Tips to Keep in Contact with Remote Care Monitoring Sales Prospects

You’ve probably heard the phrase “the truth hurts.” Well here is some truth that surely frustrates every venture B2B sales rep: remote care monitoring sales prospects will not make a buying decision after only one communication. You need to keep in touch with them from time to time before they will convert into customers. This is just like dating. No one is going to get married after one date. You have to court them a little. So how do you do that? There are many ways to maintain communication and guide remote care monitoring sales prospects through the sales process.

Below are some remote care monitoring sales prospects pointers for staying in touch with your leads:

Learn more about your potential customer

It’s hard to sell your remote monitoring and family care management service or products if you don’t have a clear understanding of your potential customer. For this, you should spend some time building Buyer Personas. time to specify regarding your Buyer Personas. What is this person’s role in their company? What are their goals, obstacles, and responsibilities? Conduct some research on their company. How many years have they been in business? Where are they located? What are their values? How big is their staff? You can easily find most of this information on the company’s website or their LinkedIn page.

Produce and share useful content

Creating and sharing informative content is one of the most effective ways to keep your potential customers engaged. Work with your marketing team to generate consistent engaging content to help individuals who fit your Buyer Personas to find you and convert into leads. On top of that, it will place your remote monitoring and family care management business as an authority and build trust from members of your audience. There many kinds of content your company can craft, including blog posts, webinars, market reports, case studies, e-books, and white papers.

Know which communication type is appropriate

As a sales representative, you need to determine whether you should first connect with a new prospect via phone or email. Both strategies have their pros and cons. E Consultancy says that 66% of marketing experts claim email provides superior ROI. Because an email is visual, it provides your possible customer time to think over your offers. They may also choose to bookmark it or save it for future consideration. An email could also be sent to other choice makers within the company. A negative aspect of sending out emails, though, is that inboxes are being swamped with countless emails daily. If the recipient does not know your name, your email may wind up being deleted or marked as spam.

A phone call lets you get to the prospect quicker, introduce yourself, and include some individuality to your message. However, there is the chance that your phone call will not be answered or the prospect is busy.

Because of all this, there is no best way to initially engage. You could try going back and forth between emails and phone calls to see what works best for your target audience.

Find out the prospect’s interests and hobbies

A great way to connect with your potential customers is to discuss their interests, pastimes, jobs, and responsibilities. You can find out more about your prospect’s interests by checking out their social media accounts. For example, if you are both followers of “Designated Survivor,” you can bring up the show at some point during your discussion. You can also talk about their work history. Ask questions like, “How has it been transitioning from Finance to Administration?” Talking about your prospective customer’s passions throughout your conversations will make it easier to build a relationship and, ultimately, make a sale.

Don’t be so formal

As you build more of a rapport with your prospects, make your conversations less formal. This will make it easier to create a connection with your possible clients. However, don’t be too casual, as you still want them to take you seriously. Make sure to use appropriate capitalization, punctuation, and spelling at all times during written communications. Here are some examples:

Too official: “Hello Percy. I’ve noticed your interest in our remote monitoring and family care management CRM software program. I thought you might want to review this report.”

Too casual: “Yo Percy. Look at this dope report on remote monitoring and family care management CRM software applications.”

Well-balanced: “Hey Percy, hope you are doing well! Have a look at this incredible report on remote monitoring and family care management CRM software applications.”

A great publication that covers this subject is called Getting Naked by Pat Lencioni. The author presents a cutting-edge method to customer service that creates uncommon levels of trust and loyalty. Pat encourages companies to be completely clear and vulnerable with their remote care monitoring sales prospects in order to get past the three obstacles that usually screw up customer allegiance. Written for internal and external professionals, consultants, or anyone working with customers, Getting Naked offers effective, workable tools to help get over the hurdles and produce genuine, long-term results.

Be outgoing on voicemail

A Bizness Apps study found that 80% of telephone calls will lead to voicemail. If you call your remote care monitoring sales prospects and they don’t answer, you might be tempted to hang up and go to your next call. This is a mistake. Voicemails can be a critical part of the sales process. Introduce yourself and let the prospect know you are following-up on a previous call or email. Then, you could let them know you’ll be sending them an email with valuable information that they will enjoy. Since they then know your name, they will be more likely to open the email.

Nurture them with email

If your remote care monitoring sales prospects don’t make a purchase right away, continue to connect with them via email, phone, and social media at least one or two times a week. Make sure your emails contain content that is relevant to the prospect’s needs. You can include white papers, case studies, reports, and articles that your remote care monitoring sales prospects might find useful. Let them know you are happy to make time for further conversation.

The Final Word

All the lead nurturing pointers detailed are part of a bigger marketing and sales strategy included in the Inbound Methodology. Your remote monitoring and family care management business can incorporate Inbound right into your existing sales and marketing campaigns to produce even more leads, qualify them, and close sales more quickly.

But, doing this alone could be difficult. At Responsify, we work with remote monitoring and family care management specialists to offer strategy, support, and assistance in executing these tasks. By collaborating, we help them tactically bring in brand-new web customers and convert them into qualified leads and happy customers.

If you want to stay better connected to prospects and speed up the sales process, don’t hesitate to book a complimentary strategy session. In the session, we can help you evaluate your current strategies and provide insight into creating customized methods to take you to the next level.

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