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Hire Content Writers Online vs. Hiring an Inbound Partner

You likely have some great marketers on your team. Now you’re looking for that special someone (the “magic Content Writer”) who can attract readers and persuade them to become qualified leads. Good instinct. However, creating content that truly works requires a whole lot more than to hire content writers online and a few stellar marketers.

In this post we will cover how working with an Inbound Partner, instead of trying to hire content writers online, will help you to achieve better, faster, and cheaper results!



Better Results with an Inbound Partner

Complete skills needed, measurement, and accountability

Filling the talent gap: We know, it sounds cliché to say that something is “better,” but in this case it’s true. Effective Inbound Marketing mobilizes a highly competent team with complete set of skills, including market research, customer research, content strategy, writing, coding, design, search engine optimization, project managing, and more. This means that a Content Writer can only do so much. When you hire content writers online, they don’t generally have the comprehensive expertise and skills needed to implement successful Content and Inbound marketing strategies.

In other words, it’s difficult for small internal marketing teams to get moderate to substantial results on their own. Working with certified Inbound Marketing agency partners allows you to get all the talent needed to produce consistent and powerful content to ensure better results.

In addition to getting content created more dependably and efficiently, most Inbound Marketing partners also help to manage and track the impact of the content through platforms such as Hubspot or Marketto so you’ll know exactly what your investment is doing for your business.


Faster Results with an Inbound Partner

More dedicated hands on deck equals more strategic content

Filling the Content Creation & Management Gap: A typical Content & Inbound Marketing campaign includes tasks like persona development, buyer journey mapping, keyword researching, content strategy, content outlining, content writing, content editing, image researching, designing, search engine optimization, content formatting and coding, and more. All of these tasks are conducted by different members of a team, and need to be carefully delegated in order to generate content on a regular and scheduled basis.

Does it sound like there’s a lot to manage and keep up with? You’re right. To fulfill all of those tasks and to keep them aligned, you need the right team and advanced project management processes to consistently generate lead-generating content.

A well-equipped Inbound Partner already has the team with complete expertise and robust processes in place. That ensures that you’ll be able to get the strategic content you need on a reliable basis so that Google will reward you with priority status (consistent posting is key).



Cheaper with an Inbound Partner

Efficient and fully capable teams improve Marketing and Sales ROI

Getting more for less: Instead of hiring a couple of people to do the job of five, Inbound Marketing partners have dedicated teams that can provide all that’s needed for the same or less financial burden than employing one or two full-time employees. Cutting back on costs such as pay raises, vacations, retirement funding, etc., makes Inbound Marketing Partners an unbeatable bang for your buck.

By working with an efficient and highly-skilled Inbound Marketing partner, you can save your company money and get more mileage out of your marketing budget.


The Bottom Line

If you already have a large in-house marketing team that works seamlessly with a dedicated project manager, you may potentially get great results on your own.

If not, working with an Inbound Marketing partner will produce better and faster results for less time and money than it would take to do it on your own.

Considering whether to hire content writers online or partner with an Inbound Marketing Agency? Feel free to download and check-out our free eBook: Hire an in-house Content Writer or Partner with a Content Agency

If you are looking to explore partnering with an Inbound Marketing agency, don’t be shy, let us know! You can book a time to speak with us here. We’ve helped countless marketers get better and faster results through our cost effective ongoing services.


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