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7 Tactics to Increase Your Learning Management Systems Market Share

Today’s buyers are savvier than ever. Inviting them to a tradeshow or messaging via traditional marketing strategies are all but ineffective when you are trying to get the attention of your target market. These days, people search the internet to find the information they need instead of relying on advertisements or generic sales pitches. Buyers in companies and educational institutions are no different.

A current study by Hubspot found that 92.7% of companies using Inbound strategies produced dramatically more leads compared to those that still used traditional marketing and sales methods.

With that in mind, it’s clear that the very best way to grab the focus of these modern buyers is by giving them useful content that they will find helpful.

This marketing and sales technique, called Inbound Methodology, will create more sales and enhance your target market share in the Learning Management System industry.

Here are 7 ways to enhance your market share using Inbound Methodology:

1. Specify your perfect buyers

Enhancing your market share doesn’t mean that you need to get everyone’s attention. Instead, you want to bring in people who are most likely thinking about finding your Learning Management System remedies. For this, you can use Buyer Personas. Buyer Personas are imaginary personalities that represent your suitable clients, and you can work with your marketing and sales teams to identify them for your company.

  1. Start by identifying the markets you serve
  2. Choose the one on which you want to concentrate your resources. This should be the one that offers the most revenue.
  3. Detail the ideal attributes for companies in the market
  4. Identify the optimal people working in those companies, including decision-makers and influencers by asking these questions:
    1. What are their job positions?
    2. What are their obstacles and objectives?
    3. What stops them from buying?
    4. What prompts them to buy?
    5. How do they make their buying decisions?
    6. Where do they get their information?

Then, name your buyer personas so everyone can conveniently describe them (“Hospital Administrator Aidan,” “Private Practitioner Peter,” etc). Align your marketing and sales content to meet the needs of your ideal customers and you will be able to create even more qualified leads and enhance your sales and profits.

2. Optimize content for various devices

According to Mobile Marketing Association, smartphones play an important function at every phase of the buyer’s journey since people can find information with just a tap. You won’t know if your target market is looking at your content on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. As a result, you need to ensure your content is enhanced to provide your potential customers a great experience on any device. The sizes of your CTA buttons, fonts, colors, and your website’s format are components that you need to take into consideration when optimizing for various devices. Your emails should also be designed for both computer and mobile.

3. Use social media advertising campaigns

If you want a powerful and cost-effective way to grow your fans and followers quickly, try social media marketing. With a budget of just a few dollars a day, you can reach countless targeted leads around the world using systems like Facebook and LinkedIn. To take full advantage of these networks, keep your social media ads brief, as many people don’t want to “click to find out more.” Stay away from lingo that is hard to understand and make sure your ads truly reveal what your Learning Management System does for the market. You can use emojis, GIFs, or videos to engage your followers. Split test different ads to see which work best.

4. Nurture your leads with customized emails

If not done right, mass emails can be pretty irritating. But, if done effectively, email newsletters can be a great strategy for nurturing your leads until they convert into customers. Supply your potential customers with relevant information that allows you to engage them and produce loyalty and trust. To enhance your click-through rate, individualize the subject lines with the prospect’s name and other keywords that might grab their interest. Don’t use emails to advertise your service or products, as you don’t want to turn people off. Instead, offer informational content that will encourage your target market and help them make better buying decisions.

5. Use case studies

Many leads will want to see some evidence that your Learning Management System services or product will meet their needs before they many a buying choice. You can use case studies to offer stories of your existing customers that found value in your options. Make sure those featured in your case studies are aligned to the buyer persona of the lead. This will make it easier for your leads to relate to the stories. A case study should clarify your customer’s needs and objectives and show how you can help. Use real numbers to show what was achieved. For example, you could state that Private Practitioner Peter had 50% more office visits after he started using your Learning Management System option. Repurpose your case studies for infographics, videos, or podcasts to reach different types of learners.

6. Use effective calls-to-action

A call-to-action (CTA) is a link or button to encourage site visitors to take the desired action. Use messages like “Try our system today” or “Click now” to produce a sense of urgency that will get visitors to act right away. Make sure the CTA clearly states what you want the lead to do. To get the attention of your visitor to the CTA, use different colors. You could also use a photo of someone looking at the CTA to get even more of a response. A well-designed CTA would help up your conversion rates.

7. Use videos

Many people prefer videos over written content. Video marketing could, therefore, help you engage a large section of your audience more than a blog, report, whitepaper, or ebook. Your videos should concentrate on information, not driving sales. Talk about how your company got started, how your products get made, and why your employees like working for the company. This will produce a stronger connection with your leads and will build trust. Remember to use a CTA like “Follow/like our page” and “Leave a comment.”

The final word

Boosting your Learning Management System company’s market share could be a difficult endeavor as it’s challenging to identify areas to tweak within your organization. Even still, we know that by adjusting your marketing and sales methods to meet the needs of modern buyers will prove effective.

We’ve helped many CEOs and Directors apply Inbound Marketing and Sales into their Learning Management System (LMS) services. Don’t hesitate to book your complimentary strategy session to get help evaluating your current processes and find out how to increase your market share!

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