Patient Engagement Growth Hacks to Quickly Scale Your SaaS Company

Do you feel like your Patient Engagement and Education service been stuck in the same place forever? If so, it might be time to consider a new method to take it to the next level.

“Growth hacking” is a new collection of techniques that could help your business grow and gain an edge. While things like viral videos can be considered hacks, we’re talking about ones that are applicable to your B2B Patient Engagement and Education firm. One effective group of development hacks includes the identification of the ideal customer and created content to help them move through the buyer’s journey to become a please customer. Seem impossible? It’s not. This method is called Inbound Marketing and Sales.

Inbound marketing and sales techniques have been proven to be effective for scaling companies. According to Hubspot, 59% of marketing professionals have reported that Inbound marketing produced better leads compared to conventional marketing, and cost 61% less compares to other methods. This implies that traditional marketing and sales approaches like paid marketing, cold calls, website promos, trade shows, and bought lists and much less effective for growth.

Here are some wonderful development hacks for scaling your Patient Engagement and Education firm utilizing the Inbound Methodology:

Identify your ideal clients

One of the best ways to scale your company is to determine the optimal customer that you want to target. Finding out who you are targeting will help you better customize your content. When laying out the attributes of this customer, often called the “buyer persona,” consider their job duties, their goals, their difficulties, and how they make decisions. You can get this information through relevant discussion forums or conducting a study of your current market. You could also talk with your existing customers who fit that person. Once you have collected all the information, you could give them imaginary names like ‘Medical Director Doris’ or ‘Clinician Clement.’

Produce targeted content

Take time on a regular basis to release content that resolves the usual issues and concerns brought up by your buyer personas. Text-based content like blogs, case studies, whitepapers, and ebooks could be very useful. Use engaging titles with the appropriate keywords to enhance your content for online search, which will help get the focus of your target market. Be sure your content production group doesn’t use too much Patient Engagement and Education lingo which can just wind up confusing your viewers. According to Hubspot, ‘Visual content is 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content’. For that reason, your content strategy should include visual content, like infographics and videos along with your written content.

Nurture your leads

Just getting leads is not sufficient to scale your Patient Engagement and Education company. You should nurture your leads in accordance with the four phases of the buyer’s journey: Attract, convert, close, and delight. When a prospect sends their contact information for premium content, they become a lead. Put together a lead nurturing project with your marketing and sales teams that will offer useful information regularly through email. As soon as a lead makes a buying choice and the sale, continue sending them more useful content. Building solid relationships with your clients is the best way to turn them into evangelists of your brand name. They will share your content with their fans, drawing in more potential customers to your site.

Automate your procedures

As your company expands, it will be more difficult to engage each of your customers on an individual basis. To conserve time, it would be a good idea to switch from manual to automated systems. You can use marketing automation software programs to accumulate contact information and send out customized emails to your leads. These emails will be scheduled for the moment a person sends their contact information on your website. They will help nurture potential customers until they turn into clients.

Take advantage of online reviews

According to research by Search Engine Land, 72% of customers trust online reviews just as must as they do a referral from a friend or colleague. Adding lots of favorable evaluations to the web could be a great strategy for growing your business. These testimonials might be done through case studies demonstrating how your Patient Engagement and Education business helped your consumers resolve issues and break their barriers. Use stats and numbers to describe exactly what was accomplished. For example, you can talk about how your customer reduced their customer acquisition rate by 50% in three months. You can also develop a dedicated testimonial page on your site with short evaluations from different customers. Make sure to include their names and businesses so your audience finds them a legitimate source.

Use LinkedIn

According to a current study by Social Media Examiner, 89% of B2B online marketers make use of LinkedIn. You could use LinkedIn to produce brand name understanding, create leads, or develop strategic partnerships. The first step is to create a great business page which contains all the information about your company and products. Enhance your page using keyword phrases, making it easy for clients to find you online. Remember to link to your website. Take time to share great content on your feed to keep your followers engaged. Your content shows them your authority in the industry, your thought leadership, and industry-thought leadership. This will help build the trust of your followers and will increase the possibilities of transforming them into leads and customers. You might also think about using paid advertising and marketing to make sure that your content shows up on the feeds of the leads you are targeting. LinkedIn Company Page Analytics will help you keep an eye on the effectiveness of your content.

The Final Word

Scaling your Patient Engagement and Education business won’t occur overnight, however with the ideal strategies, your service will progressively raise your ROI and customer base. The Inbound Methodology is a fantastic collection of sustainable strategies that will help you achieve your organization objectives of scaling and development.

It could be hard even for the best marketing and sales teams to do this alone. We’ve worked with many management directors and CEOS to grow their services to use the Inbound Methodology. Don’t hesitate to book a free strategy session to help you examine your current methods, gain helpful insight and ideas, and scale your B2B Patient Engagement and Education service. We’re right here to help!

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