How to Implement Education Technology Inbound Marketing

It’s tough to build a team if you’re unsure of what roles or positions to fill. If you’re new to Inbound Marketing, this process can be more difficult than you expect.

At its core, Inbound is centered on providing solutions. As an education company, you already have this base covered. The rest is just finding the right pieces to get the job done.

Ready to start building a championship Education Technology Inbound team? This is who you’ll need to recruit:

education technology inbound


1. The Inbound Certified Content Strategist

This is the head honcho of the entire operation. The job description encompasses more than simply coordinating projects. A Content Strategist has the discerning eye of a seasoned marketer, but with the foresight and imagination of an artist.

Their duties will look something this:

  • Devise a strategy for blog posts, premium content offers, social media, and email marketing.
  • Establish benchmarks (ex: X amount of unique visitors, social media shares, generated leads, etc).
  • Track the progress of the campaign and make adjustments accordingly.
  • Make sure that everyone, from the writer to the designer, has a common understanding of the campaign’s direction and goals.

education technology inbound


2. The Inbound Savvy Content Writer/Editor

Consistency in quality and style are essential elements of any good blog. At the very least, you should have a staff writer who has an in-depth understanding of your company.

It goes without saying that one person can only do but so much. As your need for content grows, employing the services of freelance writers will become necessary. Naturally, you’re going to have some reservations about enlisting the help of strangers. Never fear; that’s when your dedicated content writer will come to the rescue.

At that point, your staff writer will function more like an Editor-in-Chief. They’ll oversee the freelances and ensure that their work is in-line with your brand’s tone and standards.

education technology inbound


3. The SEO Wiz

A good plan is based on solid research. SEO and analytics offer the most up-to-date data on your market, which is useful in tracking the effectiveness of your keywords and content. In short, they’re indicators of how well you’re communicating with your consumers.

All in all, the SEO Wiz plays a crucial role in ensuring that your written content attracts the most views on search engines like Google and Bing.

education technology inbound


4. The Designer

In an ideal situation, one person would be able to fulfill both functions of design and development. It’s true that many designers have a rudimentary understanding of HTML, but more advanced coding may exceed their abilities. Conversely, a developer will have a mastery of code, but will lack the eye for thought-provoking design.

The designer’s greatest strength is that they can craft an aesthetic that resonates with users. This extends far beyond selecting a few interesting pictures for blog posts. Every facet, from the site layout to the color palette, has to be given special consideration.

The internet can be a shallow place: looks matter! Don’t stand by and let the competition out dress you.

education technology inbound


5. The Developer

Nothing makes a first impression like beautifully designed, mobile-friendly content. You only have once chance to do this, so make it count.

Who is the developer? In a nutshell, they’re a consumer-centric programmer. Obviously, they’re an expert at HTML and other computer languages. However, the best developers are conscious that they’re building a platform for communication, not a simple program or content.

Overall, the developer is responsible for bringing the writing and design to life on your website. When properly developed, your content will be easy to find and a pleasure to read.

The Bottom Line

If it fits your budget (having $250K+/year), putting together an Inbound team can effectively generate new visitors and leads. Of course, that’s if you’ve chosen the right people, and if those people work perfectly together.

Does any of this seem overwhelming? There’s no doubt Inbound Marketing takes a lot of expertise, talent, and time. Don’t be afraid to ask for a helping hand. Alternatively, you can partner with an expert team that can provide the full set of Inbound services in a more cost efficient way, to produce even better results (more qualified leads!).

At Responsify, we love empowering people with the knowledge to find solutions to their problems, and are here to help when they need it. We’re Content and Inbound service providers, and specialize in the Education Technology (EdTech) market.



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