Tips to Keep in Contact with Your SaaS Medical Billing Sales Prospects

You’ve surely heard the phrase “the truth hurts.” So let’s start this article with a truth that discourages every B2B sales representative: Leads will not make a buying decision after the first call. You will have to keep in touch with them for a while before they become a customer. This is no different than dating. No one is ready to get married after the first date. So what are the best ways to keep in contact with leads throughout the sales process to enhance close rates? We’ve collected a list of suggestions to help you.

Here are a few ways to stay engaged with your Health Insurance and Payment leads:

Find out more concerning your prospective customer

It will be difficult to sell your Health Insurance and Payment product or service if you don’t have a strong understanding of who your potential customers are. Because of this, you need to take some time to understand your Buyer Personas. What are their roles in the company? What are their objectives, obstacles, and duties? Do a study on their company, too. How many years have they been around? Where are they located? What are they worth? How many staff members do they have? You can find most of this information on their company website or their LinkedIn page.

Develop and share valuable content

Creating and sharing useful content is a great way to keep your potential customers engaged. Work with your marketing group to create informative content to make it easier for your Buyer Personas to find you online and become qualified leads. Additionally, it will place your Health Insurance and Payment business as an authority and help you build trust in your target market. There are many types of content you can create, which includes blogs, webinars, reports, case studies, ebooks, and whitepapers.

Know when to call or email

As a sales rep, you will have to decide whether to contact prospects via phone or email. Both methods have their benefits and drawbacks. According to E Consultancy, 66% of marketing experts say that email provides superior ROI. Since email is visual, it offers prospective customers time to consider your deals. They can also bookmark or save it for future thought. An email can also be sent to various decision makers within the company. A negative of emails, though, it that people receive a lot every day. If the recipient doesn’t know your name, your email might be deleted or sent to spam.

Phone calls enable you to connect with the prospect more quickly, and add some individuality in your message. There is the chance, though, that a call will not be answered or the customer will be busy.

So, there is no one best way to initially engage. You can try testing out emails and calls to see which best fits your target market.

Find the prospect’s interests and hobbies

To better connect with your leads, it’s good to understand their hobbies, interests, responsibilities, and personalities. You can find out a lot about your prospect’s interests through their social media accounts. For example, if you are both fans of “Designated Survivor,” you can talk about that in your conversation. You can also look at their professional background. Ask questions like “How has it been transitioning from Finance to Admin?” Talking about your prospective customer’s interests in your conversations will make it easier to build a connection and make more sales.

Don’t be too formal

As you learn more about your potential customers, you can drop the formalities and be more casual in your interaction. This will make it easier to create person-to-person relationships with prospective clients. Don’t go too casual, though, as you still want to be taken seriously. Make sure to use correct capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. Here are some examples:

Too formal: “Hello Percy. I’ve observed your rate of interest in the Health Insurance and Payment CRM software program. I thought you may want to review this record”

Too casual: “Yo, percy. Take a look at this dope record on Health Insurance and Payment CRM software application”

Just right: “Hey, Percy. I hope you’re well! Take a look at this great report on Health Insurance and Payment CRM software program.”

A great book that talks about this topic is Getting Naked by Pat Lencioni. The author talks about a smart strategy for customer service that produces uncommon levels of trust and commitment. Pat suggests being totally vulnerable and open with potential customers to conquer the three anxieties that usually mess up customer loyalty. Written for internal and external experts, Getting Naked offers effective, useful tools to help people eliminate the three concerns and find a long-lasting benefit.

Don’t be scared of voicemail

Research from Bizness Apps found that 80% of telephone calls go to voicemail. If you call your leads and they don’t answer, you might be tempted to just hang up and call someone else. Don’t make that mistake. Voicemails can be an effective part of the sales process. Introduce yourself and tell them why you are calling. You can share an important resource that you will send via email. When your name comes ups and they recognize it, they are more likely to open the email.

Nurture them with email

If your potential customers do not make a buying choice right away, keep sending them emails, calls, and social media posts one to two times a week, at least. Ensure your emails contain information that meets the needs of your leads. You could include whitepapers, case studies, reports, or blogs that your leads will find useful. Let me know you have time to have more conversations.

The Final Word

The lead nurturing ideas noted above are all part of a larger body of marketing and sales strategies of Inbound Methodology. Your Health Insurance and Payment business could include Inbound right into your existing sales and marketing efforts to produce even more leads, qualify them, and close sales more quickly.

Doing this alone could be overwhelming. At Responsify, we work with Health Insurance and Payment experts to offer strategy, support, and help in applying these tasks. By collaborating, we help them purposefully draw in brand-new website customers, convert them into qualified leads, and then satisfied consumers.

If you want to find better ways to engage leads to speed up your sales cycle, do not hesitate to book a complimentary strategy session. We can help you assess your current strategies and give you advice on how to make them even better.

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