How to Increase Brand Recognition with LMS Advertising

Over the last few years, the Learning Management System (LMS) market has seen significant growth. New competitors pop up every year. According to a report by EvaluateMedTech, the clinical and wellness technology market is set to reach $522 billion by 2022. So how do Learning Management System businesses remain in the game and also guarantee their brand name stays in the potential customer’s mind? By boosting their brand name recognition, of course.

As you probably know, brand name recognition with your target market is critical if you want to compete. When done right, developing brand name recognition boosts the reputation of your business, develops trust with potential customers, and increases brand loyalty with your clients. This is vital in maintaining an edge in an increasingly growing market.

We’ve put together a handful of suggestions, as a part of an Inbound Marketing Strategy, that you can use to raise the brand name recognition of your Learning Management System organization:

1. Create consistent thought leadership content

Research by Demand Gen Report found that 51% of B2B buyers search for informational content before making a purchasing choice. In addition to releasing content on your site, it’s a good idea to add guest blogs on other popular sites in your industry. This allows you to reach a new target market and advertise your brand name without much cost. Many sites that approve guest posts also have a writer bio where you can share a bit about your organization and leave contact information for the site and social media accounts. This will boost brand name recognition and bring in more followers. The comment section at the end of the blog is also a great way to connect with viewers.

2. Host useful webinars on a regular basis

Hosting a valuable webinar is a great strategy for engaging leads and advertising your brand name. A current study of online marketers found that at least 20% of webinar participants turn into qualified leads. You could use the webinar to talk about relevant topics that your target market wants more information about. After the webinar, offer a Q&A session where you could answer questions and help participants. Engaging with your target market in this way will develop you as a specialist and put your brand name in their minds.

3. Engage and advertise important content on social media

According to Kissmetrics, brand names that are very active on social media have a greater chance of being discovered by new leads. Leveraging social media will not only enhance your brand name recognition, but will also improve your trustworthiness with potential customers and clients. Take some time to post important content you develop for leads and make sure to reply to comments. You could also go to other accounts and leave comments on their posts. To create even more engagement, consider holding a contest where likes, comments, and shares are rewarded.

4. Encourage consumers to share favorable evaluations

BrightLocal found that 88% of customers rely on online reviews over individual referrals. Ask a few of your satisfied customers to share their experience with your company or product. Favorable testimonials will not only make your company more visible, but will also increase your reliability in the market. Bad reviews are, unfortunately, unavoidable. A quick search on Google or social media will help you find out just what people are saying. Be sure to take care of any bad reviews to protect your brand name.

5. Get listed in local directory sites

Getting your company listed in a regional directory site will dramatically improve your brand name presence to local customers, and will enhance your position in online search. Google My Business is the best place to get your service listed. It is free and allows you to include information like business hours, phone number, and location. You could also include your logo and photos of your products and services. Google My Business integrates Google Maps, giving leads the ability to easily find you. Other online directory sites that are helpful are Citysearch, Merchant Circle, and Yelp. Don’t forget to search for listings in local magazines and publications.

6. Include video content

According to HubSpot, 93% of all human interaction is made up of visual content. This means that people will interact more with your brand after viewing a video as compared to lengthy written content. Create an “About Us” video to offer leads a good idea of who you are and what you do. You could put this video on your site’s homepage and social media accounts. “How-to” videos are also a great way to boost brand name recognition.

7. Use branded search phrases in your content

One of the best ways to develop brand name recognition is by constantly including your name in your content. This could be blogs, infographics, videos, picture captions, and e-newsletters. Don’t forget to use high-quality hashtags in your social media posts. This will enhance your search engine position and make your brand name more noticeable on social media.

The final word

Increasing your brand name recognition is critical to remaining competitive and scaling your company. You want your leads to know how your brand stands out from others in the industry, and you want them to trust you. It is therefore essential to tailor your marketing technique, resources, and systems to enhance your Learning Management System business’s brand name recognition.

This can be a lot of work to do alone, though. Responsify works with Learning Management System marketing professionals to offer strategy, support, and help in carrying out these tasks, so they could purposefully increase their brand name recognition.

If you want an analysis of your firm’s brand name recognition, we are here to help! Don’t hesitate to ask for a free strategy session to help you examine your current methods and learn ways to amp up your brand name recognition.

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