6 Factors That Affect Patient Engagement Revenue Growth

What Patient Engagement and Education firm CEO, President, or Management Director wouldn’t want to grow their revenue? In a competitive industry, with long sales cycles, some of the best ways to enhance revenue growth is by using a unique marketing and sales approach called “Inbound.”

According to Hubspot, 49.7% of businesses that use Inbound marketing and sales boost their sales within seven months. Traditional marketing and sales methods like print ads, website pop-ups, self-promoting emails, trade shows, and cold calls mean you are targeting individuals who might not want your Patient Engagement and Education service right now. Inbound pulls in qualified leads using informational content that revolves around the consumers’ specific needs. Inbound strategies help product qualified traffic to your site, develop brand name recognition, boost sales, and improve your profits.

Here are 6 aspects that influence your earnings development in the Patient Engagement and Education sector:

Understand who your ideal clients are

Every business has different ideal customers. A buyer persona is a fictional personality that represents your Patient Engagement and Education business’s optimal customer. A better understanding of your buyer personas will help your marketing and sales teams develop content that pertains to their needs, which will bring in more potential customers and boost customer acquisition rates. According to Salesforce, it’s essential to think about meeting their needs with creating Buyer Personas:

Success factors: What rewards does the customer associate with success?

Obstacles: What company or individual obstacles would cause the prospect to pick your competition?

Change drivers: What would trigger the prospect’s need for change?

Buyer’s journey: What concerts does the prospect have throughout the buying process?

Priorities: How does the prospect spend their money and time?

Decision-making: How does the prospect make their decisions?

Create a content strategy

After you develop Buyer Personas, work with your marketing and sales teams to create a content strategy that would draw in potential customers to your site, convert them to leads, and then turn them into customers. Make sure your content responds to typical concerns asked by your leads and use keyword phrases that are frequently used by your ideal customers. Posting optimized content on your site on a regular basis will enhance your search engine position and bring in more organic web traffic. In addition to that, it will develop your Patient Engagement and Education firm as an authority in the market and will win the trust of your ideal leads. You could put together blogs, ebooks, whitepapers, infographics, reports, and case studies that will inform and attract potential customers. Sharing your content on social media will also help you reach a larger target audience and boost opportunities for sales.

Build effective landing web pages

What is the point of getting people to your site if once they get there they leave and don’t return? You need to convert these site visitors into leads by getting their contact information. Doing this will require building a landing page where new visitors can give their information in exchange for premium content like ebooks, whitepapers, and reports. Ensure your call-to-action is succinct and straightforward to develop a feeling of seriousness and get the prospect to take action. “Download your free report now!” and “Get your free ebook today!” are great examples of CTAs. A record by Hubspot found that businesses with 40 or more landing pages get 12 times more leads compared to those with just five or less.

Nurturing your leads carefully

After getting their contact information, your sales team should take some time to nurture your potential customers continually through email until they convert into customers. You can use tools like Marketo, Eloqua, Customer.io, Constant Contact, and Hubspot to automate your lead nurturing projects. To make the best use of click-through rates, make sure the emails include customized “From” sections that have your salesperson’s name and email address. The subject line needs to produce a feeling of excitement and urgency. Do not forget to include a clear call-to-action (CTA) in all emails. The CA should stand out in the lead nurturing emails to boost opportunities of getting clicks. To get to an even larger market, your emails must also have social sharing buttons. Many email marketing tools have layouts that feature integrated social sharing buttons. One of the biggest things to keep in mind is offering value. Send out links to blogs and free premium content that align to the buyer persona on a weekly basis to engage with your leads.

Make content mobile accessible

According to ComScore, people send about 69% of their online times on their phones. For that reason, it is crucial to enhance your website layout for mobile just as you would for computers or tablets. Your internet development group needs to see to it that CTAs are big enough and are placed over the fold to make them visible on mobile browsers. The content needs to be kept brief and not full of pictures. Fonts need to be big enough for people to read without stressing their eyes. Pop-ups should be removed as they will distract users from your content, and navigating must be easy and intuitive.

Evaluate your impact

To optimize your return on investment (ROI), make sure to track your goals and metrics like site traffic, bounce rates, overall conversions, lead to close ratio, customer retention rates, and acquisition rates. Looking at these results will help you better understand what works and what does not. Tools like Mixpanel, Heap Analytics, Kissmetrics, and Kapost’s Content Scoring are fantastic for determining various metrics and initiatives.

The bottom line

Even though it’s very important, profit growth does not just happen overnight. Unless you concentrate your marketing and sales methods on the appropriate target market, it will be very hard to close sales and see growth. Nevertheless, Inbound Marketing and Sales will give you the ability to draw in new leads, nurture them to become clients, and turn them into supporters of your Patient Engagement and Education services or product.

We’ve helped several firm leaders to boost their marketing and sales procedures by carrying out Inbound strategy and support. Do not hesitate to schedule your cost-free strategy session to help you examine your current methods and get advice on how to improve your profits!

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