8 Ways to Engage New Remote Care Monitoring Customers

Connecting with new remote care monitoring customers is no easy job, to state the least. These high-powered execs, supervisors, and manager are busier than ever before. This makes marketing a remote monitoring and family care management business particularly challenging. Nowadays, along with their growing job responsibilities, potential customers are flooded with emails, ads, and calls that interrupt their day. This makes even more important to engage your potential remote care monitoring customers when they have free time instead of sending them messages and communications arbitrarily.

A new kind of marketing called Inbound Marketing defines a methodology, not just a series of tips and tricks, to help guide leads through the process of recognizing they have a problem (awareness stage), to considering a solution (consideration stage), and then finally to making a decision about what to do (decision stage).

Here are some ways to connect with new remote care monitoring customers:

1. Offer Informative and Entertaining Blog Content

Remember this: “Content is king.” Roper Public Affairs found that 80% of B2B decision-makers prefer to get information from articles and over ads. According to HubSpot, companies that blog regularly attract 4.5x more leads compared to those that do not. Engage potential remote care monitoring customers by using consistent content that is relevant to their needs and interests. Remember to avoid talking too much about your company’s benefits and features, and don’t make the content an advertisement. This will make readers think you are just interested in the sale. Among the most effective methods of obtaining leads is by offering research studies and solutions to their needs and problems. You could also encourage clients to write guest blogs and success stories for your site. This will boost the opportunity for your content to be shared. Develop a custom-made Inbound Strategy to make certain the content you create will be beneficial to your potential remote care monitoring customers.

2. Encourage Blog Comments and Social Media Feedback

Offering quality content is only the beginning of this process. You need to get feedback from your target market. Among the most effective ways to do this is by asking for comments and feedback at the end of your article and on social media posts. When individuals leave comments, thank them and further engage with them when appropriate. This will help develop your position as a reliable source and will keep clients returning. Every once in a while, you might get spam comments that are not associated with your article. In such instances, you should take time to weed them out so all your remarks relate to the subject of your message.

3. Host Google Hangouts or Webinars

People love visually-engaging content, so it’s beneficial to use effective tools like Google Hangout or Webinars to connect with your consumers in real time. They help you engage with your clients using voice and/or video. Visual components like graphics, slides, and live video clips make it easy to share your content with your consumers. At the end of the Google Hangout or webinar session, be sure to include a Q&A session to address any additional questions or concerns. This creates a more powerful partnership with your consumers than just creating a post, since it’s a two-way discussion.

4. Develop a Group or Community for your Remote Care Monitoring Customers

One of the best ways to involve brand-new consumers is with unique Online Communities and Forums. Your remote care monitoring customers could receive access to your members-only group. These groups give participants the chance to connect with other members and talk about topics relating to remote monitoring and family care management. Use discussion forums to share helpful content that is not available to the general public. You can also offer special prices and also sales to the participants. Being part of such an elite and selective group will make customers feel special and increase the possibilities of a repeat sale.

5. Collaborate with Existing Customers

If you want to introduce a brand-new remote monitoring and family care management item or service, boost your website, or compose an eBook, ask your clients for suggestions. Depending on the scenario, getting clients involved with important company decisions is a great way to cultivate loyalty. At the end of the process, they will feel honored that they took part. You could hold an idea competition for your clients and offer awards to those whose suggestions win and will be used in your content. Awards can be giveaways, special prices, or a mention on your site.

6. Celebrate Together!

Commemorating big moments with your consumers is a great way to build strong connections. These moments could be anything from winning a much-coveted honor to achieving a goal number of YouTube customers. Sharing such milestones with your email list, community members, or social media fans will make them feel like they are a part of your success. You could also thank them by using unique discount rates. It’s also a smart idea to acknowledge the successes of your clients, and showcase them when you can.

7. Screen Social Media

Social Media is among the most effective areas to engage in discussions connected to your industry. Take a look at the topics that are getting the most comments, likes, and shares. This will provide you with a good idea of what your audience likes to see and what to use in your upcoming content. You can also participate in the discussions by liking, sharing, and commenting back. This will place you as an authority and will boost your trustworthiness with consumers.

8. Create a List of Leads and Nurture Them

Email Marketing is just one strategy for nurturing B2B customer partnerships. HubSpot found that 86% of individuals in business like to use of email for interaction. Sending out value-packed Lead Nurturing Emails will not only engage them but will keep your brand name on their minds. Use these emails to update them on the current industry news and important topics by sharing content from your blog. This will help you nurture them along the Buyer’s Journey. A once-a-week e-newsletter would be a great way to keep them involved.

The Final Word

Engaging brand-new prospects is key to boosting your brand name recognition and creating even more qualified leads, helping your sales group to convert them into clients. Making use of the ideas provided above to engage with possible leads can be built out with a well-crafted Inbound Marketing Strategy.

It could be extremely tough to do all this alone. We at Responsify work with remote monitoring and family care management online marketers to offer strategy, support, and assistance in executing these tasks. By collaborating, we help online marketers purposefully draw in brand-new website site visitors, convert them to qualified leads, and transform them into delighted consumers.

We’ve helped several marketing pros develop and implement customer engagement strategies. Don’t hesitate to ask for a complimentary strategy session to assess your current plan and get free advice on how to enhance and make it even better.

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