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7 Tactics to Increase Your Medical Robotics Market Share

Today’s buyers are smarter than ever. Inviting them to a trade show or sending them generic messages are not effective means of getting the interest of your target market. These days, everyone searches the internet to look for information they need instead of relying on public ads and generic sales pitches. This is the same for key buyers in hospitals and health systems.

A current report by Hubspot found that 92.7% of companies using Inbound strategies produced more leads than those who were still using traditional methods.

Knowing this, it’s clear that the best way to get the interest of modern buyers is by offering useful content that they will find valuable.

This marketing and sales strategy, call the Inbound Methodology, will help lead to more sales and enhance your market share in the Healthcare Robotics market.

Here are some great ways to raise your market share using Inbound Methodology.

1. Identify your ideal buyers

Enhancing your market share doesn’t mean that you must try to get everyone’s attention. Instead, you draw in people who are more likely to be interested in your Healthcare Robotics services. Buyer Personas are imaginary personalities that represent your ideal customers, and you could work with your marketing and sales teams to build them for your company.

  1. Figure out what markets you serve
  2. Choose the one you want to concentrate on, that will bring in the most revenue
  3. Outline the ideal company attributes for firms in that market
  4. Specify suitable individuals in those areas, including decision-makers and influencers, asking:
    1. What are their duties?
    2. What are their goals and obstacles?
    3. What would stop them from buying?
    4. What begins their process?
    5. How do they make buying decisions?
    6. Where do they get their information?

Name your personas so every person could quickly describe them (‘ Hospital Administrator Aidan’, ‘Private Practitioner Peter’, and so on).

Aligning your market and sales content with the needs of your ideal customers will help you produce even more qualified leads and ultimately increase your sales and profits.

2. Optimize content for various devices

According to the Mobile Marketing Association, mobile phones play a vital role at every phase of the buyer’s journey as people could look at information with the touch of a button. You won’t know if your target market is looking at your content from a desktop, a tablet, or a mobile phone. Make sure that your content is maximized to provide your potential customers a great experience on any device. The dimensions of your CTA buttons and fonts and the site’s format are things to consider when optimizing. Your emails should also be computer and mobile-friendly.

3. Use social media ads

Social media marketing is an effective and economical way to grow your fans and followers quickly. With a budget of just a few dollars a day, you could get to many targeted potential customers around the world using networks like Facebook or LinkedIn. To take full advantage of the tool, keep your ads brief as many people don’t have time to click on “find out more.” Stay away from lingo that makes your ad tough to understand and make sure the ad reveals just what your business represents in the Healthcare Robotics sector. You might think about using emojis, GIFs, or videos to engage your target market. Do split tests to see which types of ads work bests.

4. Nurture your leads with individualized emails

Mass emails can be frustrating, but when done right, email newsletters are an extremely effective strategy for nurturing your leads until they convert to clients. Give your leads helpful information to engage them and develop their commitment. To raise click-through rates on your emails, individualize subject lines with your prospect’s name and other keywords that could get their attention. Stay away from using your emails to advertise your products and services as you don’t want to scare people away. Instead, supply informational content that will help your target market make a buying decision.

5. Use case studies

Before they make a buying choice, many leads will want some evidence that your Healthcare Robotics products or services will meet their needs. You can use case studies to give stories of your existing clients and how they found value in your product or service. Be sure that the clients showcased in the studies are aligned to your buyer persona. This will make is easier for your potential customers to relate to the studies. A case study should talk through your customer’s needs and objectives and how you were the solution. Use real numbers to reveal what was accomplished. For example, you could say that Private Practitioner Peter saw 50% more visits to his office in the six months after he used your Healthcare Robotics service. Repurpose your case studies into other content like infographics, videos, or podcasts.

6. Usage reliable calls-to-action

A call-to-action (CTA) is a button or link that gets site visitors to take a desired action. Use a message like “Try our product today” or “Click now!” to develop a feeling of urgency that will get users to act right away. Be sure that the CTA informs potential customers what you want the to do. To attract the visitor’s eye to the CTA, use varying colors. Have a picture of a person considering the CTA is another good idea. A properly designed CTA could dramatically increase your conversion rates.

7. Use video content

Many people prefer videos over reading lots of content. Video marketing is a great way to engage a large part of your target market, as some won’t respond well to blogs, reports, whitepapers, or ebooks. Your videos should concentrate on information and should not be a sales pitch. Talk about how the company got started, how your products are made, and why your staff members like working there. This will help build a better relationship with your leads and will grow their trust. Remember to include a CTA like “Follow our page” or “Leave a comment.”

The final word

Enhancing your Healthcare Robotics business’s market share could be hard as it’s tough to determine what areas of your business need tweaked. But we know that your sales and marketing efforts need adjusted to match the needs of today’s buyers.

We’ve helped countless CEOs and Directors execute Inbound marketing and sales right into their Healthcare Robotics companies. Don’t hesitate to schedule your complimentary strategy session to find ways to improve your market share.

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