8 Patient Engagement SaaS Sales Ideas to Close More Accounts

Are you constantly trying to figure out how to close more sales for your Patient Engagement and Education company? Don’t worry. According to Hubspot, 36% of salespeople say that closing sales is one of the hardest parts of the sales process. The bright side is that there are strategies that you could use to enhance your Patient Engagement and Education sales by 50%.

There is a brand-new method of marketing, where your prospect is right at the center of the process. It’s called Inbound Sales. In this approach, leads find content that you share and become part of your funnel. After that, you become a dependable consultant, and you help them make an informed choice based on what phase they are in the “Buyer’s Journey.”

Here are eight ways to enhance your ‘inbound’ sales process to close even more sales:

Give informational content

According to Hubspot, only 29% of individuals will go straight to a salesperson when trying to find information, while 62% will start by looking online. Therefore, content is a big part of your sales strategy. Your content needs to offer solutions to the problems consistently asked by your ideal customers. Use a variety of networks to reach as many people as possible. For example, you could post blogs, case studies, social media messages, ebooks, whitepapers, and market reports that your ideal buyers could access and get the information they need.

Here are some excellent methods to use the methods known as Inbound:

Be available

You have to make yourself as available as possible for your potential customers. If they send you an email, respond quickly. If they call you, answer immediately. In the event they want to meet with you, take the time. If you can’t meet them in person, organize a conference call. Make your meeting convenient for them, whether it is over a weekend break, vacation, or after hours. Being available for them will give you more opportunities to build a relationship and close sales in a shorter time period.

Pay attention

The key to success is to listen more than you talk. When you meet with your prospects, start with an exploratory meeting or discovery call instead of simply rambling on and on about your products or services. These discussions should include questions, paying attention to their needs, and observing their responses and reactions. Pay attention and take notes. Be sure to pay attention to what they are saying as well as how they are saying it. Keep an eye out for anything that will help you better meet their needs. React to their needs and problems and you’ll be better able to understand who you are working with and will up your opportunities of closing more sales.

Ask the right questions

How you handle the closing discussion will be the different in whether you lose the customer or close the sale. Using the appropriate words in the closing conversation can make all the difference. Here are some of the best questions that can improve your close rates:

  • “Great, happy to get your contract ready. Is there anything to stop you from buying?
  • “I will prepare your contract. When is a good time for you to review the contract together on another call? I want to make sure I address all your needs.”
  • If I’m able to get you [special pricing, special feature, special service], would you be able to sign by [date]?

Conduct routine trainings

As you probably know, salespeople should keep on top of market updates and trends in order to be effective. A Salesforce report found that great training could help enhance sales efficiency by 20%. It would be a good idea to hold a once-a-week or bi-weekly training session with your sales group. Take time to understand real circumstances your salespeople consistently have. Show detailed strategies that could help them practice different scenarios. Allow your sales team to share new information they have collected while in the field. In time, you will have the ability to see a rise in close rates among your salespeople.

Put at least three options in your proposals

If you give your leads just one option, they might decide to look elsewhere. To avoid this, be sure to have at least three options for each proposition. Leads need to have the ability to select from lower-end services with a few bells and whistles all the way up to high-end choices with more features. This gives them the chance to choose the best fit to meet their needs and budget.

Request referrals

One of the best ways to get new customers is through recommendations. The best time to request a recommendation is when the person has received your services or product. If these new customers are happy with their purchase, they will be more likely to tell others that could become qualified leads and start the buyer’s journey. If they don’t make referrals right away, they will keep you in their mind.

Nurture, nurture, nurture

Hubspot found that 63% of leads wanting details about your business will not make a purchasing choice for at least three months, while 20% will buy after more than 12 months. This means you should consider sending out lead nurturing emails to inform and attract your leads until they make a buyer’s choice. Send them routine information and non-sales related content that will lead them through the buyer’s journey. Ask questions and engage your potential customers to find out what they want to know more about. This will help you give content that is relevant and timely.

The final thought

The customer-centered sales approach described above is part of the unique approach called Inbound Sales. The Inbound Sales Methodology concentrates on helping your potential customers resolve their troubles by following their Buyer’s Journey through your Patient Engagement and Education sales process.

It can be hard to do all this alone. We at Responsify have worked with Patient Engagement and Education sales and business development pros to offer strategy, support, and help applying these tasks. By collaborating, we help marketing and sales teams tactically bring in brand-new website visitors, convert them to qualified leads, and also satisfied consumers.

We’ve helped many sales pros include Inbound right into their existing sales process. Don’t hesitate to book your cost-free strategy session to help you assess your properties and get free advice on how to close more sales fast.

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