Identify Who’s Visiting Your Remote Care Monitoring Inbound Website

Have you ever wondered who is visiting your remote care monitoring inbound and family care management firm website? If you could better define your audience, you could evaluate whether or not they were a potential customer. By doing this, your sales team could engage them to increase sales and profits. If you don’t know who your audience is, you are not alone. Many remote monitoring and family care management marketing professionals aren’t aware of who is visiting their website.

While services like Google Analytics can tell you how many visitors are seeing your remote care monitoring inbound and family care management website, it cannot tell you their specific identity or their IP address. Google does this to safeguard the personal privacy of their site visitors, but it doesn’t help marketing experts using the tool. Luckily, there are many other tools you could use to find out more about your site visitors, including how they found your site, how often they view it, and which pages they are viewing.

In addition to these tools, you can use tactical strategies to assist your site visitors in disclosing themselves and providing their information on your site (we’re talking about more than contact forms and “get demo” buttons here).

Your target audience could be anyone from C-Level Executives or Directors in medicine and health systems. No matter what, having the ability to monitor their activity as they start out in the sales cycle will help you produce far better leads and close more sales.

Below are several methods and tools to use to evaluate who is visiting your remote care monitoring inbound and family care management website:

The Techniques

First, ask yourself these four questions:

  1. What is the viewership, popularity, and reach of our remote care monitoring inbound and family care management business’s website?
  2. How entertaining is the site?
  3. How much content is produced to attract new visitors?
  4. Are there any incentives for visitors to take further action?

You need to understand who is interested in your business and product, and what you can offer to these people. By creating quality content to appeal to top site visitors as well as encouraging them to introduce themselves by clicking a Call-to-Action to download or sign-up for premium content (like e-books, reports, how-to guides, calculators, etc), you are establishing a process to collect their information and their level of interest in your company.

This method is called Inbound Marketing. Before you sign up for tools and programs to help you with this, you need to develop an Inbound Strategy, and then follow it up with engaging content that will convert site visitors into leads. Prior to you make use of devices in order to help you, you need the ideal Inbound Strategy, adhered to by content to engage your website site visitors, so you could convert them right into qualified leads.

The best content, with the appropriate SEO, combined with effective tools, offers you the capability to determine even more of your the new visitors to your site and qualify them for your salespeople.

Now, for the remote care monitoring inbound tools…

The Tools


One of the most effective and robust tools out there for marketing professionals is Hubspot. Hubspot marketing Free is a fantastic service that will help you learn more about your leads even before they fill anything out on your site. Hubspot’s Prospects Tool enables online marketers to see the IP and actions of anonymous site visitors. It immediately notifies you when visitors share their email addresses, so you can quickly understand who they are, where they originated, what pages they are looking at, and where they work. With this important information, you can more easily follow-up. You will also better understand which pages and content on your site produce the most traffic, and focus your attention on them. If the lead comes back, you will then be able to track them right where they left off. Because of this, you will always be attuned to the visitor’s interests. Awesome, right?


Kickfire uses exclusive recognition technology to recognize businesses that are viewing your website. It gives you important details about the company, which enables you to connect with leads very early in the purchasing cycle. Kickfire allows you to keep track of site visitors by their username, email address, earnings, market, and other identifiers. It also uses a lead tracking and scoring system that allows you to identify the top leads.


Leadfeeder is an app that helps you monitor your leads’ activity on your site. Use it with effective CRMs like Zoho, Salesforce, and Pipedrive. When you set it up, Leadfeeder will link information to your CRM describing your leads’ activity. You can connect Leadfeeder with Google Analytics to identify information about your site visitors. Leadfeeder’s automatic reporting is one of its best features. Your leads’ information is immediately sent to your email and the CRM. This way, you will always have the information you need, when you need it. It is also a leading scoring tool to help you qualify leads.

IP monitoring tools

Anytime a prospect visits your site, their IP address if captured on your internet server. The IP address can offer great detail about the user. For example, you can use IP2Location to learn the visitor’s location. You can use IP Checking and Who Is to execute a ‘whois’ search to see who has the IP address. If your site gets various site visitors from the exact same firm, each click-through will certainly be tracked individually by time as well as date.

These IP lookup options are not a sure-thing, however. Your site visitors could hide their identity using common internet programs. On the plus side, lots of CRMs allow you to filter your results.

Now that you know who your site visitors are, be sure to start engaging them…

The Follow-up

As soon as you have identified your site visitors, you need to engage them with quality content, connect with them, and follow-up to learn their exact needs. You can also offer them additional resources, or send out a Lead Nurturing Email. Here is a sample message your salespeople can use when connecting to a potential prospect:

“Hello [Name],

I see that you downloaded and installed [Offer Title]

Was it helpful for you?

I thought you’d also find this article interesting:

[Title of a Helpful and Related Blog Post]

I’m happy to spend some time sharing any other insights and resources that might be helpful.

Would you a quick call on [Relevant Topic] be helpful to you?”

Many leads will be pleasantly surprised that you noticed they visited the site and took the time to reach out. They will often be receptive to talking more


Both significant takeaways from this article start with the letter “T”. Executing the very best Technique like Inbound Marketing to new visitors the motivation to discover your site when looking online, coupled with leveraging the most effective Tools for converting and tracking leads (Hubspot), will certainly help you identify top prospects and earn more leads.

This is a process, though, and can be hard to do alone. Responsify works with remote care monitoring inbound and family care management marketing professionals to offer strategy, support, and aid in applying these tasks. By collaborating, we help online marketers strategically bring in new site visitors, convert them to qualified leads, and turn them into happy customers.

We’ve helped many marketing pros include the Inbound Marketing Methodology right into their existing marketing mix.

If you want to learn more about how your remote monitoring and family care management business can identify even more site visitors to produce qualified leads, do not hesitate to call now for a complimentary strategy session. We would be happy to take some time to assess your current strategies and tactics and offer insights and ideas into how to ramp up your efforts.

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