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How to Acquire New Customers in Learning Management System Market

Getting new customers for your Learning Management System company can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. This is especially true if you use traditional marketing and sales strategies where you try to get to as many people as possible, even if they aren’t in your target market. Thankfully, there is an easier and more cost-effective way to get new clients: the Inbound Methodology. Instead of using traditional means to bring in arbitrary people that may or may not be interested in your offer, Inbound helps you draw in the right people with useful content. According to research by Hubspot, 83.9% of companies got more leads within seven months of using Inbound strategies.

Here are some top ways to get new clients for your Learning Management System using Inbound:

Develop quality content consistently

One of the best ways to drive more traffic to your site is by offering valuable and engaging content. If leads find your content useful, they will want to come back for more. Additionally, they are more likely to share it with others, bringing in even more traffic to your site. Here are a few content ideas to consider:

  • Host a Google+ Hangout to talk about current market growths
  • Create a blog about the usual concerns of your ideal buyers
  • Release an ebook covering conflicts occurring in the Learning Management System market
  • Produce a demo video showcasing the highlights of your product or service
  • Share video testimonies from your existing customers
  • Develop an FAQ area on your site resolving usual issues your leads come across
  • Release a whitepaper on the state of the Learning Management System market
  • Create a slideshare
  • Develop an infographic on the options your Learning Management System service or product offers.

To boost your presence online, make sure all your content is enhanced with keyword phrases. Remember to advertise your content using social media and email. You can also partner with an influencer to guarantee that your content gets to all those that are looking for the solution you offer.

Join professional networks

Joining professional networks gives you the chance to connect with qualified leads and grow your network. LinkedIn is one of the best ways to connect with other specialists in the Learning Management System market. There are many LinkedIn groups for healthcare experts that you can connect with to share the amazing content from your site and also share your own competence. Share useful and valuable posts and downloads on a regular basis with other group members and take part in ongoing conversations. This will help develop you as an authority in the Learning Management System sector and bring in new clients.

Create guest blogs

Adding guest blogs to other sites in your industry is a great way to drive even more traffic to your site and produce more leads. Guest blogging also allows you to show your expertise and win the trust of your leads. When looking for sites to guest on, and concentrate on those that have good domain authority (DA) along with a good track record. These blogs should also be ones that have a high rate of engagement with their visitors. There are many healthcare technology blog sites that could help you spread your knowledge and bring in more qualified leads.

Publish reviews

Lots of people find it easier to make a buying decision after reviewing testimonies on company sites. Reviews by highly-regarded medical facilities or Learning Management System companies can help to bring in new clients. When customers applaud your product or service on social media, you can post that message on your site. You can also ask clients to leave reviews on your LinkedIn page. If your company has been featured by media outlets, use the write-up as a testimony, linking back to the original message. The best part of these social reviews is that they can be validated by clicking back to the initial source. Allowing your existing clients to become your personal marketers is a great way to bring in new clients.

Offer solutions to common concerns

Your potential customers are constantly asking questions on various online groups, networks, and forums. This includes Google+ communities, LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, and more. Sign up with a variety of Learning Management System groups and take some time every day to respond to questions being asked. If people find value in your answers, they could have an interest in learning more about you. This will drive more traffic to your site and create more leads.

Capitalize on “smarketing”

It is essential that you engage with your ideal customers by way of online discussion forums to get new customers. Another way to bring in more people is by helping your marketing and sales teams (those who are in charge of creating your website’s content) to make sure they are always on the same page. This suggestion of aligning your marketing and sales teams is called “smarketing.” Hold regular meetings for these two teams and participate in them from time to time. Make sure that both groups frequently keep each other updated so that the funnel and the pipeline are flowing effectively.

Measure your efforts

As much as possible, take time to evaluate the effectiveness of your Inbound strategies. You can evaluate areas like webinar participation, blog activity, social media engagement, online analytics, and revenue earned. The easiest way to monitor your effectiveness is by using marketing automation software application that allows you to manage all your tasks in one system. You will have the ability to track your potential customers, from the moment they make their first point of contact with your site, to their conversion as a lead, and then to a customer.

The final word

Drawing in brand-new clients to your Learning Management System (LMS) business could be a difficult job. Including Inbound takes time and effort since you need to plan, set out a process, and create replicable content. Nevertheless, when you have it all arranged, we guarantee that it will be worth the time and will result in new business in no time.

We’ve worked with many CEOs and Founders to help them and their team include Inbound Marketing and Sales into their work. Do not hesitate to schedule your free strategy session to help you assess your current methods and find out ways to bring in more clients for your business.

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