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Medtech Sales and Service: 3 Ways to Educate Prospects on Value of Your Solution

You want your Healthcare Technology prospects to buy your medtech sales and service solution. Your solution is better than the competition for a variety of reasons. Am I right? What stands in the way of getting them to see that and become customers? Education. The more they understand the value of your solution the more interested they become. By providing educational content you can expedite and optimize their learning throughout their research process. Subsequently you can then close more sales for your company. Offering helpful and relevant content has several benefits. Here are a handful:

  • Learning at their pace – When you provide educational content, learners (prospects) can read and consume it when they have the time, instead of being bombarded by sales emails or calls at an inconvenient time in the work week. This allows them to self-educate and begin to sell themselves on the value of your medtech sales and service solutions before you reach out to them later in their journey.
  • Building trust in your brand – Quality content will establish you as an authority in the healthcare technology industry and boost your credibility in the eyes of prospects. If they find your free offers helpful, they might also be interested in what you are selling.
  • Generating qualified leads – The more potential customers read your content, the more they will understand about what you are offering. This will make it easier to convert them to qualified leads, and subsequently customers.
  • Increasing traffic – Optimizing your content using relevant keywords will enhance your ranking on search engines and therefore generate more traffic to your healthcare technology website. You can attract even more visitors to your site by sharing your content on social media platforms and personalized emails.
  • Spawning satisfied customers – Educational content prepares prospects to make a better and more informed buying decision. When the customer is happy, they are more likely to make purchase your medtech sales and service solutions more than once.
  • Prospect evangelism – If your prospects or customers find your content valuable, they are likely to share it with their connections. Reaching a bigger audience means increased brand awareness and the possibility of making even more sales.

Here are some principles for educating your prospects on the value of your medtech sales and service solutions:

Get information about your prospects

Pre-contact research is a vital part of the sales process. Defining your Buyer Persona will help you customize your content accordingly, thus enhancing the chances of getting a favorable response. You can visit your prospects’ LinkedIn profiles to get an idea of what their roles are in the company. Their Facebook profiles could also reveal some useful information about their interests and hobbies. You might even discover that you have a mutual connection who could act as a referral. It would also be advisable to visit their company website to get some background information. Where are they located? How long have they been in business? What are their values? What are their long-term plans? You could also check out their competitors’ websites to see what you can learn. Having all of this information from the onset will help you engage your prospects more effectively.

Leverage different types of content

According to Curata, 15.74% of companies agree that content marketing is an effective way of generating more qualified leads, but using content to draw people in should not be limited to a marketing person’s task. There are many different kinds of content that you can use to educate and nurture your prospects. You need to know what kind of content to use for each stage of the buyer’s journey.

  • Blog posts – Stats provided by Choose Impulse shows that companies that blog at least once per month get 70% more leads than those that don’t. You can use blog posts to share different tips on industry related topics.
  • White papers and eBooks – Well-researched, long-form content can also be very useful for educating prospects. A whitepaper is a technical document that explains in detail what your company is all about, how your product or service works and what benefits it offers. The white paper also answers some of the questions that prospects are likely to ask.eBooks are less technical and focused on educating readers on different topics regarding your industry. Providing such insights will establish you as an authority in your industry, thus boosting your credibility.
    • Case studies – Most prospects will want some proof that your medtech sales and service solutions will meet their needs. Providing a case study is a great way to prove to them that you can be the solution to their problems. Make sure the case study highlights the customer’s experience from beginning to end. What problem did they have at the beginning? What strategy did you use to resolve the situation? What were the results? Don’t forget to include actual figures that show what was accomplished. For instance, you could say that the customer’s email list grew by 40% within two months of applying your solution.
    • Testimonials – According to Social Media Today, customer testimonials have an effectiveness rating of 89% in content marketing. Positive feedback from your existing customers will combat skepticism and motivate your prospects to make a buying decision. However, avoid the temptation of creating fake testimonials since this could have adverse effects on your company’s reputation.

Use email automation responsibly

A study by the Content Marketing Institute reveals that email is one of the most effective content distribution channels. You could ask your prospects to sign up for your mailing list in exchange for a free eBook or report. You can then segment your list accordingly and send helpful information on a once a week basis. Be sure to only share content, and not to include any messaging or information about your medtech sales and service solution (don’t be at all self-promotional). Nurturing your prospects respectfully over time through personalized email will enhance chances of converting them to customers.

The Final Word

Utilizing educational content to engage your prospects and personalizing your approach to help them address their needs and solve problems with your medtech sales and service solutions are a part of the larger body of strategies within the Inbound Methodology. Your healthcare technology company can implement Inbound to shorten sale cycles, close more sales and, ultimately, achieve a higher ROI.

It can be very challenging to do all of this alone. We here at Responsify partner with health technology sales and business development pros to offer strategy, support, and help implementing these activities. By collaborating we help marketing and salespeople strategically attract new website visitors, convert them to qualified leads and happy customers.

We’ve helped many brilliant sales pros educate their prospects with content and speed up their sales cycle. Feel free to reserve a free strategy session now to help you evaluate your assets and get insights and tailored suggestions to guide you in the right direction.

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