How to Acquire New Remote Care Management Customers and Accounts

Getting brand-new remote care management customers for your remote monitoring and family care management business can be time-consuming and costly. This is especially the case if you are still using traditional strategies for marketing and sales. When you are trying to get as many people interested as possible, you might not even be going after your target market. Thankfully, Inbound Methodology provides a much easier and cheaper way to get new remote care management customers. Instead of trying to attract people that may not have any interest in what you are doing, Inbound helps you attract ideal customers with valuable content. A HubSpot study found that 83.9% of firms enhanced leads within seven months after using the Inbound strategies.

Here are some great ways to get new remote care management customers for your remote monitoring and family care management business using Inbound:

Consistently produce quality content

One of the best ways to get more traffic to your site it to offer informative content. If potential customers find your content helpful, they will want to come back for more. They are also more likely to share it with other people, which will bring even more traffic to your site. Consider these options when creating content:

  • Host a Google+ Hangout to talk about current industry updates
  • Create blog posts to address the needs of your customers
  • Produce an ebook going over the debates happening within the remote monitoring and family care management market
  • Make a demo video to showcase the highlights of your product or service
  • Share video clips
  • Make an FAQ section on your site to help solve common problems/answer questions
  • Release a white paper on the state of the remote monitoring and family care management sector
  • Send out discussions on SlideShare
  • Produce an infographic highlighting the remote monitoring and family care management options your product and services supplies

To improve your presence online, make sure your content is enhanced with key search phrases. Do not forget to advertise your content using social media and email. You could also work with influencers to make sure your content gets to all that have an interest in it.

Sign-up for professional networks

Signing up with a specialist network provides you the possibility to get to qualified leads and make important links. LinkedIn is one of the best channels to connect with other experts in the remote monitoring and family care management sector. There are countless LinkedIn groups for healthcare experts that you might sign up with to share the outstanding content from your website and also position yourself as a leader in the topic Share useful and practical messages and downloadables on a regular basis with other members of the group and join in on conversations. This will help you become an authority in the remote monitoring and family care management market and draw in brand-new remote care management customers.

Create guest blog posts

Guest blogging on other blogs in your market is a great strategy to drive more traffic to your site and produce more leads. It will also give you an opportunity to position yourself as an authority within the industry and will lead to more trust in your company. When you are looking for blogs to guest on, focus on those that have good domain name authority and have high credibility. They should also be sites that have a lot of reader engagement. There are a lot of healthcare technology blog sites available that you could use to share your expertise and attract more leads.

Post reviews

For many buyers, it’s easier to make a decision after they have seen the reviews or testimonials of others. Testimonies by revered health centers or remote monitoring and family care management firms could be useful in drawing in brand-new consumers. When consumers like your product and share about it on Twitter or Facebook, you could embed their review onto your website. You could also ask customers to leave reviews on your LinkedIn account. Use a snippet of an article found in a reputable news outlet, if you have been featured, and link it back to your page. Social media reviews work so well because they can be linked back to the original source. If you allow your customers to be your personal marketers, you will up the opportunity to bring in new remote care management customers.

Answer frequently asked questions

Your potential customers are constantly asking similar inquiries on various online groups, networks, and forums. This could be taking place on Google+ neighborhoods, LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, and more. Sign up with different remote monitoring and family care management teams and take some time each day to offer an answer to the common questions being asked. If individuals find value in your responses, they might be interested to learn more about you and your company. This will drive web traffic to your site and bring in more leads.

Make use of “smarketing”

It’s essential that you engage with your perfect buyers through various internet discussion forums to get brand-new remote care management customers. An additional way to draw in prospects to your business is by working with those who create your site’s content– your marketing and sales teams– to make sure they are collaborating and are on the same page. Connecting these sales and marketing efforts is called “smarketing.” Hold meetings for the two teams and sit in on the discussions. Make sure that both teams are updated each other on their current work so that their work is constantly moving.

Measure your work

Make sure to take the appropriate time to see if your Inbound strategies are working. Track your webinar attendance, blog readership, social media engagement, online analytics, and revenue. It’s helpful to use marketing automation software application that will let you do this all in one system. You will certainly have the ability to keep an eye on your leads, from the moment they first connect with you to when they become a customer.

The bottom line

Drawing in brand-new consumers to your remote monitoring and family care management firm can be a time-consuming job. Integrating Inbound takes a great deal of effort since you need to plan, set out a process, and produce replicable content. Nevertheless, as soon as you have everything set out, we ensure you that it will certainly be worth all the initiative and will help you bring in new customers.

Responsify has collaborated with many CEOs as well as Founders to help them and their staff get started with Inbound Marketing and Sales. Do not hesitate to schedule your free strategy session to help you examine your current process and find ways to bring in brand-new quality customers!

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