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Best Growth Strategies for LMS Management Companies

Leading a leading Learning Management System (LMS) company takes commitment and dedication. Traditional methods of creating growth included pumping money into electronic ads and marketing to a large target market, trying to get a few leads. This takes a lot of your time and money, without a sufficient return on investment (ROI).

A unique new marketing and sales approach called Inbound involves bringing in and nurturing leads with content based on their interests, objectives, and obstacles. According to a study on the State of Inbound by MIT, 68% of companies saw rapid development using Inbound strategies.

Here are some ways to use Inbound to grow your Learning Management System (LMS) business:

Recognize your target market

If you want to grow your company, you have to have a clear understanding of who you are targeting. Take time to develop Buyer Personas (imaginary identities of your excellent customers). What are their job responsibilities? What are their objectives? What are their obstacles? How do they make decisions? Where do they find information? Getting the answers to these questions will make it easier for you to understand your customers and target market.

Develop a range of content

Your leads are constantly trying to get information on a variety of topics. One of the best ways to bring them in and engage them is by regularly releasing different types of content that will interest them. This could be anything from blogs, infographics, videos, whitepapers, webinars, ebooks, and reports. Expanding your content will help you get to a broader target market and will improve your conversion rates. You could ask your marketing group to produce a content calendar that will help you schedule your content on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This will help you remain focused and consistent. According to Hubspot, B2B online marketers that use blogs get 7% more leads than those that do not.

Apply SEO methods

Optimizing your website for internet search will help enhance your position and make it easier for potential customers to find you online. The first step is to find out which keywords or phrases your potential customers are using when searching online. Tools like Google Keyword Planner could be helpful when conducting keyword research. Work with your marketing and sales teams to come up with keywords and phrases that match your buyer personas and use tools to find the right words online. When you have the words, your content creators can put them into headlines, URLs, alt photo names, captions, and the body of the content. Other ways to help SEO are backlinks, and internal and external links.

Use solid Calls-to-action

A call-to-action (CTA) is a link or button that urges potential customers to take action. This could be buying an item, sharing your content, or signing up for your newsletter. Your content developers and marketing experts could use CTAs that prompt interest from your leads like “Download the free ebook now.” An effective CTA should also develop a feeling of urgency “like “Buy today!”). Make your CTA stand out by using different colors and sizes.

Guest post on authority sites

Getting content released on popular and highly-regarded sites will help position you as an authority in the Learning Management System industry and will bring in more traffic to your site. How do you pick the websites to write for? Look for sites that cover the same topics as your own. If you have a Learning Management site, it would not make sense to create a visitor blog post for a style site. Websites you write for should have solid Domain Authority (DA), an excellent track record, and a high level of engagement. Check out the comment section of existing blogs to see if people are sharing the blog posts or leaving comments. The more involved the target market, the more impact your visitor post will have. Lastly, find out if the site you will write for allows backlinks to your site in the content or writer biography. These backlinks from an authority site will enhance your search engine ranking considerably.

Share content on social media

Just having great content on your site is not enough. You need to advertise this content to bring in more website traffic. Social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+ can be effective networks for advertising content. Make sure to share all blog posts from your company site on these platforms. If your followers find it beneficial, they might go to your site and also share it with their followers. This means even more brand name recognition for your organization and greater traffic to your site. According to a current Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 90% of all online marketers suggested that their social media efforts have created more exposure for their services.

Nurture leads sensibly

Email marketing is an effective way to nurture leads until they become customers. You can offer potential customers freemium content like ebooks or reports in exchange for their contact information. When you’ve created your newsletter, you can then send it to your clients. Providing your email list with special content will make them feel valued and will improve commitment. This will boost your number of sales considerably. Research by McKinsey found that email is 40 times for effective at transforming new clients than Facebook or Twitter.

The final word

All the actions discussed above are part of a new marketing and sales approach called the Inbound Methodology. A handful of companies in a variety of industries have started using Inbound techniques and have seen massive success, and the Learning Management System (LMS) sector is no exemption.

We’ve helped many CEOs and Managing Directors carry out Inbound into their Learning Management System (LMS) services. Don’t hesitate to book your complimentary strategy session today. We could help you examine your current methods and find ways to grow your business even faster.

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