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7 Tactics to Increase Your Remote Patient Monitoring Market Share

Buyers today are savvier than they once were. It’s not as effective to invite them to trade shows with the same old messaging through traditional marketing methods. Your prospects spend their time researching information and options online instead of relying on public advertisements or generic sales pitches. This is true for even ideal customers in the medical and health systems field. It’s critical to adapt to the new ways stakeholders make purchase decisions these days, to successfully increase remote patient monitoring market share.

A Hubspot study found that 92.7% of business who use Inbound strategies produced considerably more leads compared to those that adhere to the typical marketing and sales procedures.

Knowing this, it’s clear that the most effective method to gain the attention of today’s buyers is by providing them with useful content that is beneficial to them.

This marketing and sales strategy, known as Inbound Methodology, will ultimately cause even more sales and will enhance your remote patient monitoring market share in the remote monitoring and family care management sector.

Try out these tips to enhance your remote patient monitoring market share making use of the Inbound Methodology:

Identify your perfect buyers

Boosting your remote patient monitoring market share doesn’t mean you need to try to sell to everyone. You should focus on finding individuals who are more likely to be interested in your remote monitoring and family care management services. For this, you can build Buyer Personas. Buyer Personas are imaginary personalities that represent your ideal clients. You can work with your marketing and sales teams to build them.

  1. Start by identifying which markets you can serve
  2. Pick one to focus your efforts on that is going to produce the best return
  3. Come up with the ideal attributes for companies in this market
  4. Identify the best people in these companies, including decision-makers and influencers and break down:
    1. What are their job roles?
    2. What are their goals and challenges?
    3. What would stop them from buying?
    4. What would prompt them to buy?
    5. How do they make their buying decisions?
    6. Where do they get their information?

5. Name these personas so your team can easily describe them (“Hospital

Administrator Aidan,” “‘Private Practitioner Peter,” etc.).

By connecting your marketing and sales content to these personas and their needs you will be able to create more qualified leads and increase your sales (and revenue!).

Make content optimized for different devices

The Mobile Marketing Association found that smartphones play an essential role in every phase of the buyer’s journey, making information available at the tap of a button. You won’t which devices your customers are using, so make sure your content is maximized to offer your leads an enjoyable customer experience on every device. The dimensions of your CTA buttons and content fonts and sizes, along with your site’s format are all things you need to consider when optimizing for different devices. Your emails should also be optimized for desktop and mobile.

Usage social media marketing campaigns

Social media advertising and marketing is an effective and affordable method of growing your fans and followers quickly. With a budget of just a few bucks each day, you could reach hundreds of targeted leads through networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. To take full advantage, keep your social media advertisements informative, as many viewers won’t take the time to click to get more information. Don’t use confusing jargon and be clear about what your service actually does in the remote monitoring and family care management market. Consider using emojis, GIFs, or brief video clips to engage your target market. Split test these posts to see which ads are working and which are not.

Nurture your leads with individualized emails

Mass emails can be annoying, but they can be effective if done right. They can help you nurture leads and turn them into customers. Give your clients important information that allows you to engage with them and build trust. Up your click-through rates by customizing the subject lines with your prospect’s name and keywords that will grab their attention. Don’t use these emails to advertise your services or products, as they might turn off your prospects. Give them relevant content that will equip your target market with the info they need to make a buying decision.

Take advantage of case studies

Prior to purchasing choice, many potential customers will want some evidence that your remote monitoring and family care management services or product will satisfy their demands. You could use case studies to give stories and testimonials of existing clients that benefited from your services. Ensure the consumers showcased in your case studies are lined up to your buyer personas. This will help your leads relate to the stories. Case studies should talk through your customer’s needs and how you can meet them. Use real stats to reveal how this can be achieved. As an example, you might state that Private Practitioner Peter had 50% more visits to his company within the first six months after he integrated your remote monitoring and family care management service into his process. Repurpose your case studies with infographics, YouTube videos, or podcasts to meet the needs of different kinds of learners.

Enhance your calls-to-action

A call-to-action (CTA) is a visual or text that is used to entice visitors to your site to take action. They can be messages like “Try our system today” or “Click now” to produce a feeling of urgency that will get them to act right away. Make sure CTAs tell leads exactly what you want them to do. To attract the visitor’s eye to the CTA, use colors that contrast with the website’s color scheme. Having a picture of an individual checking out the CTA could help attract the visitor’s interest. A properly designed CTA could substantially increase your conversion rates.

Use video content

Lots of people favor viewing a video over reading a long write-up. Video marketing could help engage a substantial section of your target market better than a blog, report, whitepaper, or ebook. Make sure to keep these videos informative, and not sales-based. Talk about how your company started, how services were created, and why the staff likes to work there. This will help build a relationship with your prospects and will aid in developing trust. Remember to use CTAs like “Follow/like our page” or “Leave us a comment.”

The last word

Boosting your remote patient monitoring market share could be difficult because it’s not always easy to recognize which areas of the business need work. That being said, we can confidently say that tweaking your marketing and sales procedures to match the minds of modern buyers will prove beneficial.

We’ve aided countless CEOs and Directors include Inbound marketing and sales right into their remote monitoring and family care management organizations. Don’t hesitate to schedule your cost-free strategy session to get help reviewing your current procedures and learn how to enhance your remote patient monitoring market share!

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