyer’s Journey.

The major takeaways

Tele health sales cycles can be incredibly long, and it’s vital to reduce the cycle for every prospect on your listing. The suggestions described above are a part of a broader strategy known as the Inbound Sales Methodology. This methodology will help you to plan your sales approach in a way that will make both you and your leads feel great and have their requirements attended to throughout the sales cycle.

It can be complicated to do all of this alone. We here at Responsify team up with Tele health sales and business development pros to offer strategy, support, and assistance in implementing these strategies. By collaborating, we aid marketing and sales teams to purposefully draw in unique website visitors, convert them to qualified leads, and energize the closing process.

We’ve assisted several talented sales teams to weave the Inbound Methodology into their complicated sales process. Don’t hesitate to schedule your free strategy session now to help you examine your possessions and secure free understandings and recommendations on how you can reduce your sales cycle!

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