Remote Care Monitoring Lead Gen: 7 Tips to Attract New Website Visitors

Attracting visitors to your remote monitoring and family care management company website is the first step to transforming them into clients. But, this isn’t always a simple task.This is part of remote care monitoring lead gen.

With countless competing sites out there, drawing in your ideal web traffic takes some work, and a little bit of finesse. Although it takes some time and effort to maintain your website, it’s critical to entice new customers.

If you want to draw in new site visitors, and boost website traffic, follow these tips:

Produce content for remote care monitoring lead gen

Though it takes some time, remote care monitoring lead gen content development is one of the most effective ways to draw in traffic to your remote monitoring and family care management website. Research by the Content Marketing Institute revealed that 80% of buyers prefer to get their information via instructional content instead of ads. Routine upgrades to your website to include new content will improve your online presence, making it easier for brand-new doctors and health systems to locate you.

If you are producing relevant, high-quality content, your site will be considered a reliable resource. Use infographics, video clips, case studies, and reports to vary the content types for readers. Positioning your company as a thought leader in this way will attract a larger audience and new clients.

Use keywords so prospects can find you on Google

Integrate top market and industry key phrases into your content to increase its visibility online. Enhancing your content with pertinent key phrases makes it easier for individuals to locate your site. SEMrush, SERPS, Moz, and, Google Keyword Planner are several tools to assist in finding high-performing and top-searched keywords for your content. It’s recommended to choose long-tail phrases as well as words that are not used as frequently. For example, instead of using a phrase like “person engagement,” add extra descriptor keywords, like “the best way to engage clients.”

Automate your emails

Building relationships with new customers is more than just constantly blasting them with emails about your company. Make these communications more purposeful by sharing content and information that is relevant and helpful to them. To collect email addresses, produce a signup option on your website, blog, and social media accounts (and make sure to include a note that their emails will not be sold or used for any other purpose). As you build your email list, send high-quality e-newsletters to update your customers on new events and developments. Include a clear call to action in each email to further engage clients and to bring them back to your site.

There are many email marketing tools out there that will help you enhance your email and newsletter designs, and streamline the process. Check out AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, and MailJet to see which best fits your needs. A service that incorporates an effective CRM system, like Hubspot, will help you maintain your accumulated emails and contact information, and will allow you to establish triggering schedules to send out the most relevant, customer-focused content.

Optimize your page for all devices

A research study revealed that 52% of smart device individuals gather health-related info using their mobile phones. This means that your website should be built to function and flow on all devices, not just desktop computers. Google favors mobile-optimized websites, and therefore more traffic will happen as a result.

Make use of social media

Whether your audience remains entirely doctors and health systems, or eventually expands, social media is an essential tool for communicating potential clients and driving more traffic to your site. For B2C remote monitoring and family care management companies, The Spark Report found that 41% of individuals state that social media affects their opinion of a clinical center, healthcare facility, or physician. On the B2B side of remote monitoring and family care management, Roper Public Affairs reported that “80% of B2B decision-makers choose to obtain information from a collection of write-ups over advertisements.” Social media provides a great avenue to share initial interactions and information for customers.

Be sure to have a business account on all the big social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Make sure to engage with your audiences on these sites, and update content regularly. Share pictures, video clips, and informational posts to promote conversation and drive people back to your site. Comment, retweet, and share your audiences’ messages, and reply in a timely manner to make your audience feel heard and appreciated.

Use quality backlinks

Using a variety of links to direct back to and connect your site will help your position on Google. The more backlinks you have from reputable sites, the higher ranking you will receive. An effective method for backlinks structure is to add visitor messages to various other websites in your markets. You can also ask for other websites to mention you in their content and connect t your site. Blogs and internet publications are also great places for backlinks.

Use client testimonials

Before choosing a remote monitoring and family care management solution, many B2B buyers will look to company reviews. Without testimonials of your service, potential customers are likely to look elsewhere. Among the very best methods of drawing in website traffic to your site is by obtaining favorable testimonials on reliable internet sites such as Google+, Yelp, YellowBot, and ezlocal. Add opportunities on your website where leads can view reviews. You can also ask your email clients to click a link to leave a testimonial. Ensure the testimonial process is as straightforward and brief as possible.

The final word

Successfully drawing in brand-new site visitors to your remote monitoring and family care management website is easier said than done. The tips above are part of a much bigger approach called Inbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing emphasizes the value of having quality content for your website visitors. Use this approach in conjunction with your other marketing techniques as a component of your “marketing mix.” Remember that quality content can be the missing component to identifying and closing qualified leads.

Such an important part of your business should not be left to chance or left to fall through the cracks. Responsify partners with remote monitoring and family care management marketing professionals to offer strategy, support, and assistance in carrying out these tasks. With Responsify, you’ll be able to attract more site visitors, convert them to leads, and increase your pool of happy clients.

We’ve helped numerous marketing pros take their initiatives to the next level with inbound marketing strategies. Contact us for a cost-free strategy session to identify your needs and develop a plan to make your marketing a success.

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