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New Ways to Sell Medical Devices to gain a Competitive Advantage

According to Forbes, “despite global challenges and escalating consolidation, the medical device and technology market will eclipse $500 billion in sales by 2021.”

While that’s terrific news, this implies that competition will eventually ramp up for medical device firms.

Consequently, businesses have to innovate to stay afloat. However, you will not get an advantage by sticking with traditional sales strategies such as trade shows, workshops, print advertisements, telemarketing, billboards, and press releases. Such approaches are not just interruptive but are also generic and pricey.

A study conducted by Roper Public Affairs reveals that 80% of organization decision-makers claimed they prefer to get information through articles, and not advertisements. 70% claimed that content makes them feel closer to a business, and 60% stated that content generated by enterprises helps them to make smarter purchasing choices.

An alternative method that has recently been developed is known as the ‘Inbound Methodology.’ This innovative technique entails drawing in brand-new prospects by utilizing informative and relevant content. The Earnest Agency reported that 81% of clients begin the buying process by searching for details online.

Below are some excellent sell medical devices suggestions for staying one step ahead of your competitors in medical device making use of the Inbound methods:

Publish long-form content

Customers are harassed every day with posts on virtually every subject conceivable. To attract attention in this crowd, you have to develop long-form content that will capture the focus of both your target market and the search engines. Frequently publishing content like long blog posts will help position you as an authority in your specific niche, drive even more website traffic to your site, and improve the search engine position of your site. You could also repurpose long-form content to be used in email e-newsletters or premium content like eBooks.

Fact: A research study by Odork found that long-form content performs much better than short-form content does.

Find and use long-tail keyword phrases

Making use of the right keyword phrases will help improve your search engine position and create even more web traffic to your site. However, avoid the short, standard keyword phrases that your competitors are already fighting for, or they might even already “own” these keyword phrases. Instead, choose long-tail keyword phrases that have much competition. As an example, if you are offering clinical scanning devices in Portland, you can make use of the long-tail key phrase ‘budget-friendly clinical scanning devices in Portland.’ Long-tail keyword phrases will help you bring in a more targeted audience than the short keyword ‘clinical scanning tools.’

Write guest posts

Writing content for other websites will undoubtedly place you as an authority in the medical device sector, draw in web traffic to your site, and create backlinks to your site. Try to find trusted medical device websites that allow guest posts. Look especially for websites that have a competent domain name authority (DA) and a considerable degree of engagement. Write awesome blog posts that resolve issues presently trending in your sector. Do not forget to link to your firm’s site in the writer biography and be receptive when your readers comment on your posts.

Leverage email marketing

Email is one of the most efficient devices for nurturing your leads and transforming them into buyers. According to a recent State of Marketing study by Salesforce, 80% of services state that e-mails add considerably to their overall earnings. You can ask your site visitors to provide their email addresses in exchange for a free eBook or report. When you have a list of contacts, routinely send e-mails containing instructional content that would interest your leads. Make sure that your e-mails are maximized for all devices. Create engaging headings to entice your leads to open your e-mails. An appropriate email campaign will certainly help you create faithful followers and gain a competitive edge.

Utilize user-generated content

When it pertains to marketing, social proof is crucial, especially for leads that aren’t typically aware of your brand name. Among the most effective methods of developing social proof is by leveraging user-generated content (UGC). According to a study by Bazaar Voice, 84% of customers claim that UGC affects their purchasing choices. UGC transforms your consumers into supporters that promote your services and products. For example, you can accumulate video testimonials from your satisfied clients and publish them on your site. Additionally, you can run a picture contest where consumers are asked to upload a picture of themselves using your solution to enter. Such UGC will enhance your brand name recognition and will help bring in more web traffic to your site.

Influencer marketing

According to Tomoson, 51% of marketing experts state that influencer marketing allows them to draw in better consumers. Before connecting to influencers, you have to develop your objectives for influencer marketing. This can range from increasing your social media presence, reaching brand-new markets, and increasing brand name recognition. The next step is to search for influencers that help with your goals. Look for people that are popular in the medical device sector and have a large following. They need likewise to be individuals with great credibility. Make sure to frequently measure, assess, and track your projects to see if your strategy is working.

Usage reliable contact us to action

A call-to-action (CTA) is a button or message that is meant to compel your site visitors to take a requested action. When somebody clicks the CTA, they are taken to a landing page or an item page. Make sure your CTA is short and outlines what your CTA will provide. ‘Start a free trial,’ ‘Get our free eBook’ and ‘Join our email listing’ are some examples of possible CTAs you can use. Bear in mind to put an appropriate CTA at the end of every blog post or email.

The final word

Standing out in an extremely saturated market seems daunting, however with the right strategies you can get a competitive edge. Inbound Marketing and Sales can help you not only stand out among other medical device businesses but will also establish you as a leader in the sell medical devices market eventually.

We’ve worked with plenty of CEOs and Directors to integrate these Inbound strategies into their existing sales and marketing strategy. Don’t hesitate to schedule your free strategy session now to get help examining your possessions and gain free insights and pointers on how to stand out in your niche of the sell medical devices market!

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