6 Patient Engagement Sales Strategies to Engage New Prospects

Every Patient Engagement and Education sales specialist knows the importance of creating long-lasting connections with qualified leads. With long sales cycles being the standard, engagement is the best way to keep leads happy. The more you engage them, the greater the possibilities they will convert into clients. Since the market is growing more competitive, the salespeople who engage the best will get the most sales.

Below are some strategies for engaging your Patient Engagement and Education potential customers to get an edge over the competition

1. Determine your perfect buyers

There are a lot of potential customers out there, sure, but if you try to go after them all, you’ll spread yourself too thin. Recognizing this and better understanding your ideal buyers is the first step to getting more sales. Work with your marketing team to build Buyer Personas, which are imaginary personalities that describe your suitable customer. For example, you can produce personalities like ‘Clinician Carol’, ‘Hospital Administrator Alex,’ also ‘Physician Philip.’ Then, investigate the answers for them for each question:

  • What is their role in the company?
  • What are their objectives?
  • What are the difficulties they face?
  • What encourages them?
  • What is their buying process?
  • Where do they get their information?

Responding to these concerns will help you prepare targeted engagement strategies for each Buyer Persona. Keep in mind to be as specific as possible.

Reality: Current ITSMA research exposed that just 44% of organizations have Buyer Personas. So, exactly what are you waiting on?

2. Take advantage of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great way to engage your potential customers and convert them into clients. Start by producing a LinkedIn summary that reveals the value you can offer clients. Let them know that you understand their obstacles and can provide a service for them. You should also include a call-to-action at the end of the summary. For example, you might ask possible customers to sign up for a free consulting session. You could also engage potential customers on LinkedIn by using the feed to share links to your blog. Ensure the content is informative and shows your expertise in the industry. This will help develop your trust among potential customers. Hootsuite is an example of a B2B business that shares great blog content on their LinkedIn feed. Do not forget to check LinkedIn alerts for unique celebrations. Take some time to praise your leads on their professional developments and important celebrations. Individualize your message with a CTA to keep the discussion going.

3. Individualize your sales emails

Simply sending emails to your leads will not guarantee success. You should enhance your emails to optimize engagement. Individualize emails by using the recipient’s name. According to Experian research, customized emails produce about six times more profits compared to those that aren’t. The subject line of your email should be short and appealing to encourage the recipient opens it. Don’t use boring and common subjects like “Newsletter #13.” The content of your email should not be salesy, but helpful. Remember to include a CTA at the end of the email, like a free ebook or report. Also, make sure your email is optimized for mobile viewing.

4. Conduct webinars

According to Content Marketing Institute, more than 60% of B2B marketing professionals are using webinars as a component of their total strategy. Unlike other kinds of marketing, webinars occur in real time and let you engage with potential customers via audio and video. You can work with your marketing team to inform potential customers on important topics and provide an online demonstration. Having a Q&A session at the end of the program lets you quickly answer any questions, reducing the sales cycle.

5. Nurture Leads with content emails

Along with sending out individualized emails to your potential customers with your own email account (Gmail, Outlook, etc), you can work with your marketing team to repurpose content from the company’s site (blog, ebooks, whitepapers, etc) right into Lead Nurturing Email Campaigns. These are a collection of HTML emails that give your prospects valuable content, once a week. The objective of these emails is not to be self-promotional, or share information about your company, item, or service, but to offer informative content to engage customers and keep them coming back to your site. These kinds of emails, when integrated with an advanced email marketing automation system like HubSpot, could offer both the marketing and sales teams important information on lead engagement.

6. Make prompt follow-ups

Timing is key when it comes to engaging leads. A study by the Harvard Business Review found that several firms where slow-moving to act on their leads. 24% of business took greater than 24 hrs to react, while 23% never ever reacted at all. The timeliness of your feedback can make the difference between getting the sale and losing a customer. For that reason, when a person reveals they are interested by joining your email list or requesting more info, you should react right away with relevant content. One of the best ways to do this is by automating your email marketing. Remember to comment on blog and social media messages, too. This will help you win the trust of your leads and will improve your opportunity of turning them into customers.

The bottom line

The strategies above are part of a unique marketing and sales approach called Inbound. Your Patient Engagement and Education business could use the Inbound Methodology to engage with existing leads, qualify them, and close more sales.

But it’s a lot to take on alone. We at Responsify partner with Patient Engagement and Education experts to offer strategy, support, and help applying these tasks. By collaborating, we aid marketing and sales teams to purposefully bring in brand-new website visitors, convert them into qualified leads and delighted consumers, right in the convenience of their very own firm.

We’ve helped numerous fantastic sales pros boost their lead engagement and accelerate their sales cycle. Do not hesitate to book a cost-free strategy session to help take your engagement to the next level.

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