How to Shorten Healthcare Robotics Sales Cycles

The Healthcare Robotics sales cycle could last anywhere from a couple of weeks to years. From the sales experts in the industry we speak to, eight months is the standard we normally hear. According to a current report by Demand Gen, sales cycles have become much longer because decision makers in the B2B buying process have grown. Buyers are also investing even more time doing research before buying, which implies less communication with the salesperson, but the same amount of time.

Below are some useful strategies to reduce the Healthcare Robotics sales cycle:

Align your content with the Buyer’s Journey

Your potential customers go through various phases of the Buyer’s Journey. For that reason, you need to make sure that your sales content is lined up with their corresponding phases in the journey. This will make it easier to inform them, move them to the next phase, and convert them into satisfied buyers.

Awareness phase: At the start of the sales cycle, your potential customers don’t know exactly what they need. This is when leads are trying to recognize their issues to be resolved and figuring out ways to solve them. For that reason, before setting up a sales meeting, make sure the prospect has information content that resolves their concerns. This can be anything from content offered on your site like blogs and infographics to premium content like ebooks and whitepapers. As you direct your leads to better understand their issues, you could find out if your Healthcare Robotics service or products are right for them. Doing so will help you see which leads are quality.

Consideration phase: At this phase, leads understand their issue and want to solve it. They are looking for various ways to address their troubles. You should offer content that positions you as an authority in your industry and gives various options for their issues. Whitepapers, webinars, case studies, and professional overviews are all great ways to persuade leads to buy from you and not your competition. But don’t make your content too much of a sales pitch. It should just give information to the potential customer and instructions on how to fix their issue. A good example of Consideration phase content is BuzzSumo’s professional webinar collection where potential customers can get guidance, techniques, and ideas from the marketing masters.

Decision phase: Here, your leads have chosen which approach they will take. They are contrasting the different options from various Healthcare Robotics firms and trying to determine which will work best. Content like demo videos, contrast charts, and trial deals are great for this phase. You could also send industry-specific case studies, blog articles that show your strengths, and online calculators that compute the ROI for your Healthcare Robotics service.


Use email automation systems to inform leads

According to the Salesforce State of Marketing Report (2017), 67% of marketing and sales leaders use automation software systems. It also shows that over the next two years, an additional 21% will start using such a system. You can reduce your sales cycle a great deal by automating your initiatives. For example, instead of manually releasing social media blog posts and sending out Lead Nurturing Emails, you can use a system that does it automatically. This content in your posts and emails will nurture your leads gradually and make it easier to turn them into clients. This will not just reduce your sales cycle, but will lower the cost per lead. Furthermore, automation will help maximize your time and let you concentrate on other parts of the hectic sales process.

Offer means to request prices, then show specific value

One of the first things your prospect will want to know is how much your service or product costs. If your Healthcare Robotics software program is widely known or competitively valued, you could include a “Request a Quote” button on your site. This will help you start the conversation to assess their needs before offering a price, and then showing the value of the offer if necessary. This makes you receptive to the active potential customers in the Decision phase of the Buyer’s Journey, and will decrease your sales cycle dramatically.

Follow-up your content with phone calls to help potential customers

Blogs, social media, whitepapers, case studies, and reports are all great ways to keep in touch and encourage potential customers throughout your sales cycle. However, as your schedule is busy, you want to make those sales cycles as short as possible. Calling your potential customers can help them. Calls enable you to develop a better connection with your potential customer. They also provide you the opportunity to answer any questions. A Marketing Donut study found that 80% of sales calls will take an additional five follow-up calls to make the sale. Use the calls to inform prospects of your offer. This means that a call can be useful in any phase of the Buyer’s Journey.

The big takeaways

Healthcare Robotics sales cycles could be incredibly long, and it’s important to reduce the cycle for every prospect on your list. The ideas laid out above are part of the Inbound Sales Methodology, and will help you plan your method throughout your sales process to make you and your potential customers feel better and have your needs met.

But this is a lot of work to do alone. Responsify works with Healthcare Robotics sales and business development pros to offer strategy, support, and help carrying out these tasks. By collaborating, we assist marketing and salespeople purposefully bring in brand-new site visitors, convert them to qualified leads, and also speed up the closing process.

We’ve helped numerous skilled salespeople weave the Inbound Methodology right into their elaborate sales process. Don’t hesitate to book your free strategy session to see how you can reduce your sales cycle!

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