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7 Tactics to Increase Your Medical Device Market Share

Modern buyers are savvier now more than ever. Inviting them to trade shows or messaging through conventional marketing techniques have become almost ineffective at getting the attention of your target market. Nowadays, if someone wants information, they search the web for it rather than getting that information through ads or sales pitches. This includes the critical buyers in health systems or healthcare providers.

Hubspot recently found that 92.7% of firms that utilize Inbound strategies significantly more leads compared to those that adhere to the traditional marketing and sales procedures.

Keeping with that, it’s clear the best way to get the attention of buyers these days, is by offering compelling content that they might find valuable.

This marketing and sales method collectively known as Inbound Methodology, will help you to generate more sales and increase your medical device market share in the medical device sector.

Here are some helpful medical device market share suggestions for raising your market share utilizing the Inbound Methodology:

Define your optimal buyers

Increasing your medical device market share does not mean that you should get absolutely everyone’s interest. Instead, you to engage those that are most likely to want to learn more about your medical device solution. Let’s get down to it. Buyer Personas are fictitious personalities that represent your ideal consumers, and you can work with your sales and marketing teams to help define what those personas are.

Beginning by charting out precisely what markets you can cater to.

Choose the one you intend to concentrate your sources on, that offers your company the best revenue.

Describe what ideal business attributes exist for businesses in that market.

Specify your suitable individuals in those businesses, including decision makers and influencers by taking note of the following:

What are their positions?

What are their objectives and difficulties?

What is stopping them from buying?

What causes them to buy?

Exactly how do they make their purchasing choices?

Where and how do they obtain their info?

Naming your personas for easy referral (‘ Hospital Administrator Aidan,’ ‘Private Practitioner Peter,’ etc.)

Aligning your marketing and sales content to the demands of your ideal buyers will help you to generate more qualified leads and will help boost your sales and revenue.

Optimize content for various devices

According to the Mobile Marketing Association, smartphones play an essential part in every stage of the buyer’s journey, as anybody can search information with a single tap. There is no way to know exactly what device your audience is viewing your content on. As a result, see to it that your content is optimized to provide your potential customers an enjoyable customer experience on as many devices as possible. The dimensions of your CTA buttons and text fonts, the size of your content, and your website’s layout are instances of the components you need to think about when optimizing for different kinds of devices. Your e-mails should also be mobile-friendly as well as computer-friendly.

Use social media ad campaigns

Social media advertising is a practical and economical method of growing your fans and followers in a short amount of time. By spending just a few dollars a day, you can get to hundreds of targeted prospects throughout the globe using social media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn. To optimize efficiency, make sure that your social media advertisements get the information across as succinctly as possible, as many do not have the time to click ‘read more’ for more details. Avoid words that make your copy tough to understand and make sure that your ad content shows what your business means in the medical device market. You may want to consider making use of emojis, GIFs, or brief video clips to help keep your target market engaged with your content. Split test various variations of your advertisements to find out which one does the best job.

Nurture your leads with personalized e-mails

Mass e-mails can be aggravating, but if utilized right, email e-newsletters can be an extremely effective strategy for nurturing your leads until they convert to consumers. Supplying your clients with appropriate content allows you to engage your leads and create trust. To raise the click-through rates of your e-mails, you could customize the subject lines with your prospect’s name in addition to other key phrases that could catch their interest. Resist using emails only to advertise your services or products as you do not want to scare away prospects. Instead, give instructional content that will empower your target market and help them to make better purchasing choices.

Leverage case studies

Before making a purchasing choice, many potential customers will want evidence that your medical device service or product will meet their demands. You could use case studies to show the experiences of your existing consumers that found value in buying your services. Make sure the consumers showcased in your case studies are aligned to the buyer persona that you are interacting with. This will make it easier for your prospects to relate to the case study. A case study should clarify what your existing customer’s demands and objectives were and exactly how you came to be their solution. Use actual numbers to give measurement to what actually happened. For example, you can claim that Private Practitioner Peter had 50% more visits to his workplace in the six months after he incorporated your medical device solution into his organization. Repurpose your case studies into formats such as infographics, YouTube video clips, or podcasts to accommodate various types of learners.

Use efficient calls-to-action

A call-to-action (CTA) is a visual or message that is used to lure your site visitors to take the desired action. Use phrases such as ‘Try our platform today’ or ‘Click now’ to develop a feeling of urgency that will make site visitors want to act quickly. See to it that the CTA tells potential customers specifically exactly what to do so there is no possibility of confusion. To attract the visitor’s eyes to the CTA, make use of a color that contrasts with the website background. Having a photo of an individual checking out the CTA could also attract the interest of prospects. A properly designed CTA can considerably improve your conversion rates.

Leverage video content

Many prefer to watch a video than read an article. Consequently, video marketing could help you to engage with your target market much better than your articles, reports, white papers, and books can. However, your video clips need to concentrate on informing stories and not on driving sales. Tell stories about how your business came to be, how your solutions were developed, and why your workers like working for the company. This will help you to establish a connection with your leads and create trust. Remember to include a CTA such as ‘Follow/like our page’ and ‘Leave us a comment.’

The final word

Raising your medical device market share can be difficult because it’s tough to determine which parts of your organization you ought to tweak. With this, we can say with confidence that tweaking your marketing and sales strategies to match the minds of your current buyers will absolutely prove to be efficient.

We’ve aided many CEOs and Directors implement Inbound marketing and sales into their medical device companies. Do not hesitate to schedule your free strategy session now to gain crucial insights about your assets and get valuable advice on how you can increase your medical device market share!

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