6 Ways to Reduce Long Medical Robotics Sales Cycles

One of the biggest hurdles many Healthcare Robotics salespeople face is reducing lengthy sales cycles. As you know, unlike B2C, the B2B sales process includes working with a variety of decision makers and telling them about the value of your option. It takes a long time to convince them that your service will meet their needs. Because everyone might have their own opinion, and because many people are involved with the decision, the sales cycle could be time-consuming. According to a current Demand Gen report, the Buyer’s Journey for several B2B buyers is getting longer and more difficult, which does not help the already lengthy sales process.

Luckily, there are ways to help you reduce the sales cycle for your Healthcare Robotics firm:

1. Understand your Buyer Personas

Don’t waste your time on trying to engage those who are unqualified. You can find out who will not generate any sales. Before starting the sales process, take time to identify who you are targeting. Your Buyer Personas (also known as your excellent buyers) can be ‘Physician Philip’, ‘Hospital Administrator Alice’ or ‘Medical Director Daniel’. Preferably, your Buyer Personas ought to be the primary choice manufacturers of the companies you are targeting. The can also be essential influencers. After recognizing your Personas, you could describe their top qualities by answering the following questions:

What are their duties?
What are their goals?
What issues are they having?
How do they get their information?

The answers to these questions will provide you with an idea of how to approach them.

2. Introduce yourself in a video

Usually, leads only know what you look like from an in-person meeting. To develop a connection before the first meetup, consider sending out an introductory video discussing why you want them, information that might be helpful to them, and a call-to-action (“Let’s set up a time to continue this conversation.”). After you do this, when you talk to them by phone they will know more about you. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton on the video production. A great smartphone camera with lights will work. Our favorite app to make these videos is Soapbox by Wistia.

3. Supply pre-sales meeting content

One of the biggest mistakes is to have a sales meeting with a potential customer that does not have any information to engage with. You might need a lot of visits before the prospect converts, but that could take a lot of time. Instead, you can send out Lead Nurturing Emails with informational content that they can look at before your meeting. For example, if you want to sell X-Ray equipment ‘Hospital Administrator Alice’, send her a link to a blog post that exposes stats on how managers conserve time with new devices. You could also send out a comparison graph that shows the benefits your item has over your competitor. Strategically inform your potential customers throughout the process to position yourself as a good source.

4. Give post-sales meeting content

After the first sales meeting, the prospect is likely to raise some questions and concerns. Your duty as the sales rep of your Healthcare Robotics business is to resolve these questions and remove any kind of barriers. You can send out emails with reports, case studies, or video that deal with all of their issues. This content can be used to nurture your other leads, too. Overcoming challenges using content will help reduce the sales cycle dramatically.

5. Be up front with pricing

A big concern of your leads is the pricing of your services or products. Even still, many salespeople skirt around the issues of pricing until late in the sale process. This only adds more time to your sales cycle, and you don’t want that. On top of that, if you don’t disclose the prices, you may lose the trust of your potential customer. Being open about prices early in the sales process will help save you the trouble of this issue in the future.

So how do you offer this information without scaring your leads away? Make sure to show the value of your option, so the price is shown in context. You could say something like “beginning at $…” or “from $…’

6. Use social proof

Social proof can help you with the trust of your prospects more quickly and seal the deal earlier. You could send them case studies showcasing the ROI or influence of your product or services. Be sure that the business in the case study resembles your prospect’s company. You could also find a common connection on LinkedIn that could introduce you to the prospect. This strategy is even better than just sending out arbitrary emails. According to the B2B news network, 84% of B2B decision makers start the buying process with a referral. You could also invite the prospect to a live event with current customers. While meeting your other clients, the prospect is more likely to make a decision more quickly.

The final word

Although it may be challenging to focus on anything else other than closing sales and meeting your goals, it is important for you to take time to understand your leads. Your sales cycle must be linked to the lead nurturing process where you are the expert for your leads, building trust from them and raising the opportunity they buy your product or service.

This can be hard to do alone. Responsify works with Healthcare Robotics sales and business development pros to offer strategy, support, and help executing these tasks. By collaborating, we help marketing and salespeople purposefully draw in brand-new site visitors, convert them to qualified leads, and then satisfied consumers.

We’ve helped lots of sales pros like you include Inbound right into their sales procedures. You could schedule a cost-free strategy session to find ways to shorten your sales cycle and take your business to the next level!

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