5 Steps to Lower Remote Care Monitoring Customers Acquisition Costs

When you’re trying to get new customers for your remote monitoring and family care management firm, the old adage is true: you have to spend money to make money. You have to invest in branding and name recognition, along with marketing, before you will start seeing any returns. When you are using traditional marketing methods, like print, advertisements, and trade shows, this can be a hefty investment. But the bright side is that you could save on remote care monitoring customers acquisition costs using Inbound Marketing strategies. A study by Weidert found that Inbound Marketing will cost you 61% less than standard marketing.

Try out these remote care monitoring customers acquisition tips to start Inbound at your firm and decrease your decrease your acquisition costs:

Identify your key target market

First, in order to decrease your remote care monitoring customers acquisition costs, you need to identify who you are selling to. This will help you target your ideal prospects and will stop you from focusing on customers who aren’t interested. Buyer Personas are imaginary personalities represent excellent clients that you wish to target. As an example, you can have “Clinician Calvin” or “Director Daniel.” Exactly what are their obligations in the company? What are their objectives? What are their primary obstacles? A complete understanding of your ideal buyers will help you build a stronger strategy to attract them.

Develop your marketing goals

From the start, you have to decide what you are trying to accomplish with your marketing. As an example, if you determine that your goal is producing more qualified leads, all your initiatives need to be guided by marketing to a target market, also known as your buyer personas. Ensure your objectives are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound). As an example, creating 500 leads every quarter is a more specific target than just saying you want to find “more” leads. It’s a good idea to start small and build your targets and goals as you progress.

Plan content development

Producing informational content that your buyers will benefit from is the core of Inbound marketing. When you’ve developed clear marketing objectives, you could begin laying out a terrific content strategy. The content you produce needs to be full of educational info to help bring new visitors to your site and engage existing leads. This will raise your brand name recognition for both your new customers and older leads. Be sure not to go on and on about your business, though. Even though your remote monitoring and family care management service or product is great, you first need to develop trust with your target market by giving them solutions to their problems. This is not the time to sell.

Content can be anything from blogs, social media posts, case studies, e-books, webinars, video clips, and whitepapers. Creating guest blogs for other sites that are respected within the remote monitoring and family care management industry is also an effective strategy for getting to a bigger target market. Making it less complicated for potential customers to locate your content through the online search engines, make certain to perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Do some research to find out which prominent, long-tail keyword phrases are used when your prospects are searching online. Put these phrases into your URLs, headers, content, meta summaries, and photo captions. This will help you boost your search engine ranking and increase your visibility.

Nurture your leads through marketing automation

Your leads are not usually ready to buy right after you have your first discussion. They often will need more time to talk to others, ask questions, and research all their options. Efficient Email Lead Nurturing will help you maintain relationships with your leads before they are ready to make a buying choice. Marketing automation is one of the best ways to do this. You could utilize CRM software application such as Marketo or HubSpot to automate your email circulation and social media posts to the ideal target market at proper times. Marketing automation permits you to collect emails from your target market and send them valuable info on a regular basis. This will help your leads be more familiar with your brand name and boost the opportunities of you making a sale.

Evaluate your work

Take time to evaluate how Inbound marketing is working for your remote monitoring and family care management business. A good assessment will show you which strategies are working and which need adjustments. There are a lot of tools out there to help you with this. For example, BuzzSumo will tell you the number of times your content was shared across social media. Google Analytics will track metrics such as the number of site visitors and jump rates. Moz and also Hubspot will help with your SEO development. From what you observe you can tailor your Inbound marketing strategies to flawlessly fit your remote monitoring and family care management firm.

The final word

As the person who runs the ship, you may not have noticed that traditional marketing causes high remote care monitoring customers acquisition rates. These marketing strategies drain cash flow and take power away from your marketing team. With Inbound Methodology, you could bring in the appropriate individuals to your firm and also nurture them until they convert to your very own clients.

We’ve worked with several Presidents, CEOs, and Directors to execute Inbound strategies with their marketing and sales groups. Don’t hesitate to set up a free strategy session to help you assess your current setup and find ways to reduce your remote care monitoring customers acquisition costs!

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