7 Medical Billing Lead Generation Tactics to Increase Your Market Share

Today’s buyers are savvier than ever. Inviting them to a tradeshow or sending a message using traditional marketing techniques has become ineffective in getting the interest of your target market. Now, everyone goes on the internet to look for information they need instead of relying on public ads or generic sales pitches. Key buyers in the consumers, healthcare systems, and providers space are no different.

A report by Hubspot found that 92.7% of companies using Inbound strategies produced substantially more leads compared to those that used traditional marketing and sales methods.

Knowing this, it becomes clear that it’s most effective to offer your ideal buyers informative and interesting content that they will find useful.

This marketing and sales technique, jointly called Inbound Methodology, will help create more sales and produce the market share in the Health Insurance and Payment industry.

Here are 7 great tips to enhance your market share using the Inbound Methodology

1. Identify your ideal buyers

Raising your market share doesn’t mean that you need to get everyone’s attention. Instead, you want to bring in people who are likely thinking about your Health Insurance and Payment options. Buyer Personas are imaginary personalities that represent suitable clients, and you can work with your marketing and sales teams to create them for your business.

  • Start by charting out the markets you serve.
  • Choose the one you want to focus on that will provide the best revenue.
  • Detail the ideal company attributes of that market.
  • Identify the best individuals in those organizations, including decision-makers and influencers, and ask the following questions:
    • What are their job positions?
    • What are their objectives and obstacles?
    • What would keep them from buying?
    • What prompts them to buy?
    • Where do they get their information?

Give your personas names to conveniently describe them, like ‘Hospital Administrator Aidan’, ‘Private Practitioner Peter’, and so on.

Aligning your marketing and sales content with the needs of your ideal buyers will help enable you to create even more qualified leads and ultimately increase your sales and revenue.

2. Optimize content for various devices

According to the Mobile Marketing Association, smartphones play a critical role in every phase of the buyer’s journey as people can check out information with the click of a button. You never know if your target market is looking at your content on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Therefore, it’s important that your content is enhanced to offer your customers a positive experience on all devices. The dimensions of your CTA buttons and fonts, along with your site’s design are things you need to think about when optimizing for various tools. Your emails should also be email and mobile-friendly.

3. Use social media ad campaigns

Social media marketing is both effective and affordable for growing your followers (and quickly!). With a budget of just a few dollars a day, you could reach countless targeted potential customers around the world using networks like Facebook or Linkedin. To take full advantage of the systems, make sure your ads are as informative as possible. Many won’t take the time to “find out more.” Don’t use lingo that could make the ad confusing and make sure the ad clearly defines what your Health Insurance and Payment company is all about. You can use emojis, Gifs, or short videos to engage your target market. Split test to see which ads are working the best.

4. Nurture your leads with tailored emails

Mass emails can be annoying, but if done right, e-newsletters can be an effective strategy for nurturing your leads until they convert to customers. Offering your customers relevant content helps you engage your leads and build trust. To boost the click-through rate of your emails, you could individualize the subject lines with your prospect’s name and other key phrases to grab their interest. Avoid using your emails to advertise your services or products as you don’t want to turn people off. Instead, offer informational content that will equip your target market and help them make better buying choices.

5. Use case studies

Before making a buying decision, the majority of potential customers will want some proof that your Health Insurance and Payment service will meet their needs. You can use case studies to tell stories of your existing clients that found value in your offerings. Make sure the clients in the case studies align with the buyer persona of your lead. This will make it easier for them to relate to the study. A case study should clarify what your customer needs and their goals as they relate to your services. Use actual numbers to show what was achieved. For example, you could say that Private Practitioner Peter had 50% more visits to his office in six months after using your Health Insurance and Payment option. Repurpose case studies into other content like infographics, YouTube clips, or podcasts to meet the learning styles of your leads.

6. Usage reliable calls-to-action

A call-to-action (CTA) is a visual or message that is used to entice your site visitors to take a preferred action. Use a message like “Try our system today” or “Click now” to produce a feeling of urgency that will get people to act right away. Be sure that the CTA informs leads of just what you want them to do. To attract the visitor’s eye to the CTA, use a color that contrasts with the webpage. Having a picture of a person considering the CTA could also help increase their interest. A properly-designed CTA could dramatically enhance your conversion rates.

7. Take advantage of video content

Many people prefer watching a video over reading a blog. Video marketing can, therefore, help you engage a large part of your target market and can perform better than blogs, reports, whitepapers, or ebooks. Remember that videos should concentrate on informing and not driving sales. Tell stories about how the company started, how your products are made, and why your staff enjoys working with the firm. This will help develop a stronger relationship with your leads and will build trust. Do not forget to include a CTA like “Follow/like our page” or “Leave a comment.”

The final word

Boosting your Health Insurance and Payment firm’s market share can be a difficult endeavor because it’s challenging to identify which areas of your company you need to tweak. Even still, we can state with confidence that adjusting your marketing and sales procedures to meet the needs of today’s buyers will prove effective.

We’ve helped countless CEOs and Directors integrate Inbound marketing and sales into their Health Insurance and Payment services. Don’t hesitate to schedules your free strategy session to get help on how to enhance your methods and improve your market share.

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