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Success Medical Device Sales: 4 Ways to Reduce Long Sales Cycles

Among the main obstacles that numerous success medical device sales salespeople face is reducing a lengthy sales cycle. As you know, unlike B2C, the B2B sales process includes engaging with a variety of manufacturers and showing them the value of your solution. It usually takes a while to persuade each of them that your solution is the one that satisfies their requirements. Nevertheless, considering that every person has a different point of view on your solution, and the number of people involved with the decision, your sales cycle can end up being agonizingly long. Additionally, according to a recent Demand Gen study, the Buyer’s Journey for numerous B2B buyers is becoming longer and more challenging, which does not help with the already arduous sales cycle.

We have some good news though! There are a number of success medical device sales strategies that can help to reduce your sales cycle in your medical device sales:

1. Understand your Buyer Personas

Do not make the error of aiming to engage those that are unqualified. You may end up in a frustratingly lengthy cycle that will not generate any success medical device sales in the long run. Before starting a success medical device sales process, take the time to clear up precisely who it is that you are targeting. Your Buyer Personas (also known as your ideal buyers) might be ‘Physician Philip,’ ‘Hospital Administrator Alice’ or ‘Medical Director Daniel.’ Preferably, your Buyer Personas need to be the primary decision-makers at the companies you are targeting, and sometimes may be essential influencers. After determining your Personas, you can outline their qualities by responding to the following concerns:

Just what are their duties?

Just what are their objectives?

What troubles are they handling?

What trigger drives them to buy?

What hinders a purchase?

Just how do they prefer to research?

The response to these questions will give you an idea of the best way to approach them.

2. Send out an intro video

Typically, potential customers will only get to see how the salesperson looks during an in-person conference. To create familiarity before the first meeting, think about sending the prospect an intro video discussing why you want them (flattery), something useful to them (study you carried out), and a call-to-action (“let’s schedule a time to continue the conversation”). By engaging with prospects in this manner, they are already acquainted with you. However, this does not mean that you need to invest a great deal of cash on the video manufacturing. A quality phone camera along with great lighting can suffice. Our favorite application to develop these video clips is called Soapbox by Wistia.

3. Supply pre-sales appointment content

Among the most significant errors that you could make is to have a sales visit with a prospective customer that does not have any info to engage with. This implies that you may need a number of visits before you will be able to persuade the prospect, and that could be quite tough with the amount of time you have in your hands. Instead, you could send out Lead Nurturing Emails that have useful content that they can browse before your conference. For example, if you intend to sell X-Ray equipment to ‘Hospital Administrator Alice’, send her a link to a blog post that has data on exactly how managers conserve time with modern equipment. You might additionally send out a comparison graph that shows the benefits your solution compared to that of your rival. Keep strategically notifying your leads throughout your process to position yourself as a helpful resource.

4. Provide post-sales appointment content

After the initial sales consultation, the prospect is most likely to raise some arguments or issues. Your obligation as the sales representative of your medical device business is to attend to every one of those concerns and resolve any challenges. You can send out subsequent e-mails with reports, case studies or video clips that solve all of their pressing issues. Such content could then be utilized for leading your various other potential customers. Overcoming obstacles using content will undoubtedly help reduce the sales cycle considerably.

5. Come clean with pricing

One of the main concerns of your potential customers is the rates of your product and services. Many salespeople choose to skirt around the subject of prices until late in the sales process. All this does is add even more time to your sales process, and you do not want that. Additionally, failing to reveal the cost from the get-go can cause you to lose trust with your possible consumers. Being transparent with prices early in the sales process will certainly conserve you from such issues later on.

So precisely how do you smartly offer this details without scaring your leads away? Initially make sure to compute the value your service provides, so the cost is viewed in context. You could likewise utilize terms like “beginning at $…” or “from $…”.

6. Leverage social proof

Social evidence can help you win your prospect’s trust much faster and will consequently help seal the deal quicker. You could send your prospects case studies showcasing the ROI or influence of your product and services. Ensure the firms included in the event study resemble your prospect’s company. Conversely, you could discover a mutual connection on LinkedIn that might present you to the prospect right away. This strategy is even more reliable than simply sending out an arbitrary email. According to the B2B information network, 84% of B2B choice manufacturers start the buying process with a referral. You can also invite the prospect to a live event that your existing clients will be attending. While mingling with your consumers, your prospect is most likely to make a purchasing decision much faster.

The Bottom Line

As challenging as it may be to concentrate on anything apart from closing sales and meeting your quota, it’s crucial that you take the time to recognize your leads inside and out. Your sales cycle should be linked to the lead nurturing process where you can act as an expert for your prospects while building trust with them as well as increasing the chances of them purchasing your services or product.

It can be tough to do this alone. We here at Responsify companion with medical device sales and business development pros to offer strategy, support, and assistance in carrying out these tasks. By working together, we help marketing and sales teams purposefully bring in brand-new site visitors to convert them into qualified leads and pleased clients.

We’ve supported numerous sales professionals like you to include Inbound in their sales procedures. If you would like, you can request your free strategy session now to get help assessing your assets and acquire valuable insights and suggestions to help you decrease lengthy sales cycles!

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