Avoiding “Death By Demo” in Remote Care Monitoring Software Sales

Every remote care monitoring software sales pro knows that product demonstrations are a crucial component in closing the deal. A great discussion about your services or products is an effective way to build the interest of your leads. Nevertheless, many B2B product demos are boring and won’t create any excitement from a prospective buyer. They are also not presented at the right time; often buyer’s don’t know what their needs are yet. So, these demos often end up killing any opportunity to develop a partnership and make any remote care monitoring software sales rapport. This can send your leads running toward your competitors.

Think of you and a new prospect like you are out on a date. On your first date, you probably aren’t going to spend the whole time talking yourself up, but rather will spend time learning about the other person, their interests, and building an understanding. After all, no one wants to get married on the first date. It takes mindful listening, authentic interest, and a practical technique to get your prospect to build initial interest. Your demo should be just like that first date, to make sure you get to a second date, to build the trust you need and get closer to the sale.

Here are some suggestions that will help you stay clear of “death by demo” in your remote care monitoring software sales:

Getting potential customers to the demonstration

Understand your Buyer Persona

We’ve covered the fact that people aren’t ready to get married after their first day. They also aren’t ready to view a demonstration right after they have requested one on your website or call-to-action. You could go on forever about your remote monitoring and family care management options, but if they don’t really understand what you are talking about or what they need, closing the deal will be next to impossible. For that reason, it’s a good idea to start laying out and building your Buyer Personas (imaginary personality that matches your optimal customer). This will help both your marketing team’s goals and will help you better plan for effective outreach for your demos. For example, your Buyer Personas might be “Clinician Christine,” “Physician Phineas,” or “Administrator Adam,” with a corresponding list of objectives, difficulties, and features of each. Then, you could match your remote care monitoring software sales demo and your future conversations to meet each persona’s needs. If you do this, they will see that you are offering a service that fits their specific need, and not just a one-size-fits-all fix.

Presenting the demonstration

Make it brief

Once you identify how your products and services will meet the needs of your prospects, take a moment. If you talk and talk without any breaks, your prospect will get bored and disinterested. Keep the presentation short, and focus on what’s most important. Also, don’t get too tied up in the demonstration and start ignoring the leads in front of you. Look at their faces and body language to see if they have any comments or concerns. When they want to talk, stop the demo and let them speak.

Keep it animated

B2B sales demonstrations aren’t known for being the most exciting things to watch. If you want to keep your prospects engaged, you need to add in some enthusiasm and excitement. Vary the tone of your voice; no one likes a monotone speaker. Use fun facial expressions and gestures to convey to your prospects that you are happy to be there and excited to meet their needs. The Founder and CEO of Lurn and VSS Mind, Anik Singal, is a good example of a person that makes a B2B demonstration vibrant and appealing.

Add in some case studies and stories

Don’t just use the whole time to talk about the features and benefits of the products and services. Add in some case studies and anecdotes to demonstrate how other businesses and individuals have used, and benefited from, the service. You could discuss just how your remote monitoring and family care management service or product assisted “X Hospital” in reducing the typical waiting time by Y%. If you do this, it will give your prospects a better perspective of the product or service, and why it would be good for them. Marketo has great case studies that show prospects how they should choose marketing automation software.

Don’t use unnecessary comparisons

Often times, salespeople use demonstrations as an opportunity to compare themselves to their competitors and talk about how they are so much better. You can do this little, but with discretion. If it’s apparent that the prospect is thinking about the competition, find an appropriate time and way to highlight your strengths and their weaknesses. But be aware: if you bring up a competitor that your prospect wasn’t even thinking of, you might just be giving them another company to consider. Ask exploratory questions to avoid this and to figure out where your prospect is on the buyer’s journey and what they are thinking about.

Practice makes perfect

It’s a good idea to practice the presentation at least two times before the real thing. If you are more at ease with the content and demo, your nerves will be more relaxed and you’ll be more confident. Go over your products a few times to help you find any errors and fix them before the real presentation. You could find a coworker to test present to who can provide you with feedback. Don’t forget to test out any tools or electronics that you will be using during the presentation to make sure they work!

Be on time

No matter what, be on time and get started on time. If you start or finish late, you could upset the prospect and hinder your chances of closing the sale. If starting late is out of your control, ask for forgiveness and let them know what happened. In the event your presentation goes over, ask the prospect if they are available for a few more minutes. Remember that your leads are just as busy as you are, so put their scheduling needs first.

Finish with a call-to-action

Your presentation must end with a call-to-action (CTA). The CTA can be asking for business, arranging a telephone call, or asking to talk to other decision makers within the business. This will guarantee that the discussion proceeds after the presentation. It will also give you more time to take care of any questions or concerns, which will improve your chances of a sale. Corevist, a top SAP B2B ecommerce solutions supplier, has a brief item demonstration that finishes with a CTA to set up a tailored demonstration.

After the demonstration

Continue to give prospects quality content

If a prospect isn’t ready to make a decision, or doesn’t show up for the meeting, continue to offer them content to help them keep considering until the moment is right. By using your specified Buyer Personas, you could collaborate with your marketing group to produce content customized to their needs This content could be informative articles, infographics, how-to-videos, or various other types that you think good for the situation. You could also continue to send content on a regular basis to your leads in Lead Nurturing Emails. Doing so will help your leads inform themselves and will reinforce their trust in your brand (thought leadership). Gradually, the content could increase awareness of your prospect’s issues and how you could help them, to make sure they remain interested.

The final word

As important as a good presentation is, it will only be as effective as the offer (and the perceived offer) to your clients. In order for this offer to work, the content that you give and the presentations you provide should fall directly in line with your prospect’s goals and needs. Your remote care monitoring software sales process needs to be customer-centric, where your objective is not to sell an additional product or service, but to help your prospects overcome their obstacles. This type of sales process is called the Inbound Sales Methodology.

It could be really tough to do all of this alone. Responsify work’s with remote monitoring and family care management sales and business development pros to offer strategy, support, and aid in applying these tasks. By collaborating, we help marketing and salespeople purposefully bring in brand-new website visitors and convert them to qualified leads and pleased clients.

We’ve helped several gifted salesmen integrate Inbound into their sales process and close even more sales. Don’t hesitate to book your cost-free strategy session to help you examine your assets and find insight into how to close even more remote care monitoring software sales!

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