Patient Engagement Marketing Strategy to Increase Brand Recognition

In the last few years, the Patient Engagement and Education market has grown considerably. Competitors pop up annually. According to a report by EvaluateMedTech, the clinical and health and wellness technology market is poised to reach $522 billion by 2022. So how can your Patient Engagement and Education business stay in the game and keep your name in the customer’s mind? By boosting your name recognition.

As you probably already know, brand name recognition from your target market is critical to stay competitive. When done correctly, boosting your brand name recognition enhances the credibility of your business, builds loyalty with potential customers, and increases brand name commitment in your clients. This is key to getting the edge in a very competitive market.

As part of an Inbound Marketing Strategy, we have collected a handful of suggestions that you can use to raise the brand name recognition of your Patient Engagement and Education organization:

1. Create consistent high-quality content

A Demand Gen Report showed that 51% of B2B buyers seek out academic content before making a buying choice. Beyond just putting up information on your site, it’s a good idea to add guest posts to other well-known websites in your niche. This allows you to reach a brand-new target market and advertise your brand name without much cost. Many websites approve guest articles and let them have a writer’s bio where you could share information on your company and leave contact information for your site and social media channels. This allows you to produce awareness of your brand name and bring in new fans. The comment section at the end of the blog posts are a great way to connect with even more people.

2. Host frequent helpful webinars

Hosting a useful webinar is a great way to engage leads and advertise your brand name. A study of online marketers found that at least 20% of webinar participants turn into qualified leads. You can use webinars to address subjects that your target market wants to know more about. When the webinar is over, hold a Q&A session where you can answer questions from viewers. Communicating with your target market in this way will position you as a specialist and will keep your brand at the top of their minds.

3. Engage and post quality content on social media

According to Kissmetrics, brand names that are extremely involved on social media have a greater possibility of being discovered by brand-new potential customers. Leveraging social media will certainly enhance your brand name recognition and boost your reliability amongst leads and customers. Take some time to post the useful content you create for potential customer and react to comments. You can also go to other accounts and leave comments on their posts To create even more engagement, consider holding a content where certain comments on your posts are awarded.

4. Motivate clients to share positive reviews

BrightLocal research revealed that 88% of consumers depend on online reviews just as much as they do personal suggestions. Ask a few of your happy customers to share their experience with your company or product. Good reviews will not only make your business more visible, but will also enhance your position in your sector. Of course, it is unavoidable that some people will occasionally leave bad reviews. A quick Google search will help you find what people are saying. Be sure to take care of these bad reviews quickly to keep your name in good standing.

5. Get listed in local directories

Getting your company listed in a regional directory will help improve your brand name recognition to potential customers and will also enhance your search engine position. Google My Business is the first place you need to get your company listed. It’s free and lets you include hours, contact information, and payments accepted. You can also include your logo and photos of your product or service. Google My Business also uses Google Maps, so leads can find out exactly where you are located. Other online directories include Citysearch, Merchant Circle, and Yelp. You should also check news sites and trade magazines to be listed.

6. Include video content

HubSpot said that 93% of all human interaction is composed of visual content. This means that people will be more likely to connect with your brand after they have seen a video, rather than just written content. Create an “About Us” video to give prospects an idea of what you do. You can put this video on your site’s homepage and social media accounts. “How-to” videos are also a great way to raise brand name recognition.

7. Use branded search phrases in your content

One of the best ways to get brand name recognition is to include your name in your content. This includes blogs, infographics, videos, image captions, and e-newsletters. Use well-known hashtags in your social media posts. This will help your search engine position and will make your brand name much more noticeable on social media.

The last word

Boosting your brand name recognition is a critical step in staying competitive and growing your business. You want your leads to be able to recognize you over other companies, and you want to gain their loyalty. Therefore, it is essential to tailor your marketing techniques, content, and tools to boost your Patient Engagement and Education firm’s brand name recognition.

This can be hard to do all alone. Responsify partners with Patient Engagement and Education online marketers to offer strategy, support, and help in carrying out these tasks, so they could purposefully broaden their brand name recognition.

If you want a free consultation of your company’s brand name recognition, we are here to help. Feel free to ask for a complimentary strategy session now to help you evaluate your current situation and find ways to take your company to the next level.

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