Inbound Marketing Leads that Increase Sales 74% within 7 Months

If you’re part of your company’s marketing team, you’ve probably heard of Inbound Marketing. Yet this “funnel” that attracts, converts and delights Inbound marketing leads online can seem a bit magical. That’s why every year Hubspot, releases a report to show the return on investment from Inbound Marketing.

Here are key takeaways from the report that are helpful to marketing professionals. We assure you the results are impressive without being too good to be true!

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It’s not magic, it’s Inbound Marketing

This magical strategy has significantly increased visitors and inbound marketing leads for companies using Hubspot. After one year of using Hubspot, these companies observed 3.15 times more visitors per month on their websites and generated 4.77 times more leads per month according to 2014 ROI of Hubspot report. 2014 ROI of Hubspot report.

This is not dark magic! This is proof that if you create relevant content for your customers you will get a better rank on search engines and gain your customer’s trust.

Just like when growing a plant, patience is key when it comes to generating inbound marketing leads. After six months of using Hubspot, companies reached 2.69 times more leads on average. And after 2 years, those companies experienced 24.69 times more leads!

The ROI justifies the means

63% companies saw an increase in their marketing budget. 72% of customers spend at least 10 hours per week on marketing activities.

Still no magic here. Marketing budgets are increasing because content strategy strengthens a company’s online presence. The increasing number of companies using blog posts and marketing automation proves this.

This increase in money and time spent on marketing is due to the fact that marketers improve their content strategy and strengthen their company’s presence online by diversifying their marketing tools. For example, the number of companies using blog posts after implementing Hubspot increased by 29% and the number of companies using marketing automation increased by 48%.

Generating leads but most of all happy customers

All these efforts to achieve an efficient shift in their marketing strategy do not only translate in financial benefits for these companies. While working with Hubspot, companies observed a better alignment between marketing and sales as well as a reduction in sales cycle.

Inbound Marketing also allows these companies to conduct much more targeted marketing campaigns according to the audience they are trying to reach which translates for 93% of these companies in a better achievement of their marketing goals thanks to Hubspot.

Hubspot tools do not only benefit sales and marketing team. Since these tools allow you to generate relevant content for your target audience, they contribute to improve the overall user experience of this audience.

Meg Hartman, Director of Web Experience and Social Media at Roberts Wesleyan College explains for instance that since HubSpot automates emails, social media and so much more, her team can allow the time they used to spend on administrative task to their customers.

Based on the results of this detailed report, it’s clear that creating effective content, using Hubspot’s powerful platform, marketing teams have the power to increase their lead generation and ROI. As both a customer and partner of Hubspot we’ve had the great opportunity to witness the benefits of effective Inbound Marketing ourselves and hope you do too.

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