Creating New Opportunities to Generate Remote Care Management Leads

Finding new remote care management leads opportunities is a big goal for any single remote monitoring and family care management firm. But you can’t keep relying on old tricks. Gettings lists, cold calling, and offering generic pitches just don’t work as well as they use to.

Now, with the increase in mobile technology and online search accessibility, potential customers hold the key to the sales process. They want to start the research process by themselves, and this normally starts with a Google search. According to Roper Public Affairs, 80% of B2B decision-makers like to obtain information from a collection of short articles rather than advertisements.

This is all part of a new customer acquisition technique called Inbound Sales, which includes drawing in potential customers using customized content to you can up your chances of generating new remote care management leads.

Here are some great ways to develop new remote care management leads possibilities for remote monitoring and family care management firms:

Develop educational content for optimal buyers

Potential buyers are constantly seeking out information online that will help them fix their issues or answer their questions. To meet these needs, you could start a blog to share useful content with your target market. A Hubspot research study found that B2B firms that posted on their blog sites greater than 11 times every month had nearly three times more natural web traffic compared to those blogging only once a month. To improve your search engine position, make sure your blogs contain appropriate keywords in the URL, title, body, and picture captions. To increase your audience size, share your content on social channels. Make sure to target people who fit your buyer persona. When your blog posts are shared on social media, they will get to more potential customers and your sales possibilities will increase.

Use engaging deals

The question site visitors ask most often when they get to your page? “What’s in it for me?” You need to make sure your offer is engaging enough to entice these new site visitors to give you their contact information. It’s a good idea to have an offer for each phase of the Buyer’s Journey. A person at the “Awareness phase” might benefit from an e-book or report that gives standard information concerning a particular topic. In the “Consideration phase,” whitepapers, webinars, and case studies would help your potential customers specify a service for their troubles. Free trials, demonstrations, and price charts are great for the “Decision phase,” when your leads are ready to make a buying decision.

Enhance your calls-to-action (CTA)

A call-to-action (CTA) is a message to motivate action with a clickable button, photo, or link that is created to force site visitors to take the next step. To generate brand-new remote care management leads for your remote monitoring and family care management service, you should enhance the quality of your CTAs. Make certain your calls-to-action show up “above the fold” to ensure visitors see them as soon as they get to your page. Be clear about what your CTA offers and requires. If the offer is a cost-free eBook, say “Download our FREE eBook on remote monitoring and family care management Forecasts 2018,” instead of just saying “Download Now.” The color of your CTA also matters, and should contrast with your site’s color scheme to make sure it stands out. Add a relevant CTA to the bottom of any new blog or content you create. Insightful content like webinars, overviews, reports, and e-books work well for this.

Improve your website’s landing web pages

The landing page is the first page leads see after the click the CTA. Make sure they are sent to the right page to avoid any confusion, and include a heading that refers to the CTA. Keep these pages concise– sometimes just asking for a name and email address is enough. If you ask for too much information, you might turn off your leads. Lay out the advantages of the offer using bullet points, and use pictures of the offer. For instance, if the offer is an eBook, overview. or whitepaper, you can present a screenshot of its cover page. Get rid of all your navigating tabs from the landing page in order to help site visitors concentrate on the offer.

Produce “Thank You” web pages

This is the page that shows up after your leads send their information on the landing page. Besides simply stating “Thank You,” this page could help out in a variety of other ways. Share links to other content on your site to keep these new remote care management leads engaged. Be sure to give them ways to connect to your social media accounts and ask them to follow you.

Nurture your leads with automation

You can’t stop after you collect email addresses. You need to nurture your leads constantly until they convert into customers. There are lots of email automation tools out there to help you do this. Send your clients practical details at least once a week. Do not forget to add links to your other remote monitoring and family care management content. Be sure to keep these emails short and sweet. Use brief paragraphs and bullet points for simple reading. Use eye-catching subject lines to entice your readers to open the email. These subject lines should plainly state exactly how the client needs to take advantage of checking the message. Stay away from boring and generic language, like “Remote monitoring and family care management E-newsletter No. 14” and try to personalize the emails with your customer’s name and exactly what they are looking for.

The final word

Sales tactics need to evolve to keep up with the ever-changing remote monitoring and family care management industry. Potential customers are quick to ignore traditional sales methods, but Inbound sales will help you bring in new site visitors and will help you boost your chances of building more leads.

We’ve helped a lot of managers, founders, and CEOS include an Inbound strategy in their marketing and sales process. Don’t hesitate to schedule your cost-free strategy session in order to review your current systems and get free advice on how to increase building new sales for your remote monitoring and family care management firm!

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