3 Ways to Identify Who’s Visiting Your Medical Device Website

Ever think about who is visiting your medical device website? If you knew who they were, you could figure out if they have the chance to become a possible customer, so your sales team can engage with them and close more deals to increase income. Am I right? You are not the only one to think this. The reality is that many medical device marketing experts have next to no clue as to who is viewing their site.

While tools like Google Analytics help you figure out which individuals see your medical device website, it does not disclose the ID of site visitors or their IP addresses. Google does this to secure the personal privacy of their site visitors, but it’s a loss for marketing experts making use of the tool. Luckily, there are numerous tools that you could make use of in place of this that provide more information concerning your site visitors: how they located your site, how often they check it out, and what web pages they look at the most.

Beyond “tools,” there are strategic “techniques” to help your site visitors provide you with their information on your medical device website (we’re not simply talking contact forms and “get demo” buttons).

Whether your target market consists of choice making C-Level Executives or Directors in health systems or healthcare providers, having the ability to check in on their activity early into the sales cycle will undoubtedly help you create more leads as well as close extra sales.

Below are several of the techniques and tools you can use to help clear up who exactly is looking at your medical device website:

The Techniques

To start, ask on your own the adhering to 4 inquiries:

What is the size, scope, and appeal of our medical device business’s website?

Just how engaging is it?

How much of the content is geared towards new site visitors?

What reward does the website provide to individuals that take action?

Your goal is to get a picture of who is interested in what you have to offer and also to give value to these ideal consumers. By developing strategic content to bring in ideal site visitors and enticing them to reveal themselves by engaging with a Call-to-Action to download and install Premium Content Offer (digital books, Reports, How-to Guides, Calculators, Etc.) you are establishing a process to record the identification of your customers on your medical device website.

This method is referred to as Inbound Marketing. Before you utilize tools to assist you, you need the best Inbound Strategy compiled with content to engage your medical device website visitors so that you can convert them into qualified leads.

The ideal content, with optimized SEO, blended with capable tools, offers you the capability to recognize even more of your private website site visitors as well as qualify them for your sales team.

Now the tools!

The Tools


One of the most effective and full-featured tools offered to marketing experts is Hubspot. Hubspot Marketing Free is an excellent device that will aid you in discovering more about leads before they even complete a form. Hubspot’s Prospects Tool allows marketing professionals to see the IP and business of anonymous site visitors. They have features that also allow you to record customer details right away alerting you when a visitor shares their email, to promptly recognize who they are, where they originated from, what web pages they saw on your site, as well as where they work. This will undoubtedly allow you to follow up better with your visitors. With this tool, you’ll be able to know which pieces of content are the most popular and can concentrate even more on them. When your lead revisits your medical device website, the monitoring picks up right where it left off. By doing this, you will be able to track what the prospect’s interests are constantly. Impressive, right?


Kickfire utilizes exclusive recognition technology to recognize firms that are visiting your medical device website. You will obtain comprehensive details concerning the business, permitting you to connect to leads early in the purchasing cycle. Kickfire allows you to keep an eye on site visitors by their username, specific email address, revenue, industry or any other unique identifier. This device also features a lead scoring system that allows you to see which leads have the most potential, and adjust accordingly.


Leadfeeder is an internet application that allows you monitor the activities of leads on your site. You could incorporate it into prominent CRMs such as Zoho, Salesforce, and Pipedrive. When attached, Leadfeeder will provide information to your CRM about what your potential customers are doing on your site. Leadfeeder can also be integrated with Google Analytics to disclose the IDs of individuals that are visiting your medical device website. Among the very best features of this application is its automated reporting feature. Your leads’ visit information will be sent immediately to your email inbox and CRM. This means that you will be getting a consistent stream of the essential info of potential customers. Leadfeeder, like Kickfire, has a lead ranking feature that permits you to determine qualified leads.

IP monitoring devices

Anytime a prospect browses through your medical device website, their IP address is taken note on your internet server. An IP address can provide a great deal of information. For example, you could utilize IP2Location to discover the location of the visitor’s internet service. You could make use of IP Checking and also Who Is to carry out a ‘who is‘ search to see who owns the IP address. If your site gets various site visitors from the same firm, each visit will be tracked independently by time and date.

Take care, as these IP lookup options are not sure-fire. Your medical device website visitors could use common internet services to cover their identification. Fortunately, many CRMs have attributes that enable you to filter your results.

Since you’ve determined your medical device website visitors, let us quickly explore the finest techniques for following up to get in contact with your new leads…

The Follow-up

When you have determined your website visitors, it is a good practice to very keep your visitors engaged with informative content, call them and inquire what they thought about your content and offer to share a lot more sources, or send out a Lead Nurturing Email. Below is an instance of a message your sales team can use when contacting an identified lead:

“Hi [Contact name],

Noticed that you downloaded [Premium Content Offer Title].

Did you find it useful?

Thought this article might interest you also:

[Title of a Helpful and Related Blog Post]

I’m happy to spend time with you to share any insights and resources I can to help you.

Would it be helpful to discuss [Related Topic] on a quick call?”

The majority of leads will undoubtedly be happily surprised that you know they saw your site and would, in fact, we willing to talk and learn about what they should be researching further.


The two biggest takeaways of this post both start with the letter ‘T.’ Executing the best Technique like Inbound Marketing to offer strangers a reward for discovering your site when browsing online, followed by making use of the best Tools for transforming and capturing leads (Hubspot), will aid you drawing in and also exposing your ideal site visitors and master lead-generation!

It could be tough to do this alone. We here at Responsify team up with medical device marketing professionals to offer strategy, support, and assistance in implementing these tasks. By collaborating we assist marketers tactically draw in new website visitors and convert them to qualified leads and pleased consumers.

We’ve assisted several marketing pros to integrate the Inbound Marketing Methodology into their existing marketing mix.

If you would like to talk about the means necessary to help your medical device business reveal even more of its site visitors to create qualified leads, do not hesitate to request your free strategy session, now! We’re happy to help you review your assets and also offer free understandings and advice to show you the way!

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