From Teachers to Administrators: How Nearpod Uses Inbound Marketing to Reach New Customers

Nearpod is a tool for educators to create interactive lessons, collect and share student responses and assess student comprehension in real-time. Nearpod is currently used by almost 2 million students monthly in 100 different countries. They have also signed contracts with more than 2,000 schools. How did they achieve all this? With Inbound Marketing of course.

The founders have implemented a bottom-up approach in a few easy steps.

Connect with the teachers on social media to present their free and engaging tool for students.

Nearpod is on five social media channels with 12,503 likes on their Facebook page and 14,500 followers on Twitter. Their Vimeo account is also a great example of how videos can help your sales and marketing strategy. The first video you can look at is a two minute descriptive about the tool and how it works. It features the CEO of the company and at least two different classes in which Nearpod is used. Nearpod's Vimeo

Use free content wisely.

Nearpod is a tool for teachers to create their own interactive lessons on mobile devices. But a teacher can also buy ready-made lessons from the Nearpod website. Nearpod also releases free short lessons called “warm up activities” for potential new customers. Free Warm Up Activities by Nearpod


Let their target audience account for their reliability.

If search Nearpod on a search engine, you’ll find that the app has been reviewed on many websites. (Like Graphite, Edshelf, EdSurge.) It’s also been reviewed on more generalist websites like Crunchbase. These websites create buzz around your company. Nearpod's customer reviews


Once teachers have helped build your reputation, aim higher.

The teachers that Nearpod first targets quickly become ambassadors of the brand. This helps the company when it goes in front of schools, districts or even investors. The higher part of the home page invites teachers to sign up. If you scroll down you’ll see a call for action for districts which is actually a lead generating form. This offers the districts a demo of the tool without paying for the service. Yet.

Going with a bottom-up sales approach can seem difficult for EdTech companies. Administrators are often reluctant to introduce new technology in their classrooms. You can garner school and investor interest with a good marketing strategy and inbound tools. If you’re a maverick you might not even have to collect testimonies from your customers or investors. But with a strong Inbound Marketing strategy, they’ll willingly do it to serve your cause.

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