What Patient Engagement Companies Can Learn from B2B Companies

Growing a Patient Engagement and Education company isn’t easy. You need the ideal people to build your product, market it, and sell it. Then you need the right process to take the business to the next level. Instead of B2B companies using tired marketing and sales strategies like referrals, collaborations, lists, trade shows, and sales emails, they need to find new methods to grow. Offering options to people in the healthcare industry is no exception.

That’s where the new process of bringing in ideal clients comes in, called “Inbound” marketing and sales (or “smarketing”).

More and more companies are starting to use the Inbound approach as a component of their marketing and sales strategies. According to a current State of Inbound Report by Hubspot, companies are three times more likely to observe greater ROI using Inbound methods over traditional marketing and sales strategies. Inbound strategies have many benefits, like:

  • Boosts name recognition
  • Costs less than traditional methods like ads, cold-calling, trade shows, and so on
  • Allows you to build strong relationships with customers by giving them information on relevant topics
  • Produces high-quality web traffic and leads
  • Builds your reputation and trust among potential customers

Here are 4 B2B firms that scaled their businesses by using Inbound:


Flex-a-Seal is a company that develops and makes mechanical seals for commercial pumps.

When the employees at Flex-a-Seal knew that they weren’t getting enough web traffic, they partnered with an Inbound company to experiment with various methods of marketing. The company redesigned the business’s website and optimize it for internet search using relevant keywords. This helped the website rank higher and boosted their organic web traffic by more than 95%. The Inbound firm also developed free suggestions forms that site visitors to the Flex-a-Seal website could download and install in exchange for contact information. This strategy created more than 50 qualified leads in four months.

Flex-a-Seal also has a factory in Brazil and wanted to increase their sales in the South American market. The Inbound firm developed flexaseal.mx, a microsite that targeted Spanish-speaking customers. This helped produce more leads in various Latin American countries and boosted Flex-a-Seal’s sales by 400%.

Beyond their website, Flex-a-Seal wanted to get even more leads using social media. The Inbound firm helped them create a LinkedIn page to connect with other companies and get more leads through engagement. As an outcome, Flex-a-Seal increased their LinkedIn followers by 800% and developed themselves as an authority in the industry.

Bell Performance

Bell Performance is a leading producer of oil and gas ingredients.

At first, the company didn’t have a website they could use to find leads online. They wanted to get even more brand name recognition, so the first step was to create a better site. To start this, Bell Performance looked for the help of an Inbound firm. The firm first helped Bell Performance identify their buyer personas and develop personalized web content that targeted ideal customers. This helped them increase their organic web traffic by 700% in one year.

The Inbound company also helped produce landing pages to collect visitor contact information. Various deals were advertised via social media and email marketing to guide the prospective customers to the landing pages. This upped the company’s lead generation by 1400% in just two years.

By using Inbound strategies, Bell Performance closed 600 new online sales in the first year. In the second year, internet sales grew by 80%.

HUI Manufacturing

HUI Manufacturing is a firm that concentrates on sheet steel manufacturing of clinical carts and commercial items.

The company had previously used pay-per-click (PPC) marketing to produce leads and wanted new ways to bring in organic web traffic. THey also looked to an Inbound company for help. This company worked with HUI Manufacturing to develop the Medical Carts blog and created a 6-month content calendar with blogs that pertained to consumer needs. They developed long-form content like ebooks and overviews that required visitors to give their contact information before downloading. This content was advertised within LinkedIn groups.

This resulted in a 68% boost in organic web traffic and 115% rise in web traffic from LinkedIn alone. Site lead conversations went up about 150%. In the first eleven months, the new sales methods of Inbound lead to more than a couple million bucks of new profit.

Corrugated Metals

Corrugated Metals is a business that supplies steel corrugating product or services for the protection, transport, tools, and building and construction markets.

They had a hard time bringing in qualified leads and growing their earnings. To solve their problems, they worked with an Inbound company to achieve their goals. The first step was to revamp the website and develop a responsive site that worked on mobile and computers. Then, they developed blog content on topics like “energy efficient building materials” to bring in more traffic with keyword optimization for internet search. This content was advertised using social media networks and helped a lot more people see Corrugated Metals’ website.

With these efforts, Corrugated Metals experienced a 198% rise in website traffic and 285% more leads!

The bottom line

The world is changing quickly and it’s important for every part of your company to be updated to meet the changing needs of its clients. Today’s buyers will not stop looking at traditional methods of content completely, but they do find value in informational, relevant content that uses “Inbound” strategies. It’s time to put the needs of your customers first and your business last so you can stand out to potential prospects and grow your earnings.

As Inbound experts, Responsify has assisted lots of marketing professionals and sales groups include Inbound right into their lead creating and nurturing procedures. Do not hesitate to book your cost-free strategy session. We could help you assess your properties and also secure free understandings and tips in order to help scale your Patient Engagement and Education business!

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