6 Keys to Increase Your Market Share in Online Education Marketing

The international electronic health and wellness market has been approximated to generate profits of $536.6 billion by the end of 2025, from $196.3 billion in 2017 according to Openness Marketing research.

The growing market share in Education Technology (EdTech) is an obstacle that numerous online education marketing experts are increasingly confronted by. In turn, with the increasing variety of rivals in the sector, many are under the assumption that their market share will reduce and revenue will plateau.

Fortunately, there are strategies that, if well executed, will help you in getting the attention of companies and schools and enhance your market share.

Below are some online education marketing secrets to growing your Education Technology (EdTech) market share:


1. Get laser focused on your essential buyers

To boost your market share, you should have a clear concept of who you are marketing to. A Buyer Persona is built upon an imaginary person that represents your target customer. You could produce Buyer Personas based on incredibly detailed aspects of the buying process such as setting objectives, difficulties, obligations, demographics, inspirations, duties, and behavioral patterns. For example, you might have ‘Private Practitioner Penelope,’ ‘Hospital Administrator Ava’ or ‘Clinician Carl’, all personas that you are aiming to market for. By understanding the one-of-a-kind difficulties they face, and resolving them, you will be much more prepared to produce the ideal online education marketing content to engage them and boost your market share.

2. Define the purchasing process of ideal buyers

Besides producing Buyer Personas, it’s vital to recognize where they begin in their unique Buyer’s Journeys. You could do this by drawing up the typical courses of action and thought processes that existing clients took when investigating a concern they were having; from entertaining the suggestion of a paid service to proactively looking for a service. There are 3 phases in the Buyer’s Journey to draw up:

Awareness phase– This is where buyers come to terms with an issue that they undoubtedly wish to fix. Offer them information that will help them to recognize their scenario and will allow them to clearly define their problem.

Consideration phase– At this phase, buyers have a clear understanding of their difficulties and are seeking the means to resolve them. Recommend various approaches or methods that are readily available for addressing the trouble.

Decision phase– Buyers that reach this phase have currently chosen the method that they want to use to approach their problems. It is during this phase that buyers desire information on the advantages and disadvantages of possible solutions. This is the ideal time for you to advertise your own product or services and demonstrate how much better it is compared to the offers from your competition.

Targeting your clients and leads with the proper content at each phase will lead to even more engagement and, ultimately, higher sales. This brings us to our next step!

3. Take advantage of blog writing and premium content

One of the best ways to keep your ideal clients engaged is with strategic blog writing. A research study by Hubspot revealed that B2B firms that blog frequently draw in more leads than those that do not. After establishing extremely clear ‘Buyer Personas’ and draw up their corresponding ‘Buyer’s Journeys’, tailor your content to address their obstacles and concerns. This will certainly assist in establishing trust and transforming site visitors into leads. Make sure to continually release fresh content regularly; ideally two times a week or more. Don’t forget to include calls-to-action (CTA) in your post urging site visitors to join your subscriber list or download and install even more content. Constructing a solid partnership with individuals via blog writing could produce even more sales which will result in an enhanced market share for your company!

4. Remain updated on your sector to keep an edge

Brand-new technologies, updates, and adjustments are regularly introduced in any kind of market. To stay ahead of the pack, you must continuously educate yourself on what is going on in your environment. What are your marketplace statistics for your market niche? What are the leading rivals doing that you can incorporate into your own strategy? Who are the current players in the market? What are the most recent technologies that companies are using? Where is your market going to be in the next five years? Having such info will help you to produce a much more efficient Content and Inbound Marketing Plan.

5. Use search engine optimization (SEO) strategies

According to a HubSpot research study, more than 60% of marketing experts recognize the significance of SEO for producing natural web traffic. SEO involves tweaking various aspects of your website to boost your search engine position. One of the most important elements that search engines take into account are the keyword phrases used in your content. Take the time to research relevant keywords in your industry that you want to make use of. Make sure to include these keywords in both your blog titles and in the content itself. Your photo names and alt-tags should also include your target keywords. Remember to put your search phrases in your meta descriptions and page URL. Enhancing your site will bring in more website traffic and will improve the possibilities of making even more sales.

6. Nurture the leads you produce

The goal of lead nurturing is to convert leads into qualified leads, and those qualified leads into buyers. The most effective method of doing this is through an automated email campaign. You should segment your email list according to what stage your lead is in the buyer’s journey and develop appropriate content for every section. Share links to your most recent post. Update them on current market trends. Provide them firsthand details regarding brand-new deals or discount rates. However, even with all of these ideas, make sure not to bombard your leads with emails too soon. They could get overwhelmed by the volume of emails and unsubscribe!

The Final Word

Just as excellent parenting leads to excellent kids, excellent strategies that are skillfully executed lead to an outstanding market share. When you bring in numerous qualified leads making use of effective online education marketing strategies, your sales team will have the ability to close even more sales and boost the market share of your Education Technology (EdTech) business.

The critical strategies described above belong to what is referred to as the Inbound Marketing Methodology. Your Education Technology (EdTech) business could make use of Inbound to draw in brand-new site visitors to your website, convert them right leads, and nurture those leads into dedicated clients!

We’ve helped countless online education marketing professionals carry out an efficient Inbound Marketing Methodology for their unique customer base.

If you would like even more ways to help your Education Technology (EdTech) business rise market share, do not hesitate to ask! Contact us now for a free strategy session. We’re delighted to help out, 1-on-1, and brainstorm cost-free tips and advice to guide you in the right direction.

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