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Gaining a Competitive Advantage in SaaS LMS Market

According to Forbes, “despite global challenges and escalating consolidation, the medical device and technology market will eclipse $500 billion in sales by 2021.”

While that’s great news, it also means more competition for Learning Management System companies.

This means that companies have to be more innovative to stand out among their rivals. This doesn’t happen by sticking with traditional methods of sales like tradeshows, workshops, print ads, outbound telemarketing, billboards, and press releases. These strategies are interruptive, boring, and expensive.

Roper Public Affairs found that 80% of organization decision-makers said they like to get their information through short blogs, not ads. 70% said that content makes them feel closer to the company, and 60% said content provided by the company helps them make smarter buying choices.

A new strategy has been designed called the “Inbound Methodology.” This cutting-edge technique includes bringing in new potential customers using relevant and informational content. The Earnest Agency found that 81% of clients start the buying process by trying to find details online.

Below are a few great ways to stay ahead of the competition in the Learning Management System using Inbound strategies:

Release long-form content

Customers are bombarded with tons of short posts on practically every topic out there. To stand apart from your competitors, you should produce long-form content that will capture the focus of both your target market and the online search engine. Routinely uploading content like long blogs will help position you as an authority in your niche, drive more traffic to your site, and improve your search engine ranking. You could also turn long-form content into e-newsletters or premium content like ebooks. Keep in mind: a study by Odork found that long-form content performs much better than short-form content.

Identify and use long-tail keyword phrases

Using the best keyword phrases will help improve your search engine position and will create even more web traffic for your site. Be sure to stay away from short, common search phrases since many of your rivals will likely be using the same ones and may even own them. Instead, use long-tail keyword phrases with much less competition. For example, if you are marketing clinical scanning devices in Portland, you can use the long-tail search phrase like “cost-effective clinical scanning devices in Portland.” This long-tail keyword phrase will help you bring in a more targeted market compared to the short “clinical scanning tools.”

Guest post on other blogs

Creating content for other websites will help place you as an authority in the Learning Management System sector, bring in traffic to your site, and create backlinks to your site. Do some research to find reliable Learning Management System sites that approve guest blog posts. Look specifically for websites that have great domain authority and a substantial level of engagement. Write posts relating to topics that are trending in your industry. Always remember to include links to your site in the writer biography and be responsive to comments left on your posts.

Take advantage of email marketing

Email is one of the most effective ways to nurture your leads and transform them into buyers. According to a current State of Marketing report by Salesforce, 80% of companies say that emails add to their overall revenue. You can ask your site visitors to send their email address in exchange for a free ebook or report. When you have a long list of emails, frequently send content that will engage your leads. Make sure emails are enhanced for all digital devices. Create engaging subjects to entice your leads to open the emails. A strategic email campaign will help you get devoted fans and have the upper-hand.

Leverage user-generated content

Where marketing is concerned, social evidence is key, especially for leads who aren’t aware of your brand name. One of the best ways to produce social evidence is by leveraging user-generated content (UGC). According to a study by Bazaar Voice, 84% of customers say that UGC affects their buying choices. UGC turns your clients into supporters that can testify to your product or service. For example, you might collect video testimonials from happy customers and publish them on your site. You could also hold a photo competition where customers are asked to post pictures of themselves using your item. This type of UGC will boost your brand name recognition and will draw in more traffic to your site.

Influencer marketing

Tomoson found that 51% of marketing professionals claim that influencer marketing allows them to draw in more consumers. Before you connect with influencers, you should build out your goals for influencer marketing. This could be boosting your social media presence, getting to new markets, and increasing your brand name recognition. Then, you want to look for influencers that can help you meet those objectives. Try to find people who are popular in the Learning Management System market and have a big following. They need to also be people with great online reputation. Make sure to constantly evaluate and track your work with influencers to see if it’s working.

Use effective calls-to-action

A call-to-action is a button or link that is used to get your site visitors to take a preferred action. When a person clicks the CTA, they are taken to a landing page or an item page. Make sure your CTA is quick and plainly details what your site visitors will get. “Start a free trial,” “Get our free ebook,” or “Join our mailing list” are great examples of CTAs. Use a relevant CTA at the end of every blog post or email.

The last word

Getting attention in an extremely saturated market can seem like a huge job, but with the right strategies, you will definitely see results. Inbound Marketing and Sales will not just help your Learning Management System stand out, but will develop you as a leader in the industry.

We’ve worked with many CEOs and Directors to include these Inbound strategies into their marketing and sales efforts. Don’t hesitate to book your complimentary strategy session to get free advice on how to stand out in the Learning Management System (LMS) market!

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